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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 3

Chapter 3 Meeting the Ye’s Family for First Time

Long Mo Er changed her yesterday wedding dress, she even looked more graceful.

Her appearance without any cosmetic and make up powder, she is also showing an impeccable beauty.

Following the curvature four corners in corridor, all is surrounded by the exotic flowers and rare herbs which plants in the courtyard garden, the stone is also beautifully being carved that showed special characteristic that furnish and decorate inside the courtyard. Long Mo Er is taking deep breath!

It seems the Ye residence is one of the rich and wealthy family in this Central City, there is no slightly wrong, looking at this scenery of the garden, compare to ours house garden, it bigger multiple times, compare to ours family house, this residence is more splendid multiple times.”

“Do you see? That is the Third Young Madam” said one of the maid who standing near the curves’ corridor corner.

“Very beautiful!” the other maid said with soft voice.

“That’s right, she is so beautiful, but sadly a bride that so beautiful like her was abandoned by our Third Young Master, abandoned her for others woman.”

“This also couldn’t blame Third Young Master, it because Lao Ye and Fu Ren (Madam) forcing Third Young Master to get married.”

All these words are all passed into Long Mo Er ears, actually the man isn’t willingly to marry her, so onwards, this will be more interesting, she really wants to see that Ye Che, The Third Young Master of the Ye’s family, how he looks alike, since the one of best woman like her sister, he doesn’t even want. Yesterday along the street she was wearing the red long face veil, she didn’t able to see anything, today she should able to see that Casanova man which famous by his looks as said by the folks.

Finally with the guide of the servants, Long Mo Er enters the big hall.

At the center of the big hall two elders are sitting, one is filled with serious expression, the other one is filled with elegant charm. Think about it, they should be Ye Peng and his wife, Rong Shi. Ye Che’s Father and Mother.

At the four seats, there are four outstanding people consisting of young men and women, the men are handsome, the women are smart-looking, they must be Ye Che siblings.

Long Mo Er walking to the middle of the big hall, kneeling in front of Ye Peng and Rong Shi : “Wan Er greeting Father and Mother.”

“Good, good, hurried stand up, our family don’t really need this kind of courtesy.” Rong Shi raised her body up to help Mo Er who is kneeling to get up.

“Thank You Mother!” Long Mo Er gives her smile.

“Lu Qun, pour the tea.” Long Mo Er said to Lu Qun who stands next to her, Lu Qun is busying starting this morning because of preparing this good tea, pouring to Long Mo Er.

“Father, please having the tea.”

Ye Peng takes the cup of tea, take a sip : “No wonder the Long Family is well-known as the educated family, they have teach their daughter very well.”

“Father is over-praised.”

“Mother, please having a tea.”

“Good, good… daughter is really good.”

“Father, Mother, both of you are too bias, does only the Third Sister in Law is good, how about us, don’t we also good enough? Even though it true that she really is, but still both of you shouldn’t say it in front of us.” Suddenly the man who sitting at other side said.

“There is no need glib tongued, carefully it will scare Wan Er.” Rong Shi said by pulling Long Mo Er’s hand to her side.

“This is Che Er’s younger brother, Ye Ding, his character is kind of like this and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable because of his words. That one is Che Er’s big brother Ye Yu, and that one who sits next to him is his wife, your big Sister in Law, Mu Rong Ji Zi. The one who sit beside Ding Er is the youngest sister, Ruo Xuan.”

“Wan Er greeting Big Brother, Big Sister in Law, the Fourth Young Master and Ruo Xuan Mei Mei.”

“Che Er married one good wife. Too good.” Rong Shi looked at Long Mo Er who is so mature, really feels happy.

“Wan Er, Che Er last night… all because we couldn’t teach our son, causing you to feel unpleasant.” Ye Peng face expression slowly changed.

“Father, doesn’t put blame on yourself, perhaps at the moment the Third Young Master hasn’t adapt, I am not blaming him, I don’t feel any bit of unpleasant. Moreover the people in here are so taking care of me, seeing how you and Mother really care of me, I am really touched.” Long Mo Er learnt from how usually her sister acted, actually the half of her last word is really sincere words, Ye Peng and Rong Shi really makes people feel close with them, on their self, she find a trace of her own Father and Mother.

“Wan Er, come, Mother doesn’t have anything that can give to you, this is the blue hairpin that has been with me for twenty years, this is giving to you!” After said, she took down the hairpin from her hair.

“No, Mother, this is too precious, Wan Er, can’t accept it.”

“No matter, come, let Mother puts it on your hair.” Rong Shi took the hairpin and put it to Long Mo Er’s hair.

“Really beautiful.”

Looking at Rong Shi loving expression, Long Mo Er tears suddenly dropping down, they are really nice toward hers, if really one day they found that she is not the real Long Wan Er, how they will react?

“Wan Er, what happen, why you are crying?” Rong Shi and Ye Peng couldn’t help and don’t know what to do.

“No, Mother, all of you are so nice, other than my Father, my Mother and my big sister, exclude my younger sister, all of you are so nice to me.”

“Stupid girl. Now we all are family, if we are not good to you, who will do?” Rong Shi takes out her silk handkerchief, gently wiping Long Mo Er tears.

“Mei Mei, now we are family, all of us should be happy now.” Mu Rong Ji Zi said.

“Ng, thank you all of you.”

“It’s alright, Wan Er, now you going back for rest, if there is something lack or less, hurried say to Mother.”

“Alright, Father and Mother, Big brother and big sister in law, Fourth Young Master and Ruo Xuan Mei Mei, Wan Er asked for leaving.”

After leaving the hall, finally Long Mo Er takes a deep breath: “Finally I passed this ones, it seems the Ye’s family members are types of good people.”

“No, Miss, just now the Big Young Master, Big Young Madam, The Fourth Young Master, The Fifth Young Miss, all of them were glaring at you, their response were not really obvious, I even thought that you were being recognized. Still my Miss, you really didn’t need to act so seriously, you make me feel so touching, I almost crying together with you. Never thought that you are so good actress, your acting was so real.”

“You dummy, I wasn’t acting just now?” Long Mo Er takes out the blue hairpin and observing it.

“Ye Fu Ren (Madam Ye refer to Rong Shi) and Ye Lao Ye (Master Ye refer to Ye Peng) are so good to me, they seem to look me as their own daughter, but at the beginning I am the one who lie to them.” Long Mo Er felt herself uneasy and her heart feel little bit uncomfortable.

“Based on just now situation, both of the elders seem to be like you very much.” Lu Qun also felt the same.

“It true, don’t know, on the day they find out that I am lying to them, will they put blame on me.”

“Miss, the matter of the future, let settle and think it in the future.”

Long Mo Er silent.

“Miss, after you married into Ye’s household, what will we do on our days?”

“Let take a walk in Ye Residence, get familiar with the environment. It seems I will stay in here for some time, so let we take a stroll and looking on the four corners of this residence. I still need to wait for Ye Che goes home, wanting to know whether he is god or ghost[1].” She really curious with the man she is married with.

“Let me telling you the truth, The Third Young Master figure is so good looking, his appearance is not lose to the Leng Young Master if both of them being compared.”

“What? Is he more good looking compare to Leng Big Brother? How can it be, Leng Big Brother is kind of rare beautiful man that can be find.” Said Long Mo Er disbelief.

“I don’t know what how to use the word to describe the Third Young Master, Miss, just now you even have seen all the Ye’s family members, The men are handsome while the women are smart-looking. Big young Master, Fourth Young Master and Fifth Miss, all of them can be the proved.”

“It seem to be right, Lu Qun, today we cancel strolling Ye residence.”

“So Miss, what will we do?”

“Go to find Ye Che.” Long Mo Er hurried said.


13 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 3

    1. Hard to say she interested on her husband because she doesn’t know how Ye Che looks alike. It more suitable to say she is curious.

      her interest only in this marriage that she thinks too simple and easy.

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