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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 21.3

Xiao Zhi is hurried back to Luo Yang,
Zhu Yu is remaining unconcious

Dai Rui Qin is worried because her maid hasn’t back from Cong Zhou and she will shock with Xiao Zhi sudden visit in her palace

Chapter 21 Detoxicate

Part 3 (Three)

The horses which tired and exhausted were starting to throw-out the white foam from its mouth.

“General, the horse seems not able to hold on.” Liu Shan said.

“Try to make it till the next boarded, then changes the horses!” Xiao Zhi said calmly.


Three days three night of the vigorous running, tiring so many good horses, only for the woman on his embraces…

Inside the splendid palace, the Tenth Princess Dai Rui Qin is lying on the couch, but couldn’t sleep. It because of her waiting-maid who taking care the matter hasn’t come back for several days, the latest news that brought by the trusted pigeon, wrote that all the matter had been taking care, she was heading to Luo Yang. Counting the days, she should have arrived, but…

Don’t know what is happening, Dai Rui Qin feels distract, tonight the moon is especially dim, as if gives a signal something might happen.

“Lai Ren!” she raised her body up.

“Does the Tenth Princess have any orders?” The maid who guarded for the night shift asking.

“Go and light up the lantern.”

The maid obeys the order, she takes candle and light up the lantern, but she doesn’t back for long time.

“Someone! Quickly come!” she impatience shouting.

Silent steps closer to her, one piece of red candle rolling near to her feet.

“Ah!” Dai Rui Qin surprised, she raised up her head, looking at the cold mountain face expression, “You… how can you get in?”

Xiao Zhi—- this is the man that she ever expecting and look forward, even before, she ever asking countless time, letting the maid to call him to this splendid palace, all were being rejected by him. But now, he even comes without speaking… entering here.

At the moment, many of thought appeared. Dai Rui Qin works hard to show that she is so composed. The General that should be in Cong Zhou now, he is inside the palace in Luo Yang. Does he have already known it…

Suppressed her panic expression, She suddenly laughing, she trying to develop gentle soft lady like, “Doesn’t know what makes the Xiao General comes at this late of night?”

“The antidote.” Xiao Zhi said that two simple words.

Dai Rui Qin heart was on panic, even her face was mask with fake smile, “I don’t understand about this topic, what antidote?”

“Since I could enter your splendid palace, naturally I have investigated and known all the things.” Xiao Zhi cold expression.

Her smile face expression, slowly by slowly dim, “If I scream out loud, you guess those the people inside the palace will see you, the general Xiao who came at this late of night, what will they think about it?” moreover to the extend, he even can’t escape from the Emperor palace.

“You won’t have this opportunity.” He has the bloodthirsty on his eyes sight, that kind of eyesight which showed only for accomplish the mission, even he willing to do it at any expenses.

Meets people killed people, meet the Buddha killed the Buddha.

“Don’t you.. really dare…” remaining half of the sentence, she even not able to speak out. The dignified of the country great general, does he really able to massacre inside the palace?

“There is no harm for you in trying.” His cold expression didn’t have any change.

She hate to see that face, this face of his that makes her to grow unrequited love for him, makes her to taste the greatest frustration and humiliation in her life. She even changed to so wicked till wanting to destroy his peaceful, wanting to see him lost his sanity!

“Why you are so sure that I must have the antidote?”

“The maid that you asked to poison has already admitted.”

“But she didn’t know one thing.” Suddenly Dai Ru Qin laughing, “The drug, it doesn’t have any antidote, hahaha—-”

The laughing voice suddenly vanished, Xiao Zhi fingers had grabbed Dai Rui Qin neck, “You said?”

“The drug has no the antidote, on the entire world, there is no the antidote for the drug!” she succeed to see the changes of his expression, but it even makes her more envy and envy, why, how important the existence of that woman inside his heart?


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  1. oh my…this stupid princess..grrr…gah..arghhh….really excited for this…yes..dont dare to touch Zhu Yu.huuhuuuu..thanks for this..heeheee…

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