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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 16.3

The last part of Chapter 16 is kind of LOL XD XD

When I read the part 2, I felt the intense and could imagine how scary the general he is. But, when read till this part, I just can’t stop laughing even when I re-read it for translate it.

Zhu Yu is so worried of nothing because the general really good in fighting he even could sweep all the guards who protecting the Third Prince by himself, alone.
and even made the Third Prince regretting to oppose him.

Chapter 16 Open widely to Massacre, for Rescuing Zhu Yu

Part 3 (Three)


“You… You really dare to touch me, don’t you afraid the Emperor take a blame of you?” The
scary-cat Third Prince said. Before, he only heard from people how this general was so scary, only by today he sees by himself, he understands how fast Xiao Zhi could kill people.

“I could clearly explain to the Emperor.” He spoke calmly, the military people do not care about the opponent status even the person is Emperor’s children.

While on other side, Zhu Yu, stuffed looking at Xiao Zhi. Is it by he means, he still has another business to do? Only because of her, being slapped by that person who is called as Third Prince?

“He… does he wants to continuously kill and kill?” she gulped down her saliva to her throat, Chu Zhu Yu insecure asking.

“Yes.” Liu officer who is next to her, answered.

“That Third Prince, is he really the third child of the current Emperor?”


“So, why he keeps on forcing that Third Prince to the corner?”

“The general seems want to kill the Third Prince.” It really obvious, the general is extremely angry, if not, he won’t kill in such way… so fast.


“He really dares to kill the Third Prince?” she felt that something stuck on her throat.

“Dare.” Basically, others than seize the power of palace, Liu Shan really didn’t know what kind of thing or matter that his general won’t dare to do.

“So, what is the punishment of killing Emperor’s child?” Zhu Chu Yu asked.

“It should be physical punishment for the subject, of course there also kind of death penalty such as being dragged by five horses so the body separate into five, or being beheaded alive, if the Emperor really angry, the possibility…” every time Liu Shan spoke, Chu Zhu Yu face becomes paler and paler.

“Of course, if the general really killed the Third Prince, the Emperor won’t give such punishment to the general.” Since the general has a proof of the rebellion that made by the Third Prince, so the falling of Third Prince dignity to the point of disgrace is soon or later matter.

But, before she heard Liu Shan finished his words, Chu Zhu Yu has been running towards.

“OMG!” Liu Shan screaming, just now the general has commanded him to carefully watching Chu Zhu Yu.

Chu Zhu Yu, herself didn’t understand, how can she passing through all those corpse, with what kind of courage she went through the vicious scene, all in her mind was, all—only thinks about him, she didn’t want his death!

Once she thought that the possibility of Xiao Zhi might die, she couldn’t control her body, while she hasn’t think everything clearly, her body has take the move and react, she running ahead.

She staggered but kept on running, she uses up all her life time speed, only want to come closer to him, only to come a bit closer…

Chu Zhu Yu on the direction toward Xiao Zhi, a pair of her hand, held tightly his waist.

“What’s matter?” Xiao Zhi dazed, his head lower to look the person who keep on holding him, “ This place is so dangerous, doesn’t Liu military officer protect you?” he spoke while hugging her on his bosom.

“There nothing matter with the Liu military officer, it only me who want to speak with you.” She worried.

“Oh? What a matter?” he killed while speaking, he killed with his high skill and ease while listening to hers.

“That… That..” She is panicking, at last she finally able to speak— “That young master of the Zhi residence was captured by the bandits, could you go and save him?”

“Do you wish me to save him?”

“I wish.”

“Fine, I will ask people to rescue him.”

“And… and there still, a servant who helped us to sweep the floor has been two months not going home, could you give him half day leave?” it is not right, the words she should say not these one! Chu Zhu Yu is so worried, but her mouth just couldn’t say the truth about how she felt and she even talking unimportant things.


“That Wang Er, carelessly step on your cloth, can you forgive him?” actually she doesn’t need to say this bunch of nonsense to him!


Please! What kind of conversation this is! Those soldiers that protecting the Third Prince, shaking their head after heard it XD!

“Xiao Zhi, you don’t need to be an arrogant, you think that, you and this woman today can get out from here?” Those guards who protecting the Third Prince are shocked, their expression changed from green to purple, from purple to red, after hearing what their master said.

This Xiao Zhi could give sharp piercing glared to the Third Prince but toward Chu Zhu Yu, he show his gentleness, said : “Zhu Yu, wait for me a moment, I will settle it in very fast.”

Stature movement, one of his hand embracing her waist, while another hand, to and fro which makes people who see it be confused, the guards that protecting the Third Prince, felt down one by one.

Third Prince expression changes to be so panic, he thought to escape, but his villa has been surrounding by Xiao Zhi’s military forces.

For his lifetime, this is the first time he feel regret, listened to his Huang Mei suggestion, making the living evil be angered. That five slender fingers, originally could pleasing for the people who see it but at this moment, that fingers could take people life.

When Xiao Zhi come closer to the last guards who protecting Third Prince, the Third Prince even can’t shout out loud his voice.

That five fingers that look alike jade, has grabbing the Third Prince’s chest…

“Don’t!” Chu Zhu Yu shouting and in hurried, grabbing Xiao Zhi’s cloth, “ You… you can’t kill the Third Prince.”

“Why? He has injured you.” His body paused, as if stopped in mid-air. Those who injured her, he never thought to let off. His eyes saw her face, her corner of lips injured and red, he felt displeasing.

“Mine only small wounds, you shouldn’t kill him, he is the child of Emperor, you will have problem!”

“I don’t care this.”

“But, I care!” she doesn’t want something bad happen to him, doesn’t want him be convicted, doesn’t want she not able to see him in the future! This kind of worries, she even doesn’t knows how to express, she only grabbing his sleeves firmly won’t let go, hoping this will prevent him.

“Do you care of me?” his expression changed to be pleasant, happy.

“Yes!” She definitely sure with her answered.

“If I don’t kill him, will you be more care about me?”

“It… might be.”

“Fine, I will not kill him.” Xiao Zhi stopped, his eyes sparkling, looking at Chu Zhu Yu.

What? She blinked her eyes, somewhat this is weird. This… also do?


14 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 16.3

  1. lol…cant stop smile…sooo cute the coward prince safe??Xiao Zhi need to know its the jealous princess plan..thank you for update…

      1. heheee…really…make me exited for next everyone know Zhu Yu power..the one who can stop the scary general..heeeheee

  2. Haha… this is my favorite chapter so far. I really like when XZ said “will you be more… if I…..” I think it is so cute. The funny part was when ZY asked XZ those kind of things while XZ killing the enemies and his responses..haha..

  3. This is wonderful! This is not first the c-novels translation i ever read( usually i’m lurking around at ssb,koala’s,hamster etc) since i’m love to read but,i dont know about chinese…so when i’m finally found your blog,i’m so proud of you.
    Finally,there’s Indonesia people who begin to c-novel translation project. And this novel…it’s so cute and hilarious. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Eka,
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      This is actually not my first translation project because I had tried before but due to some reason, the translation project being forgotten.

  4. hahaha… that was a funny, weird conversation whilst killing people! only the general and chu zhu yu could have done this. i’m glad chu zhu yu has finally confessed her growing affection for the general. thank you for all the quick updates.

  5. OMG why! the devil is so obedient. sooooooooo cute!!

    This is my first visit. I read all the chapters non-stop. Love it! (even though my eyes red and have black circle like a panda)

    Thank you so much for sharing this funny novel.(hope it has happy-ending)

    Can’t wait for the next updates.

  6. Thanks a lot!
    Liu shan! Why!! Argh…! Kill the third prince! You can’t let him live! Kill him! He dare hurt zhu yu!?

  7. I would agree with you…
    This chapter make me laugh,,,
    Its so refreshing actually,,,
    How scared she was looking the general act toward the prince,,,but the general making so easy way to handle the problem,,,
    Love it,,,
    Thank you

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