Tw-Drama : Aim High / 22K夢想高飛


It seems to be sometime that I reviewing or talk about drama. since I am focusing in doing the translation, the drama review being neglecting. Actually, I still follow daily or weekly drama for C-drama, Tw-drama, K-drama ans J-dorama.
One of the new drama from SETTV is Aim High / 22K夢想高飛 which replace Pleasantly surprised cast Puff Guo and Jasper Liu. Currently it is airing four episodes.

June 2013, the third year university students, Yi Fen (Meng Geng Ru), Mao Mao (Guo Shu Yao), Hao Mei (Huang Wei Ting) and Mi Xiang (Yu Cheng Xi) is design and creating [Dream Life] App for participating in venture capital game, to bring out and improving the world of dream.
but what they expecting was not fulfill.

On the October 2014, four of them are graduated, opened the door and entering the 22K world (fresh graduated standard salary as white collar), struggling in social life…
Yi Fen because of the App, insisting to work in CAPCOM, as customer service employee in one of the online gaming company where Qi Feng (Wang You Sheng) also work in that company. it is the start of their dream to brainstorming…

The new fresh graduated Mao Mao who entering the society, choosing to work in insurance company as the marketing staff who still in three months training period. During the process of struggling in her work environment, incidentally she met her first boyfriend, Ren Dao Yuan (Lego Li) who also is Yi Fen supervisor.

On other hand, the person that Hao Mei like for such long time was appearing in wrong place at the wrong time (he got married). Hao Mei is so curious and more she thinks about, it more she experienced the cruel of society…
different with Mi Xiang who seems living in the world without worries, she works as taxi driver, writing poems, she thinks to spend her life freely as she wants, but she not realizing that silently she encounter love…

Aim High / 22K夢想高飛 is telling about the fresh graduated who are entering the society, dealing with dreams and also the reality which happen in the society such as the workplace and also friendship.

My opinion
Even Chris Wang and Meng Geng Ru are the lead but personally after watching until the fourth episode, I really  don’t even have slightest interest with Xu Yi Fen and Qi Feng characters but I like the strong and stubborn Mao Mao and Ren Dao Yuan played by Guo Shu Yao and Lego Li.

Story line not really interesting, to be honest my purpose to keep on watching the drama only Guo Shu Yao and Lego Li and Chris Wang.

I like the idea of dream and reality after and before entering “society” and working environment but somehow this drama doesn’t get my interest only watchable drama to spend my Friday night.


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