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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 2

Long Mo Er was spending her wedding night alone without her husband because Ye Che was staying outside.

Her Maid, Lu Qun rushing to wake her up to inform her about news that she had heard,
Her Miss really ignorant.

She doesn’t have any objection with Ye Che who was leaving her alone since she doesn’t care of that man, not to mention about care, love and feeling, she even never see Ye Che in real person. She married without have any information about the man who she married with. tck tck tck….

Chapter 2 The Early Morning Crisis

The sky is slowly brighten, the sun also starting to shine out from the clouds.

The little maid is walking in the corridor, walking in hurried through the long corridor, flurried open the wedding room.

“It not good, Miss, Miss.” She just straightly runs to enter the room, shaking the person body who is still sleeping in the bed. “It not good, Miss wake up.”

“Miss, you wake up, Miss.”

The person who is lying at the bed doesn’t even move.

“Lao Ye is coming.” No others way, she fake out saying that Master (Lao Ye) is coming, on this way using her Master name, probably her Miss will listen.

It really works, “whiz” at the moment, Long Mo Er as if being thundered by the lightning, suddenly gets up and sitting right the way.

“Where is my father? Where is my father ah?” Long Mo Er half awake asking. Who knows that the person she most afraid in her life is her father, carefully looking around, she finally realizing that she is being tricked.

“Damn Lu Qun, you dare to deceive me.” She glared at Lu Qun.

“Miss, I don’t mean to deceive you, who knows that you are sleeping alike death person…” Lu Qun softly murmured.

“What, you still dare to talk back.” Even it was soft voice but still Long Mo Er heard it.

“Miss, I understand, later on I won’t dare anymore.’

Long Mo Er looking at four corners, feeling so strange. “What place is this? It seems not my room.”

“Miss, this is the residence of Ye’s, yesterday you are married to the Ye household, did you remember?” towards her confused Miss, Lu Qun really couldn’t do anything, helplessly shook her head.

“Oh, it seems…I have little of impression.” Long Mo Er said.

“This is Ye residence, no wonder when I woke up it is different from my room.” She looked at herself who is still wearing the red wedding dress, suddenly she recalled her memory.

“Miss, I come here to inform you news that I just heard, because of you, I almost forget about it.”

“What matters? Did my father realize about my sister?”

“Not about that matter, Gu Ye (young master who married to her Miss) last night was spending his time in Bai Hua Lane, leaving you alone in here.”

“Gu Ye?”

“Miss, can you be more serious, Ye Qie, the man yesterday you married with.”

“Oh, that dud who I married with.” Finally Long Mo Er got understand.

“That place which you said just now, Bai Hua Lane, what kind of place it is? What is the connection with me if he spending night at here?”

“Bai Hua Lane is one of the famous prostitute house in Central city (Beijing), just now the servant said that The Third Young master was staying there, Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan is Third Young Master confidante. Miss, yesterday was your big day, he even leaving you alone who is his legal wife and went to the prostitution house. Miss, how could you still have a good sleep yesterday? Didn’t you know what the servants said about you along this way? I see this matter will be big problems, the Third Young Master doesn’t care with you, everyone know it, later on in the future you might lost your dignity and the respect.” Lu Qun feels angrier and angrier.

Long Mo Er, not even angry, she even smiles slightly. It seems this matter will let her happy.

“Miss, are you having fever? Why you don’t even angry after hearing this news?” Lu Qun shocked and touching Long Mo Er forehead.

“You are the one who having fever, why should I angry? You are forget, I married into this family because for helping out my sister and brother Leng who are in love, while Ye Qie and I aren’t have feeling for each other, I don’t even like him. He didn’t come to disturb me, I should happy. Do not need to fake as my sister, I don’t even know how my sister is, will we angry our father by doing this kind of things? Does Mother is alright? I really miss them.” Long Mo Er eyes little moist.

“Miss, you don’t need to be sad, after passing this two days we will able go home to see them.”

“Who is Ye Qi’s confidante?” suddenly Long Mo Er asked.

“Fei Yan, Fei from the Fei Hong, Yan from Yu Meng Meng Yan words.”

“Fei Yan, good name, it seems to be good looking person hearing from the name, the real person might very beautiful. If Ye Qi really choose that Fei Yan than me, perhaps because of that Fei Yan, he might divorce me, on that way, I might be able go home. But, my sister name might be ruin. However in this way, my sister can publicize her relationship with brother Leng. Both of them can exchange the life and death promise, Brother Leng might not mind this matter. Doesn’t this could be called as killed two birds with one stone?” Long Mo Er more she thought more she feel happier she is.

“Miss, I really don’t understand you and don’t know how to say about you, on this entire world only you the person who can think in this way.” She really doesn’t know whether she should happy for her Miss or sad for her, but still as long as she feels happy everything is alright.

“Lu Qun, where were you last night?” suddenly Long Mo Er asked, last night she was being left alone by her in this place, only by this little chaos she almost forget to settle the account with her.

“This, This… Miss, it is really embarrassed, The people in Ye’s residence were too nice, they were offering me to drink cups of wine, so I was unconscious for whole night, really embarrassing.” Lu Qun embarrassed said.

“Later on, both of us should practice for drinking the wine.” Thought about last night incident only drank one cup of wine, she has been choked, said Long Mo Er who didn’t feel satisfied.

She jumped down from bed : “Lu Qun, help me to change my clothes, it’s time for us to greet the elders of the Ye residence, don’t forget that Long Wan Er is someone educated and well balance, She also someone being piety to parent, honest and up right person!


14 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 2

  1. you have to continue to translate !! I really like this story and im sure that there are a Lot of poeple out there that think the same !!!

  2. looks like LME won’t be the first one to fall in love, since she is nonchalant, but i could be wrong since she doesn’t meet the husband yet

    1. Make your guess and let’s see on the next chapters XD XD

      Both of Ye Che and Long Mo Er are never see each other even the man’s family never see their “future daughter in law”.

  3. Hmm, the older sister’s story seems interesting too. Hope we’ll get to see her at some point.

    Haha (considering the above comment), of course I’ll vote for the guy falling in love 1st.

    Thanks again.

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