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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) Epilogue

Yeay! I really did it. I finished General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) and heading to start the new project right the way…


She really… has been so long and so long never come to this Tea House. Experiencing many things, waiting till her body being recuperated, all have been passed couple of months already.

Chu Zhu Yu has been pregnant for six months, come back to Chu’s household.

“Chu Zhu Yu, you are shaming our Chu’s family name!”

Shaming the family name? Did she? Oh… it seems right because her first initial really intending to do so before, but eventually she has forgetting all those stuffs.

“Even you are my cousin, but you are lascivious woman, not marrying but pregnant, even if you are being locking up with those pigs, I will not help you to speak half of words.”

Aiya, of course they won’t help her to speak half of any word, since their purpose is only to take over the Tea House business. Chu Zhu Yu pair of hand clapped together under her chin, make an effort to look at that two persons, father and son of the Chu’s who are speaking at harmony tone.

“Oh… but, eventually I will immediately get married!” this early in the morning, Jue Qing said that he will enter the palace to greet and meet the Emperor also asking His Highness for writing the imperial decree of a marriage sanction.

“Married? You with whom?” The big uncle of Chu’s household asking.

“You with this kind of big stomach, who will marry you?” The Chu’s Tang Ge said.

“I will marry with the father of the child.” She straight forwardly answered.

Once that father and son of the Chu family heard, they looked each other, the big uncle Chu said: “Zhu Yu, last time you had told us that, you would find a man who will use our family name and willing to live in bride house, if there is no one, this Tea House will be given to us, in order to avoid the outsider to take over this family business.”

At the other side, Chu Zhu Yu’s father pulled his daughter to his side, with very low voice said: “Ah Yu, since you have find good household, and have a child, this Tea House just giving to them, as your father, I only hope you to have good days, it more than enough.”

“Father, don’t worry.” Chu Zhu Yu comforting her father, turned her head looked at both of her big uncle and Tang Ge, “About using our family surname, I haven’t talk it with the child father.”

“Does that man will agree to marry into our family and use our surname?” That two persons are panicking.

“I don’t know, still haven’t asked him this matter…” Chu Zhu Yu just wanting to continue, but at the same time, there are horse hoof steps the front door.

Not long after that, the audacious figure of someone is walking inside the hall, behind his back there are several highly rank general.

This… is this the Xiao General? All the Chu’s included her big uncle and his son opened their eyes wider to see.

Inside the main Hall of the Chu’s residence, this three persons still don’t understand how can the Xiao general comes to here, in this room, while the big stomach woman has already flew to his side.

“Jue Qing!” Chu Zhu Yu with her big stomach flew to his embraces, “I have things to discuss with you, can I?”

“Let me hear it.” Xiao Zhi gently embraces Chu Zhu Yu, he afraid that will bump into her.

“You entering and married into my family and using my family surname, will you?”— that words just burst out, all the people in that place, except the person who was asked and the one being asked, all the people expression showed as if their jaw would drop down.

“Married into and live with the bride’s family?”

“If you don’t married into and live with my family, my Tea house business won’t be protected.” She really really using “grieved voice” when said.

“Well, Tomorrow when I enter the palace court, I will request to the Emperor, let him to change little bit of the imperial decree.” Xiao Zhi doesn’t mind with the concept of “married and live in the bride family house”.

On the other side, the big uncle and his son shouted out loud: “Marrying and living into this family won’t do.”

If letting the person who issued the imperial decree know that the great general of the country is married into and living with the bride family because of them… then, then what their life will be!

And about the Tea House… this already makes headache, of course can’t desire and have thought for it anymore!

The end



73 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) Epilogue

  1. haahaaa..ahhh..i’m happy…really cute couple..the scary general that always follow what Zhu Yu want..haahaaa…thanks for this..if only we can meet they child..haizzz…i bet the general will feel a bit jealous there..haahaa..thank u…

  2. I really liie and enjoy it.. 😀 When I read it I can’t stop myself to laught.. hehehe.. Thank you for your hard work. Keep fighting!😊

  3. Congratulations on the completion of your first project. We look forward to reading your next one. This was such a lighthearted story. Love it!

  4. Tq for your hardwork translating, your blog is one of my hideways during my hectic days. its always so refreshing after reading. Thanks once again, cant wait your new project. ciayoooo

  5. hehehe… i giggled how the rest was slack jawed when she asked if he would take her name after their marriage! anything for her, he would do! and my otp live happily ever after….. yay! thank you!!!

  6. Congratulation on your success in finishing your first translation. Such a cute short novel and glad that the General was able to overcome his insecure and possessive love for ZY. Please keep going … I will check your blog often for new update 🙂

  7. Thanks for the transaction! It’s a funny story & I really enjoy reading it. I was missing chapter 22 part 1. Chapter 22 part 1 that was downloaded here was the same as chapter 20 part 1 or 2. It’s not a problem as I can guess what’s going on in the missing chapter.

  8. nealry thought it would end at a tragedy phew
    this was a wonderful and sweet story
    thank you for translating it
    just saying i liked the translation
    some might say it could have been better or better edited
    but i loved the way you did it (it was cute)

  9. Thank you very much!
    Ahaha, so nice, that the epilogue returns to the tea house issue! Ah, that was a really wonderful story! the last part really made me cry…when they were both being so self-sacrificial! So nice, so nice! True love, and fate! Also…i wanted to see their child though, haha!

  10. Accidentally found this 😄
    Read it all and really like this novel.
    Thank to your hard work in translating it.

    Now i will check others novel from your blog 😁
    Hope you dont mind 😶

  11. I just finished reading this novel…

    Its funny, and some seriousness too…
    the last chapter I can feel a bit sadness and pain although its a happy ending.

    and this makes a very happy ending, knowing ZY and XY are both alright.
    Thank you for all the hard work translating C-novels…
    never knew its quite fun reading..

  12. What a lovely fun story. Finally a leading man in an ancient style drama who really protects his love and doesn’t allow her to be beaten and tortured by conniving people. So different than another leading man I am so angry at right now. Also this heroine is the best–somewhat naive but not ridiculously so, speaks her mind, asks her questions, also protects her own interests. I am so satisfied. Now I want to drink tea.

  13. i marathoned this novel and loved it! thank you so much for translating! ^^, looking forward to read the rest of your translations! ^^,v

  14. Hahahaha… Nice novel, funny.. Loved it thanks.. But Iam a bit sad their first night ended up being messy.. Lol

  15. Hahahaha…. Nice story, funny enjoyed it.. Thanks..
    But am a little bit sad that they had a messy first night.. Lol..

  16. Love this book so much stayed up into the wee hours of morning to read “The General Wants to Hug and Sleep.” Thank you for your diligent work in translation and giving English-reading book lovers a chance to enjoy a wonderful romance! Hope they make this into a C-drama and see who plays Xiao Zhi. Xie xie!

  17. I’ve seen this translation a few times while reading your other translation works, but never got around to reading it. (I wasn’t interested in the summary) Glad I took a chance; read the whole novel in less than a day.

    I’m happy to know that you only translate Happy endings too, cause I do not like reading SE or OE novels. hehe…

    Thanks again!

  18. Thank you very much! I just read it. It was a fun with happy ending story. Thank you for your hard work.

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