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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 16.2

Part two of chapter 16 is talking more the detail how scary General Xiao Zhi could be.
For the first time, Zhu Yu sees the dark side of Xiao Zhi, the legendary general that said by the folks and recognized by people in the world. She even doubting when seeing how Xiao Zhi killed the Third Prince guards, Does he still a man she knows?

While the Third Prince finally experienced “how the enemies feeling when they fought with Xiao Zhi in battle field”…


Chapter 16 Open widely to Massacre, for Rescuing Zhu Yu

Part 2 (Two)

Chu Zhu Yu being dragged forward, then, she saw in front of her there was lot of blood.

So much blood, on the ground lying uncounted corpse.

“This… is this all human?”

“Too scary, no! no! OMG, who can stop him!”

“Xiao… Xiao general, this is the Third Prince’s villa, do you think that you could kill in here, the Emperor will be blaming on you…ah~!”

One of his hands has already stabbed that person chest, only surprised sound once and then no more sound.

Two sides of military forces didn’t stop clashing, while in the chaos of battle field, the most prominent is the person who wore the black robe. He looked different because he is the only ones who didn’t wear armor like others general soldiers, He is the person in black robe who wore the Yu Guan on his head, while one of his hands is holding a jade prayer beads. The original Jade color has been replaced with red color of blood that stained on the prayer bead. Another hand of his is holding Buddhist scripture that never been rumor as… kind of killing weapon used by him.

The long slender fingers, originally is gentle, but how could it changes as a sharp cold weapon, straightly stabbing into person chest, one strike, only by one strike, it could determine the life and death of people.

One by one the dead body, lying near his feet, splashing blood, his left hand dried with red-blood, on his body, his feet, even his face is splashed by blood. God of wars (Mars), or Death God, or Devil?


The Third Prince who passing the scene, is someone who has experienced great storming (many dangerous atmospheres), even feeling disgusting. Only Chu Zhu Yu who standing in dazed looking at Xiao Zhi. This is the man she knows, is he still someone she really understands?

That familiar… but also very unfamiliar. Clearly it is a same face, but she never seen that kind of expression in his face before, that kind merciless massacre, even his eyes, the pupil also changed red.

It’s vicious atmosphere! All over his body is radiating vicious atmosphere to kill, only by get closer, it makes people shuddering.

In responding to her vision line, he suddenly looked into the direction of her.

“Zhu Yu…” Two words that hardly chocked in his throat, finally Xiao Zhi could burst it out, finally he sees her, only by seeing her, the panicked and worries feeling, slowly settling down.

The Third Prince suddenly gaining his mind back, shouted : “Xiao Zhi, if you want to see her alive, surrender.”

“If I really surrender, will you really release her?” Xiao Zhi keeps on walking step by step toward the Third Prince, while the people in that villa no one dares to block him, even unconsciously give him way to pass.

“Of course, Ben Huang Zi (Child of Emperor) with this status, naturally, all the spoken words are as worth as thousands golden.”

“It’s too bad.” He calmly said, “Your words, not even one I trust.”

“Don’t you afraid that I killed her?” Third prince threaten, only after hearing two falling sound, the first two person who held on Chu Zhu Yu has falling into ground, their middle forehead has hit with the jade beads.

He… He even make the string Jade beads as his secret weapon?! The third Prince feels as if there is something stuck on his throat. Crazy! This man is out of sanity, he crazy. This jade beads, was given by Zen Master Hui Wu to Xiao Zhi, it said that being inherit to one generation to another, it has hundreds of history, it also can called as one of country treasure. But now, because for rescuing this kind of woman, he…

Once Xiao Zhi flies up and down, he has been standing near to Chu Zhu Yu already, his finger stroke, at the moment the rope that tied Zhu Yu cut off.

“Are you okay?” The first responded of Chu Zhu Yu is pulling Xiao Zhi’s robe sleeve, carefully to examine his hands whether injured or not.

“Are you being hit?” The cold voice, no others word could describe how he pissed off.

She dazed, until he raised his finger, stroke her lips corner, Chu Zhu Yu comes to response, he stroke the wound in her face, “This is a small wound.” Compare to those death body, her wounds, really only “small wound.”

“Is it hurt?” he asked with lower voice.

“Before it was hurt, but now, it feels much better.” Once she finished checking one arm, she checked another arm.

“Zhu Yu, I still have another business to do, wait a moment for me, will you?”

“Ya?” Without waiting for Zhu Yu to reply, Xiao Zhi picked her up (like a princess hug) and when he stands in front of Liu Officer, he said : “Protect well her.”

“Yes.” Liu officer received the command.

Another moment, Xiao Zhi already standing right in front of the Third Prince, his killing aura radiating heavier from his body compare to the first time, while his eyes looking at the other party, as if he wants to kill immediately.

“Are you the person who slapped her?” Xiao Zhi eyes sight is deep and calmed without any wave, while the person whom he looked at, surrounded with hostility feeling.

“If Yes, what will you do?” anyway, he already put aside all the consideration, moreover, he has assigned all his elite military forces to gather, if Xiao Zhi really wanted to fight, he won’t easy lose and still has chance to win. “I am the almighty Prince, Can I teach a lesson to that lowest status girl?”

Xiao Zhi doesn’t speak any words, his eyes sight piercing into the Third Prince with the coldest expression, walking closer to him step by step.

“Xiao Zhi, You, are you thinking to rebel?” The Third Prince screamed because panic.

“Rebel? Xiao Mo (refer to Xiao Zhi himself) never has that thought. But, I am really curious, The Third Prince should be in Luo Yang now, but how come he is in Cong Zhou this time.”

“Ben Huang Zi (refer to the Third Prince), wherever I am, there none of your business?”

“Actually at the beginning of these days, I want to talk with you about “your card”, but you touched her, so let be today I lifted your card. Third Prince, or should I call you as the master mind of the Bandits rebellion?”

The Third Prince shocked, no matter how hard he thinks but he still doesn’t understand, how could he know about rebellion matter, “Audacious , What nonsense are you speaking?”

“Nonsense? But it not a matter anymore!” Xiao Zhi stretch his hand and facing to capture the Third Prince.

“Fast! Faster blocking him!” The Third Prince is shouting, he is exerting and hiding at his servants back one by one of them.

Bamn! Bamn! Bamn!

Unstoppable Xiao Zhi, one by one the people are lying on the ground, his hands, very similar alike before, crazily killing, it even scarier than before, as if he is venting his anger. Blood everywhere even the Third Prince feeling nausea.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 16.2

  1. OMG! It’s a blood-bath!!! Will YZ stop XZ from killing more and more? What about the Prince and Princess siblings (3rd and 10th)? Will they continue on the pursuit of power and love?

    1. she tries but our general seems won’t let anyone leaving the villa alive because Zhu Yu was hurt.
      He just keeps on killing until he stand in front of the Third Prince.
      The last part of chapter 16 will such LOL XD XD

      Third Prince surrender with high price…

  2. oh my…tthe scary general is here….but i cant wait for next part…i miss the sweet moment already..but yeah need to teach that coward prince..

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