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Introduce Second C-Novel Translation Project

a08b87d6277f9e2f8d52a3e51d30e924b999f3fcThe picture really doesn’t have any relation with the novel.
I just like the picture because of my personal preferences >.<

Hi Fellow Reader ^_^

Before I start, let me Thank all of the readers who support my blog and sharing you guys thought in comment box. whether the passive or the active ones 🙂
감사합니다, 皆さん!

Well, back to business XD

Finally General wants to sleep and hug (将军抱抱要睡觉) come to the end. some of you might guessing and even asking me through the comment box, what kind of new C-novel translation I will do? Well, until yesterday I haven’t really decided what C-novel I will pick to be next project since there are so many good C-novel.

I have several comes to my mind, but I still only can pick one since my time is so tight and I have others to do beside updating this blog, I have my job and work (please understanding me).

Recently I am reading Substitute Bride (替身新娘) by 汩泉, I think this novel is easy and light to read and of course it filled with sweet and funny things too. Most of C-novel I read are Happy Ending genre with funny and sweat filling even some of time I also need something serious to read in order to balance the sweetness, 하하하하하.
I got to know this novel after visiting seoulinlove blog.

Synopsis (copied from seoulinlove)
[while the additional information is made by me]
Everything begin with Love, in order to help her sister to escape a marriage without love, she willingly to put wedding dress and get married on her behalf. after serving her purpose, she thought she will be able to pull herself out from the mess. never she expect herself to fall in love with the bride groom, and the bride groom with her, the substitute bride…

The Female lead is called Long Mo Er who is naively thinking to help her elder sister from escaping the unwanted marriage life with The Third Young Master of Ye household.

The Male lead is called Ye Che and well-known for his flamboyant and desire for freedom life but unluckily his freedom being tied since he is being force by his parent to marry the eldest daughter of Long household.

Their interaction not so smooth from the first time but as time passes, both of them are growing affection to each others.
But when that loves arrived, she has being reminding that she only substitute bride who replacing her elder sister…

This novel is longer than the previous one  which is consist up to 100 chapters but less than 200 chapters and it give another level of challenge for me to translate it.The novelist is someone new to me because this is the first book of hers that I read.

So, Officially I announce that Substitute Bride (替身新娘) by 汩泉 will be the second translation project XD XD XD

Thank you for the support (silent and active reader ^.~ )



17 thoughts on “Introduce Second C-Novel Translation Project

  1. This looks interesting. I see that you already have the option to follow by email. Its easier to follow you now, somehow sounds creepy… like a stalker.  ̄﹏ ̄

  2. Hi there azurro4cielo. I’m so happy I stumbled into your blog. I was in Shanghai 2 weeks ago and my Chinese colleagues were amazed that I’m reading Chinese novels even though I only know a very little Mandarin. I told them thanks to amazing people like you who are kind enough to do the translations so I’m able to enjoy C-novels. And sometimes when I can’t resist I consult with Mr. Google. Hehehe!

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