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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 22.1

Chapter 22 Ending
Part 1 (One)

So tired! Very exhausted till she doesn’t even want to open her eyes, just wanting to continue sleeping in this way.

But she feels hurt in some parts of her body, the pain just making her wants to shout out, but the voice that comes out is the coarse voice.

Ears, vaguely only heard Jue Qing voices, he has speak about misfortune… then speak what he what. She wants to hear clearer, but nothing she able to hear clearly…

Until her pain slowly by slowly vanished, the sounds that she heard more and more. But there is no Jue Qing voice anymore.

“Doctor, you see, Lady Chu moves her eyelids!”

“Perhaps Lady Chu might gain her sense again?”

“Doctor, hurried examines it!”

There are nonstop voices inside the room, the noises crack up her head.

“Ng…” her dried lips moan, Chu Zhu Yu uses all her strength to open her eyes.

Entering the room with the familiar design curve, this room is… in general residence! When she came back to Luo Yang, shouldn’t she in Cong Zhou this time? “How could I be here?”

“Lady Chu, you are wake up! You have been here for several days!” one of the maid said.

The doctor help Chu Zhu Yu to examine the pulse, write out prescription so the maid can prepare the prescription of the Chinese herbal medicine.

Chu Zhu Yu feels that even to get down from bed, she needs to use so much strength and times, “What happen to me? I feel so tired, how long I had slept for?”

“Heard from the doctor said, Lady Chu has been poison, now it had been antidote but still need to drink medicine so it will recover faster.”

“Being poison?” when she had been poison? She only remembered that her nose bleeding after looking at Jue Qing.

“My Lady you are awake now, nothing need to be worry.” The maid afraid that Chu Zhu Yu would think too much about the poison might not completely being purged out.

“Oh ya, where is general?” She asked.

“The general, all the time he is inside the forbidden courtyard, others than Zen Master Hui Wu, no one ever get into that place.”

“Inside of the forbidden courtyard?” does the general residence have that kind of place? Why she doesn’t even has any impression.

“Yes, couple days after the general came back to the residence, he making the inner courtyard garden as the forbidden place, forbid anyone to entering the place.” The maid said.

How could it be? What was going on recently, how could the courtyard changed to be forbidden place? Why jue Qing didn’t come to see me? She has too many question to ask, but don’t know where to start!

That time Chu Zhu Yu was standing in front of the forbidden place, she only could see wall with one entrance and being guarded by the soldier.

“Lady Chu, General has instruct, if there is no his command, no one could enter inside.” The soldier said, stopped her to the outside of the garden.

“So, I am also can’t get inside?” she thought that if she is coming to here, they will let her in.

“Yes, including Lady Chu.”

She stopped, “So where is the Zen Master of Hui Wu?” she remembered the maid ever told her, the Zen Master of Hui Wu has access to get inside.

“The Zen Master of Hui Wu and the general are having Dhamma (Buddhist teaching) talk, afraid it will take much time until he goes out.” The soldier answered.

“Lady Chu, the winds strong in here, how about if we going back and taking a rest.” The maid who came with her suggested and helped to support her body.

Chu Zhu Yu shook her head, she feels the insecure in her heart is getting bigger and more expanding, she really wants to make everything clear, what is happening actually, why after she awakens, there are many things that odd?

“Lady Chu!” the maid panicking, “If you get the cold, it…”

“I want to wait in here, if I couldn’t wait for the general to come out, at least I should wait for the Liu military officer to meet me!” that weak body is stay firm standing on windy weather, her face blows by the wind and her facial change to death white (pale).

Time is slowly passing away, Chu Zhu Yu feels her body is getting numb, her body lifeblood as if being stopped flowing, finally when she sees the white mustache of the Zen Master, dressed in dark blue robe comes out from the garden.

“Zen Master.” She called.

The foot step stopped for moment, that pair of bead eyes even can see thoroughly every matters, blink by blink after looking at her. Chu Zhu Yu uses all the energy that she has, not letting herself to faint. Perhaps if she really faint now, her body will be at ease little bit, but… she has too many questions to ask, she has too many things that she fail to understand.

Pairs of eyes looking at each others, her eyes filled with uncertain feeling, while the Zen Master Hui Wu is clearly understood.

Long, finally Zen Master Hui Wu softly takes a long breathe: “ After all, it has been destined (decreed by fate).”

“This little girl doesn’t understand, requesting the Zen Master to explain it!” she kneeling, but still staring at the Zen Master Hui Wu.

“You are his misfortune, while he is your important person, now you really don’t need to understand anything.” Master Hui Wu simply said.

Misfortune? Important person? What all of these words mean?


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 22.1

  1. i know i should be happy because soon our otp will have their happy ending, but i’m really sad that the story is ending! how many chapters more we can still look forward to? tysm.

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Ah…this…-cries- i’m happy she’s awoken, and he’s still alive right?! My OTP must be happy, they must…

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