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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 21.2

Chapter 21 Detoxicate

Part 2 (Two)

“Zhu Yu…” he bent down, his fingers cross her facial feature, “Believe on me, won’t let you wait too long, I will let you awake!” And those people who poisoning hers, no matter what will happen, he won’t let them live!

“General please spares my life! General please spares my life!” The miserable voices, the unstoppable crying sound from inside the room. Many types of the instrument for the torturing being applied, if he could, uncle Fa just wanted to choose fastest death penalty!

“So, will you make a confession of your crime?” Xiao Zhi sitting on the big chair, starting to ask uncle Fa and his eyes radiating murdered glaring.

“Yes, yes! This lowly confessed… confessed!” uncle Fa hurried answered, “ This lowly, originally was working in Luo Yang city as the Tea Master in Yue Qin Tea House, because lose in gambling, so I owed so much money, that day… that day when I was in gamble house being forced to pay my debt, there was a woman who came and helped me to pay my debt, letting me to come to Cong Zhou tea house and on the days I become very famous in Cong Zhou It would lure Zhu Yu to come and visit, before I was employee who worked in Yue Qin tea house whom the owner daughter is Chu Zhu Yu. That woman told me that on the day Zhu Yu come to visit, I should put small bottle of drug to hers tea.” Although he tries to give many of explanation but all incomprehensible, even his heart wasn’t at ease and worried, putting a bottle of drug which he understood very well that might not any good things, but once he thought about the debt being settled, even he might get some amount of money, he put his courage to do it.

“Do you have any hatred towards Zhu Yu?” Xiao Zhi asked.

“No… I don’t have.” That time during he worked at Yue Qing Tea House, both of father and daughter were treating him not bad.

“So, how could you that cruel!” Xiao Zhi expression cold for moment.

“This… this lowly was being threaten, all was that woman fault!” Uncle Fa just put all the blame to the stranger, a woman that he even didn’t know who her name is.

“Which woman? Is she?” Xiao Zhi slender finger pointing, his finger pointed at the woman who was at other side in that room, who was covered with dripping blood and being dragged up.

Uncle Fa was looking for a while and scared, he murmured : “Looking at the figure… it, it seems similar! But this lowly never looked at the woman front face because she always wearing bamboo hat.”

“You guys don’t… capture, capture wrong person, the good citizen.” That woman crawling on the ground, very difficult to open her mouth.

“Good citizen?” Xiao Zhi glaring at that woman, “ If you really a good citizen, why you were such hurried passing the city borderline, letting my soldiers chasing you for two days and finally being captured.”

“I went… went out from city, it wasn’t against law…”

“But the place you aiming to go, it was Luo Yang.” Xiao Zhi glared that woman, his voice stay calm and said : “If you still shut your mouth this tight, won’t to admit your crime, believe on me, I have so many ways to dig out things from your mouth.”

That woman eyes expressing a fear, hesitated open her mouth, trying to suicide by biting her tongue, but her action has been anticipated by the guard.

“Block something on her jaw.” Xiao Zhi commanded.

“Yes!” heard something being snapped, that woman mouth has block, her mouth won’t close, she even couldn’t suicide anymore.

“If you still don’t want to say out whom the master mind behind this, even the death will only be the extravagant wish of you!” Xiao Zhi gently waving his hand inside the torture chamber, inside the chamber, it only could hear the sound of torture instruments and the painful sobbing voice.

From Cong Zhou heading to Luo Yang, a group of people go by horse carriage and walking.

No one knows, among the people, there is one of the great general of the country, Xiao Zhi within the group. He left the fifty thousands of soldiers in Cong Zhou, he only brings Liu Shan the military officer and some of elite soldier as guards, secretly back to the central city.

On his embraces, the unconscious person was wrapped carefully with the thick and warm blanket made from fur, because of her state of unconscious, her forehead was frown and wrinkle to express the pain.

Xiao Zhi lower his head and looks closely to Zhu Yu who is embraced by him, carefully to shield her with his body from the winds, “Zhu Yu, I know that you are in pain currently, please bear with it, alright?”

But the unconscious Chu Zhu Yu not even able to answer back. From the seven apertures, it has been five apertures that bleeding.

Every drips of her blood that bleed, just makes his heart even pain. Her life as if slowly by slowly weaken and vanish, only her weak pulse and breathe that let him knows, she still alive.


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      1. yup…if i dont know this end with HE…i will nonstop ask u what going happen..haahaa…especially if i read fan-fiction..

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