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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 17

The Tenth Princess, Dai Rui Qin is starting her plan to separate Zhu Yu and Xiao Zhi.
On this chapter, there still not such clear “plan” that he has by helping Uncle Fa and also what kind of Dealing her maid wanted Uncle Fa to do.

Chapter 17 The Deal

Inside the room of gambling house in the center of Luo Yang city, people voices, sifter sounds, cry out voices, the gamble silver coin sounds, the voices are non-stop from inside.

While in the small lane behind the gamble house, a man about forty something is being hit and kicked by some people. Every fist, every kicked were hard hit onto his body, he is beaten up until he cried out loud,

“Don’t… don’t hit, the money that I lost from gamble, I will pay it back!” he hardly tried to speak with blood that spitted out from his mouth.

“Pay back? With what you will pay it back? Ah Bao, count the amount that he owed our gamble house!” A man who is the leader of those men kicked that middle aged man chest, which pain that middle aged man until he is screaming because of the ache.

“Okay!” a man that called as Ah Bao took out, receipt for a loan (IOU) [sheet of papers with finger print stamp on it], “Uncle Fa is owed our gamble house one thousand three hundred forty five Yin Zi (money).”

“Uncle Fa, you heard it clearly.” The leader of the men is kicking and slapped Uncle Fa face with the IOU papers.

“Non…nonsense.” Uncle Fa showed disbelieved face expression, “it clearly, I only owed you fifty two Yin Zi!”

“Uncle Fa, a compound interest principle, do you understand or not? If you still don’t make payment for day, afraid the amount, you need to pay not only this kind of number.”

“I… how can I have such much money to pay you back!” although he knew that there would no good ending if borrowing money from the gamble house, but he still couldn’t control himself to gamble, he always think that, maybe next time he could win back all the money.

“Money, of course we know that you don’t have that much, but you still have your daughter, take your daughter to the Blue Mansion (prostitution house/ brothel), are you still afraid not being able to pay us back?”

“How could I take my daughter and sell her to the Blue Mansion?”

“You won’t sell? It fine! Keep on hitting him!” The leader of the men is commanding his men to keep on hitting Uncle Fa.

“Ah…ah! Don’t, don’t hit me. I will pay back the money, but I can’t sell my precious daughter to the Blue Mansion, she hasn’t marry!”

“Since you don’t think to sell your daughter, it better we hit you, the useless person, beaten till death!” another fist, makes Uncle Fa nose bleeding.

“Argh… spare… spare my life, please!”

“So, your daughter, will you sell or not sell?”

“I…I…” Uncle Fa hardly to open his mouth, he still wants his life, about to agree, but suddenly from the corner of the lane, there is a woman voice.

“The amount money that he owed you guys, I will pay it.”

“My lady, are you blunder, don’t you know the amount money this old man had owed us?”

“Is it enough?” that woman throwing a bag of money.

The leader of the men looked and said : “ Enough, it enough! Since my lady paid this old man debt, this IOU now belongs to my lady!” after he said, he gave the IOU sheets to the woman.

That woman wears plain cloth, also wearing hat, it obvious that she doesn’t want others to know her identity. Not talk much and just taking the IOU.

Not long after that, a woman from the back alley come closer to Uncle Fa.

“Are you Uncle Fa?” that woman asking, that kind of voice is so unfamiliar for Uncle Fa.

“…..yes.” Uncle Fa shook his head and slowly raised his body up, “ Don’t know who this Lady is, why you wanted to pay my debt?”

“Helping you paid the debt, I wanted to make a deal with you, once this dealing succeed, all you want is not only this such amount of number but—-” for a while she paused, the calm voice suddenly changed ruthless, “ If you don’t want to make this deal, it not only the amount of debt but also your daughter will be sell as prostitute, makes her to be the best despicable person as the deal.”

“What?” Uncle Fa dumfounded, “ You… who are you actually, wanting to make a deal with me?”

“Anyway, dealing with me, you should succeed, about who I am, you don’t need know too much!” that how the woman said.

That night, the maid who is serving Tenth Princess hurried back to the palace, entering the princess secret room.

“How the progress of the matter?” The Tenth Princess, Dai Rui Qin coldly asking.

“All is done, the person has agreed to do.” The maid answered.

Dai Rui Qin eyes flashing light of vicious ruthless, continue said : “Never think that Third Brother is such useless, this time let me do it by myself, I want to know that Xiao Zhi, how he save that woman!


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 17

  1. oh my..thanks for this update..i’m feeling nervous for Zhu Yu..but yeah Xiao Zhi really need to teach that jealous i cant wait next chap..huuhuuu…take care

  2. this 10th princess is really taking it hard the general’s rejection of her. i dread now what she’s planning for chu zhu yu. thanks for the update.

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