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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 16.1

Third Prince is kidnapping Chu Zhu Yu, decided to trust and believing his Huang Mei (The Tenth Princess) words.
If I could say, this is one of the foolish movement Third Prince ever made in his life.

This Chapter gives me chills at the beginning because poor Chu Zhu Yu was slapped by the Third Prince after he found out his villa being surrounded by Xiao Zhi’s army forces. As man and Prince, Third Prince really someone who doesn’t have any dignity because he slapped woman who fainted and being tied.

Chapter 16 Open widely to Massacre, for Rescuing Zhu Yu

Part 1 (One)


The silent hall, no one dares to speak. While outside the hall, there are soldiers lining up neatly since morning, only to wait for the commanding, then moving.

The person who kneeling is fully awake Li Mo Mo, that fatty body isn’t stopped be hit.

“Tell me whatever you know, all the things, say out.” Slender fingers is pinching the jade prayer beads, Xiao Zhi sleepless expression, his expression like storm clouds approached (troubles lie ahead) very calm.

“In replied… in replied to general, this lowly was ordered by his Excellency Zhi officer to bring and find Lady Chu, originally everything was fine, but who knew when we were walking out from courtyard, suddenly I just fainted.”

On the other side, the Zhi officer heard Li Mo Mo spoke regarding him, his body shivering just similar to hers, no differences.

“Clearly, seeing the person?” The slender fingers still pinching the jade prayer bead, those people who heard only dares to inhale but not exhale.

“No… No.” Li Mo Mo once again fainted because of afraid, this situation is better like this.

“Report!” Liu Military officer walking into the hall, kneeling on the ground, “This lowly followed the scent of the Xiang Cong (fragrant insect/worm), has discovered where the Lady Chu being imprisoned, third courtyard inside villa.

Once this word said, Zhi officer surprised, “Third Courtyard… Third courtyard villa, that, that is the residence of the Third Prince in Cong Zhou, Liu military officer, don’t you probe the wrong information, do you?”

“Does Zhi officer doubting the Xiang Cong?” Liu military officer taunting replied. Wen Xiang Cong (Smell of fragrant worm), all the body is gold color, after taking a person blood, whenever the person is, easy to find out. Of course, the person should be warned not to use any strong scent in body.

“Not dares.” Zhi officer just felt his palm sweating more.

The finger that pinching the beads stopped, Xiao Zhi opened his eyes said to Liu military Officer : “Quickly preparing ten thousand of military forces, surrounded the third courtyard villa!”

“Yes!” Liu Military officer received the command.

“Xiao… Xiao general, surrounded the third prince villa isn’t small matter, it serious matter, if the Emperor wants to blame the next…” he won’t be able to protect his head from his body.

Zhi officer hasn’t finished his words, Xiao Zhi has disappeared, not even the shadow remains in the room.

Inside the Third courtyard villa, the Third Prince looked at the fainted and tied up Chu Zhu Yu, doubted, asking : “Is this the woman that you guys had investigated?”

“Yes, she is.” The servant answered.

“So, which part of her that attract Xiao Zhi?”

“This servant doesn’t know, but all the people in Zhi’s residence said that Xiao Zhi very dotting this woman.”

Third Prince talked to himself, his intention when investigate about this woman, he thought her face or her body is matched to his Huang Mei, but he never thought that….

“You brought her here, anyone followed?” Third Prince is on guarded, asking.

“No one followed.” The guards who were guarding her including the hidden guard had been knocked down by him and fainted.

“Very good.” The Third Prince very happy, but he still has slightly doubting, could one woman really able to control Xiao Zhi?

“It not good! Not good!” a stumbled voice from the outside room, “Mas… Master, this lowly has something to report.”

“What a fuss?” Third prince is displeased.

“Xiao General bring military forces here and surrounded the entire villa!” the servant who is standing outside keeps on talking.

“What?! How could it be, how can Xiao Zhi comes here?” the Third Prince stumbled for while, this time he is secretly coming to Cong Zhou, there only several loyal servant in Luo Yang who knows that he is doing this things. If Xiao Zhi really surrounded this villa, his coming to here will be revealed, “Aren’t you, who bring him to here?” his scary eye sight glaring to the man who brought Chu Zhu Yu.

“This servant won’t let anyone to follow.” That person in black robe explained in hurried.

“So how—-“ the third prince closely glaring at Chu Zhu Yu who is fainting, suddenly seeing gold color worm that flying above her hair near her hair pin, “ wretched Wen Xiang Cong! Xiao Zhi unexpectedly using Wen Xiang Cong to this woman!”

Wen Xiang Cong is rare insect, the price is also high, one Wen Xiang Cong could cost thousands of gold, even inside the palace, only raised ten of it and never give a test of human blood for the Wen Xiang Cong.

The Third Prince is shocked and angry, he just feel his bones rattle, raised his hand and slapping the faint Chu Zhu Yu.

Chu Zhu Yu in low spirit being slapped once, directly awake, she felt that on her lips corner there was warmth blood dripping.

“Awake?” the Third Prince said, he continuously slapping Chu Zhu Yu, “ I never thought that Xiao Zhi willing to use Wen Xiang Cong for you!”

Wen Xiang Cong? Chu Zhu Yu perplexed on the current situation, what should it being called? Being abducted?

“Who are you?” she asked, looking at the Wen Xiang Cong that has been in Third Prince hand. This gold color of insect she ever seen before, the first day she arrived at Cong Zhou, Xiao Zhi letting her to feed the insect one drip of her blood.

“Why this kind of insect eat the blood?” that time she was curious asked.

“As long as it ever tasted the person blood, this type of insect is very sensitive with the person scent, so no matter where the person goes in the four corner of world, do not afraid can’t be able to find the person.” He gently strokes the golden bug, “Zhu Yu, in such way, no matter where you go, I will still able to find you.”

Finds her… finds her…

The pain in her face not really obvious, she only thinks whether he can find her or not.

“You are not in situation and level to know who I am!” Third Prince ordering servant to stand Chu Zhu Yu up, “since Xiao Zhi dares to surrounded my villa, I wanted to know, your existence will give what kind of effect toward him!”

Outside, people shouting, the roaring voices of the soldiers, the sound of the weapons, and also the flesh piercing weapons which the sound makes people shuddered.

“Bring all the military forces in here, unexpectedly Xiao Zhi dares to surrounded my place, then I will make him no place to back!” about the matter that he promised his Huang Mei, only after he finished dealing with this situation, he will clarify to her.

Chu Zhu Yu can feel, this is not ordinary military forces, but the man in front of her, wearing such glamour clothes, and also mention about “military force” these two words.

“Does this person is using her to face Xiao Zhi? That man who cares her, a man that dotting her much, what will happen to him? Once her thought about him who will get problems because of her, perhaps being injured, her heart seems to be dragged out, it hurts.


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  1. oh my…but yeah between zhu yu and lots of gold of course we know what the general choose…heehee…yup third prince get ready for everything…

      1. hahaha..yup agree..and he even dare to slap Zhu Yu..coward…now u make me excited for next update..but thank you..

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