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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 20.1

Zhu Yu went out, having short fun while visiting the Xing Yuan Tea House and tasting many different teas.
Xiao Zhi was panicking, scared and even commanding his soldiers to inspect every corner street of Cong Zhou for finding her after shut the city gate.

Seeing his panic expression wasn’t Zhu Yu first time,
Seeing his worried-some expression wasn’t Zhu Yu first time,
Even his anger and killing expression also not Zhu Yu first time,

Only this time…
For the first time she saw others side of Xiao Zhi that makes her more than scared.
No smile expression,
No relieve expression,
No comfort words,
which he always show her whenever they are seeing or meeting each others.

Chapter 20 Affectionate

Part 1 (One)

Inside the Xing Yuan Tea House, Chu Zhu Yu is drinking cups by cups tea, but still feel that the taste of the tea, something that familiar, something she ever tasted before, moreover inside this Tea House there is so many types of tea, which is so similar with hers Tea House, which makes her feel little weird.

Even though it hard to tell only hers Tea House has kind of tea types which is so similar to this Tea House, however it just too similar with the teas that promoted by her Tea House, further more even the scent, types and taste of the tea is very similar which it impossible as something called as coincide.

“Xiao Er, did your Tea Master ever go to Luo Yang?” Chu Zhu Yu was so curious asking the Xiao Er who working inside the Tea House.

“Yes Lady, you really has sharp eyes and deep observe, ours Tea Master is someone who came from Luo Yang to this Cong Zhou. Luo Yang is the son of heaven (Emperor) place [capital city], the Tea House at there is better than in Cong Zhou. In here, Cong Zhou, only our Tea House which will make you experience and taste the Luo Yang’s tea.”

Perhaps he might someone was secretly learning from the Luo Yang Tea Master whom might working as Tea Master in her Tea House, So that the person came to this Cong Zhou and able to start the business, that how the initial thought of Chu Zhu Yu, “Well, can I meet the Tea Master who brew this tea? I am also someone who comes from Luo Yang.”

“This…” Xiao Er hard to replied. “Our Tea Master is someone weirdos, he never meet anyone before, even when he is brewing the tea, he is wearing bamboo hat.”

“Wearing bamboo hat?”

“My boss said, more or less those skillful people will have such weird and strange things.” Xiao Er lower his head answered.

Suddenly, outside the Tea House, There is such noise in the street. The people who are drinking tea, most of them kind avoid this kind of noise.

“Lady, I need go out to see what is going on!” Xiao Er hurried ran out to outside the Tea House.

Chu Zhu Yu is picking up the boiling cup of tea, sipping once, even the scent of the tea really too similar to hers Tea House but the way of brewing the tea slightly different, that’s why it affected to the taste too.

While inside the tea, she feels even the scent kind of similar, but it is added more thing…

“It not good! Not good! The soldier are inspecting every street in city!” Inside the Tea House there lots of people screaming.


“Are the bandits making a fuss again?”

“Who commanded it?”

Shortly after, everyone is discussing the topic.

“As they said, the Xiao General commanded, it because looking for a woman.” A person who looks alike scholar whom just back from outside said.


Chu Zhu Yu gets loosen her grasp on the tea cup, the tea spilled on the table. She draw the attention of people inside the Tea House.

She hurried and lower her head, place back the tea cup. Does Xiao Zhi who is commanding to inspecting the street? And the woman he looking for, would be—

“What the crime that actually the woman made?” Someone inside the Tea House asking.

“It seems she isn’t a criminal, I had seen the picture of the woman that brought by the soldier, from the picture I could figure she isn’t someone that would do crime.” A person who looks alike scholar said.

“Oh, so how does the woman look alike from the picture?” A person asked out of curiosity.

The scholar seems to recall the memories, later said : “ It seems the woman has rounded face, her look, her eyes round, kind of plump, bend upwards nose, cherry lips, her hair is stick with yellow wood hairpin, I heard from the soldier that woman kind of petit, her height is about five feet something…”

From the scholar raw description, no wonder all the people who are inside the Tea House looked at Chu Zhu Yu posture, later on, at last the scholar, who described the feature, looked at Chu Zhu Yu.

“Aiya, she is…”

“OMG! She is the woman that the soldier looking for!”

“Hurry! Hurry capture her, handover her to the officer!”

At moment, inside the Tea House becoming chaos, everyone is preparing to make a move, suddenly from outside the soldier walk in, lead by the Xiao Er to the inside of the Tea House.

Xiao Er walked closer to the soldier by give a respect bow, said : “This lowly isn’t mistaken, this lady is the guest who sitting and drinking tea inside this Tea House.”

Not long after that, the soldier have standing in front of Chu Zhu Yu, the soldier bring out the picture, try to match it and asked : “ Pardon, may I know does lady called as Chu Zhu Yu?”

Chu Zhu Yu has dumfounded before the soldier bring out her picture. She never thought that her actions, that secretly went out would make such a fuss and noise inside the city.

“Lady?” the soldier shouted.

Chu Zhu Yu gained her mind, her fingers grasping tightly her clothes, “… yes”

After she gave the positive response, those soldier neatly kneeling, “Please my lady wait for a moment.”

“Ah?” She surprised a moment, and then she saw one of the soldier walking out from the Tea House, release something as a signal.

The purple fireworks in the sky, time passing slowly by slowly, until she saw the black figure, step by step walking into the inside of Tea House.

He— his black robe, purple gold belt in his waist, his elegant look like the black dancer splashed black ink of scholar, the purple jade color hairpin in his hair, matching with his belt, the black smooth hair falls over his face, his eyes, very similar to his black robe, it pinch dark, almost melt together. He steps by steps walking closer to her, his face expression seems like extremely angry, but still giving a smile.

But the smile, makes hers feel uncomfortable, it sense of the dangerous atmosphere. She feels, this kind of his expression is even scarier than he usually venting anger.

Chu Zhu Yu unconscious steps backward, she steps till the corner of the wall, until her back against the wall.

He stand firm in front of her eyes, occupy a commanding position looking at her, that pair of dark eyes, let her confused of guessing what his thought.

Finally, he stopped right in front of her eyes, looked at her and gently holding her wrist, but that five fingers, tightly hold won’t let go, even his nail pierce to her skin.


9 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 20.1

  1. I agree… he is too possesive.. he afraid of losing her… thanks for the translating.. everyday i ve been lurking here to see whether ur uploaded the new chapter or not.. thanks so much..

  2. i feel too he’s being too possessive, but i can understand him after the latest scare (kidnapping of chu zhu yu) he had experienced. thanks for the translation.

  3. Love this! Lol his smiling face, I think if he looked at me like that, I would start crying because I would know that something very bad is about to happen!! He is super possessive but then again she the first person he ever felt love for. Because of her, his first time to be afraid. I think she needes to sit down with him and have a talk, like parent/child type of talk. He reminds me of my 2 year old nephew who clinges to my sisters leg all day long. Like “sweetie you can’t behave like this. Mama needs to go to work, but I’ll come back, no need to cry, I still love you.” bahahaha

  4. Thanks a lot!
    Ah—-! He came! Oh no! Lol, so they copied from her teahouse?! Rofl! Then, of course her tea’s better!

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