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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 21.1

Chapter 21 Detoxicate

Part 1 (One)

The storm finally passing. But Chu Zhu Yu still not satisfied with Xiao Zhi and keep on haggling.

“If the situation is stabilized and all the bandits have captured, you shouldn’t treat me as if I am criminal, lock me up, not letting me go out.”

“This…” Xiao Zhi hesitated.

“Hm, I will love you, but if you don’t control my freedom, I will more love you.”

“….” The general blinks his eyes left and right, for long time, finally he nodding his head.

Chu Zhu Yu is smiling alike the fishy cat, “Hi hi, I have know that you are the best person. But… hm, Jue Qing, I still have thing to tell you.”


“I… I…” she ‘I’ for couple times, finally she realized that, it hard to speak honestly because it need huge courage.

“o?” he calmly waiting for her next words.

Chu Zhu Yu closed her eyes, with hard beating heart, “Actually, when I entered the general residence, I had a purpose.” This matter sooner or later, he will find out so rather than that time comes, it better for she to tell him by herself now.

“I knew it!” Xiao Zhi seems not to be surprised.

What? She feels disbelieve and wink her eyes couples time, “You knew it?”

He nodded.

“How could you know it?” she even thought that she had perfectly conceal it from him.

“The time when you and I went to the Avalokitesvara temple, I aware that you might know Chu Mu Cai, so that, I asked someone to check it out for me, I finally knew that you actually are Chu Mu Cai Biao Mei (Female cousin), you are the owner’s daughter of Yue Xin Tea House.” He spoke so casually.

Chu Zhu Yu stupidly wide opened her mouth, Heaven! That time, he… he actually had known it!

“Do you know what my purpose entering the general residence?” She asked.

“Don’t know.” he shook his head.

“You don’t even know my purpose entering the general residence and still dares to make me stays? Don’t you afraid that I might be assassin that being asked by someone to kill you? Or I might someone who is coming to revenge?” Chu Zhu Yu is nagging and asking, in this world, there are so many people who wanted this Xiao General’s life.

“But you are not.”

“….” She speechless.

“Don’t you feel curious about my purpose entering the general residence?”

“I am not curious.”

Only that three simple words makes she lower her head, even she is getting closer to explain her bad “intention”, but suddenly she doesn’t feel want to say anymore, “You really sure that you love me?”

“Of course.” He widen his hands, pulling her close to his bosom, “No matter what your purpose are, I don’t even care, if you need for my help to accomplish it, I will help you to do so.”

His voice brushed into her ears, her black hair is blowing because the wind, and touch her face. Chu Zhu Yu face beet red.

Well, even both of them have been together for such long time, but still her face is so easy get red and her heart beat fasten.

“Don’t… don’t get too close to me!” she can’t resist to protest. She can only blame that he has so good looking face, while she is someone who can’t resist the beauty.

“If I really absolutely have to get close?” his face even closer to hers, his nose tip touches her nose tip.


Chu Zhu Yu feels that her face is extremely hot, her nose hard to inhale or exhale the air, his black shining eyes, his smooth skin, his straight nose, the pinkish pale lips, all let her…

Her nose, suddenly there is kind of warm things flowing out, dripping unstoppable.

Chu Zhu Yu looked the changes expression of Xiao Zhi, she wipes her nose. On her hands, it is warm blood stain.

My God, won’t it be true, she even has nose bleed?

“Raise your head up.” Xiao Zhi busying.

“O… alright.” Chu Zhu Yu immediately raised her head up, trying to make an explanation : “People are so easily to have nose bleed, My nose bleeding absolutely not because dumbfounded and mesmerized by your beauty and bleeding…”

After she spoke, she carelessly bite her tongue, this doesn’t mean she admitted her guilty.

“I know.” He puts his hands to hers and examining her pulse.

“You really know?”


“Oh… it good then.” She spoke with kind of guilty tone. Her head starts dizzy, is it because the nose bleeding? Her eyes become heavier.

All her body seems to lose all the energy, she can’t endure and close her eyes.

Really want to sleep…

This well known doctors of Cong Zhou, this time is sweating lots because examining Lady Chu pulse who is remain unconscious.

Longer the pulse being examined, the ugliest doctor expression, and more sweat he has.

After the doctor finished examining the pulse, he kneeling in front of the general, terrified : “Xiao Min (a person of certain occupation address themselves) only knows Lady Chu is being poison, but regarding the poison types, Xiao Min skill is limited, unable recognized.”

Xiao Zhi facial expression sudden darken, walking until the edge of bed, looking to the unconscious Chu Zhu Yu.

Her corner of eyes, her ears is starting to bleed. Being poison! When she got poison? In this general residence, all the food that she ate, all the water she drank all have been tested, except…

Suddenly, Xiao Zhi remembered the days when Chu Zhu Yu was in Tea House, “Someone!”

“Yes!” one of the guard replied.

“Immediately send out people to find those who work in Xing Yuan Tea House, bring them all!”

“Yes.” The guard replied.

Xiao Zhi raised up his fingers, gently tried to find out her breath, even it weak at least she still breathing. On this way, he is ensuring himself that she still alive.

Before, she still able joking with him, but now her facial expression is such white pale, lying on bed. If yesterday, when he brought her back from the Tea House, made the diagnosed of her body…


14 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 21.1

  1. so that was the sneaky plan of the princess! as long as i’m assured no one dies in the end it’s fine to have the “poisoning” in the story plot. tysm for the quick updates.

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Ah, oh no! She really was in danger! My suspicions were partly right?! Oh no, no, no—-! Yeah, that mysterious tea person was really suspicious!!

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