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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 18

Being Possessive!

Chu Zhu Yu must be luckiest girl since she is being love by “the most perfect man”, very capable, skillful and powerful. The man that loves her more than his own life, loves her at the point she is the most important above everything he has…

But, Xiao Zhi Loves suddenly makes Chu Zhu Yu suffocated and losing her freedom to do whatever she wants, not too mention 24 hours guards that protecting her inside the mansion, finally she experiences what is called as living in gold cage.

Chapter 18 Disallow to Leave

Finally the Third Prince’s life is spared, hurried make a report back to Luo Yang, the Third Prince is captured and sent back, this time he really losing his dignity and being disgrace to the bottom.

Losing the support of Third Prince military forces, the Cong Zhou Bandits are in chaos, and this could be assume that, the tactics of Xiao Zhi is succeed, this one month time, makes those bandits and others miscellaneous being wiped out, some of the remaining, but not worth to mentioning would bring trouble, but still all will be destroyed soon or later.

On the other hands, Chu Zhu Yu is trying to persuade Xiao Zhi to dispatch the troops to rescue the Young Master of Zhi’s residence, the entire family of Zhi Officer really takes Chu Zhu Yu as savior.

But at this time the savior is in the middle of bargaining with the General…

“I want to go out!” The woman is so stubborn begging.

“Cannot.” The man isn’t in discuss mood, rejecting.

“Why can’t I?”

“Your wound hasn’t recovered.”

“Nonsense, this morning the doctor said my wound is recovered.”

“Outside is still in chaos.”

“How can, all the people said that you have stabilized the rebellion, the current situation is so much stable than before.”

The general is sighed, finally put down the book on his hand, “I am not at ease.”

“What makes you not feel assured, I am not a child.” Chu Zhu Yu muttered.

“Whatever it is, I can’t let any possibility of something to happen.” Xiao Zhi make a fist of his hand, it’s make habit for him to stroke Chu Zhu Yu lips corner, after she got injured, he always gently stroking her lips corner just to remind himself, because of his careless, she being captured and even being injured.

Chu Zhu Yu shrunken her lips.

Even she really understands how he worried about her, afraid she being hurt, but still Chu Zhu Yu really can’t endure. Since then, every time she walking, there will be person followed her, freedom… it far from the time she as maid before in general residence. Moreover since she backs from Cong Zhou, she always wants to visit the tea field, “if you still being in such way to control me, once I really feel unhappy, I will leave you.”

Chu Zhu Yu only randomly spoke, but never thought that only with those words, Xiao Zhi expression changed become white pale, “What are you saying?”

“Ah?” She looked at that pale face.

“Do you want to leave me? Zhu Yu.” He stands up, occupy commanding position looked at her. Suddenly the atmosphere changed to depressing mood, it seems there is invisible pressure.

“I…” she opened her mouth, feeling that her lips hard to open. His face changed as white pale as paper, but his eyes sight turns to be very sharp, as if it burn and the atmosphere just become so dangerous.

“Tell me, is it true or not?” his fingers stroke and grasp her lips, it not the wound in her corner lips that make him stroking her lips from left to right and from right to left.

Somehow her lips began to feel hot, while he, his body is radiating danger atmosphere and it become more intense.

“Jue Qing, you listen to me, I just…”

“Don’t say!” he used his palm to shut her up. Doesn’t want to heard and listen anything from her, he afraid if she say it, he scared can’t bear it.

“I disallowed. Disallowed you to leave me!” Xiao Zhi embraces Chu Zhu Yu, his lips nonstop keep on saying in her ears, what is the most panicking thing deep in his heart? That kind of frightened, kind of pain alike meat being bitten, makes him can’t endure.

His hands quivering, his body shuddering, even his voice also trembling when speaking. She never thought that her simple words, could arouse his strong character to oppose.

“You had promised me that you won’t ever leave me.” His nose smells her scent on her body, “Zhu Yu, why you want to leave me? Am I doing not well enough? Or I still not enough in loving you?

No! not like that! She muttered inside her heart.

“It so strange, once you said that you are leaving, I feel my chest so in pain.” It so hurt and aches till he hard to breathe.

Chu Zhu Yu regretting, why she spoke that kind of words, “ ng… ng..” she wants to speak, but her lips hard to open so her voice just soft saying nothing.

He keeps on kissing her, kissed her eyes, kissed her nose, kissed her neck… only with this kind of action, he can prove that she exist in his side.

My God! How should she acts to make him understand that she just kidding with those words, how should she do to make him understand?

Her body is tightly being embraced by him, her lips being covered, while the part she could move is only a pair of her hands…

With her heart, she moves pair of her hands, clinging Xiao Zhi back.

He is startled for a moment, all his acted pause.

“Zhu Yu, you won’t leaving me, will you?” He asked.

She nodding her head powerful, at same time her head moving, his hand realized her hand on his back.

Xiao Zhi hesitated for a moment, then he removing his hand from Chu Zhu Yu.

“Jue Qing, I’m sorry, I was kidding just now, it not the truth!” she asking forgiveness, “I never thought that you would react on such way.” She never know, she didn’t mean by saying those words which letting him to react on that way.

“Are you just kidding on me?” slowly his face expression changed to be better.

“ng.” she hugged on him as if even she die, she won’t let him go and close her eyes tightly, “If you really mad on me, you can punch me hardly…”

But then, he just gives her very warm embraces, “Zhu Yu, on the future please don’t scare me like just now.”

He never knows, actually his courage is so small till this kind of point.

Thinking to play out in Cong Zhou, it seems that Xiao Zhi won’t allow. Chu Zhu Yu long sighed, this just same as if being in circle.

Xiao Zhi is so busy these days, everyday he is busying to eliminate the remain bandits in city, while Chu Zhu Yu and the Zhi’s officer wives gathering for doing something such as drinking various of tea types.

It is good that the Third Madam (Third Wife) is one who understands about tea.

“Lady Chu, your technique of brewing tea is so good.” Some of the Madams, who ever drank the tea brew by Chu Zhu Yu, all are praising her.

“I just only can brew tea.” Every time being praised like this, Chu Zhu Yu feel little embarrassed.

“Even many people able to brewing tea, but to brew one good tea, only few will do, I have drink tea in this Cong Zhou city isn’t count little, but there is so little who can brew alike Lady Chu!” Madam Zhi said by laughing.

“It right, it right!” others Madam also followed.

“If it isn’t lady Chu who has good technique in brewing tea, those good teas of the Lao Ye will be wasteful for us!”

“Later on, we should let those maids to learn how to brew good tea or else the good tea will be taste awful.”

“Lady Chu, if you have time, it would be better if to teach those maid how brewing tea.”

“Okay la.” Chu Zhu Yu answered, it just a good chance to let her spending her boring time.

From among the Madams, only the Third Madam who seems to be understand about tea, but she doesn’t speak anything, it seems she has something in her mind.

“Third Madam? Is this tea taste not good?” the Fourth Madam asked.

The Third Madam shook her head, “This tea really taste so good, it has thick fragrant, heavy and refreshing. But…”

“But what?”

“But recently I heard that there is one Tea Master who came to Cong Zhou, his tea leaves is so special, those people who ever taste his tea would nonstop in praising him, doesn’t know who is brewing better between Lady Chu and the Tea Master.” But from how the Third Madam said, it seems that she is longing about the tea that brewing by the tea master.

“Of course lady Chu is better.”

“This is not something needs to compare.”

Without waiting for Chu Zu Yu speaks, some of the madams are opened their mouth.

“It is me who is wrong.” Third Madam apologized.

But Chu Zhu Yu feels so curious after heard what the Third Madam said. Waiting until all the madams leaving, she called the Third Madam: “Third Madam, please stay!”

“Lady Chu, what matters?”

“Does the Tea Master really brew the tea very special?” Chu Zhu Yu pulled Third Madam closer, asking her.

Once she talked about this topic, the Third Madam seems to be understand, “Yes, as it said it really good, the tea leaves is so special, the technique also so unique. As I heard, that Tea Master is new comer in here, and the Tea House business is not bad.”

Chu Zhu Yu’s spirit goes up, “so, do you know what kind of tea leaves?”

“I don’t know.” Third Madam shook her head, immediately asked : “Does lady Chu interest in?”

“Yes.” She nodding her head.

“How about asking the Lao Ye (Zhi’s officer) to invite the tea master come here?”

“I don’t think it needed.” She even desire to pay visit to the tea house by herself, at the same time, she wants to take a walk and strolling in Cong Zhou Tea House to find out what the differences between Luo Yang tea house with Cong Zhou. Perhaps, she could learn and gain some experience, when she back to Luo Yang she could apply it on her own Tea House.

Once she thought about it, Chu Zhu Yu feels more excited, gets up. Since Xiao Zhi disallowed her to go out openly from the residence, so if she secretly goes out, it seems no problem, as long as Xiao Zhi doesn’t know…

It is not a problem!


9 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 18

  1. nonstop kisses?haahaaa…XZ really love ZY…but now i’m worried about that new tea if he is uncle fa?the jealous princess plan?

  2. Thanks a lot!
    No—-the third prince lives?! Ah—-no—-! Well, ss long as he’s out of dight, i guess….I don’t know, i’m very suspicious…
    Oh no! Zhu yu! No! Something bad’ll happen! Hopefully not, but!

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