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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 4

On the last chapter, Long Mo Er has meet her husband family minus Ye Che. She tried to fake as her elder sister, Long Wan Er who is someone elegant, has manner, feminine, well-behave and others quality of “standard and proper daughter in law” for wealthy family.
The result is so satisfying =D

After greeting and meeting Ye Che’s family, she is trying to find her husband out of her curiosity….
rather than strolling and have a look of the Ye residence, she choose to go outside, directly visit Bai Hua Lane.

Then something happen before she could meet her husband…

Chapter 4 Meeting Thief in Street


In the middle of bustling street, people are busy with their own matters walking to and fro. One of the girls is frowning and feeling unhappy while another girl is looking so excited and happy.

“Miss, it better for us to go back home now!”

“Lu Qun, haven’t I told you many times? Called me Mo Er, I am not what Missy, this is only the status of Miss and Maid.”

“But, Miss, it still better if we go back home, if we are being discovered, we will be death meat.”

“One more time you called me Miss, I won’t allow you to follow me.”

“Mis…, Mo Er, if the Ye’s people discovered you are missing, they might go to flip the sky (super panicking).” Lu Qun almost called wrong and she was glaring by Long Mo Er, quickly changed how to call her Miss name.

“No problems, just now, didn’t I let you to inform the servant that I wanted to take a rest, then no one will come and disturb, and this is my habit. Believe on me, there will be no one who will come and disturb me, moreover I am wearing your clothes, going out with you to purchase Miss daily needs, no problem.” Long Mo Er patting Lu Qun shoulder, trying to ensure her.

“But, Mis… Mo Er, we can’t go to Bai Hua Lane, there is brothel, and girls can’t go inside.” Long Mo Er planning to visit that place makes Lu Qun unease.

“We only go for a little while, after seeing Ye Che, we will be hurried back, is it good. Anyway, today I must see him. Or else, I won’t go back.”


“Why today you are such coward? You don’t want to go, then I will go by myself.” After said, Long Mo Er took a big step walking forward.

“Miss, wait for me.” Lu Qun just accepting her fate, chasing to Mo Er, her heart murmured: Lao Ye Fu Ren (Master, Madam), begging you two helping me!

Only walk couple steps, Long Mo Er sees thief, the hands so smooth when taking the wallet of one Lao Da Ye (Oldman), she followed the thief. “ A thief, there is someone stealing thing.”

In collision, the thief was blocked for several times, finally Long Mo Er able to keep the pace with the thief.

“Don’t try to escape, obediently give me back the wallet.”

Long Mo Er is using her random martial art movement facing the thief, not long after that, Long Mo Er is in winning state, she thought: never expect things that only play for fun, some time ago begging Leng Big Brother to teach couple movement, now she really make a use of it. The thief can’t win over Long Mo Er, after distract Long Mo Er, he seeks for opportunity to escape.

Running till other side of corner, the thief stood up and made kind of signal’s sound. Not long after that, only at glance suddenly there are five or six persons who has martial art appeared, surrounded Long Mo Er.

“This time I really get in big trouble, I am only learn two moves, could defend one person is already too good. I should listen to Lu Qun, obediently stay at home. Now I only can rely on my strategy, well, thirty six plan, walk according the plan.” Long Mo Er is counter measure the situation, looking at the four corners, just now when she run there is small alley that thoroughly the street, only by this way to escape! She tries to rely on that alley to escape, slowly she makes her moves.

But unluckily, her plan was being found out by the thief. “Little maid, what are you doing? Trying to escape?” suddenly the thief said, Long Mo Er startled on the ground.

What should I do?

“Little maid, better you don’t think to escape, if just now you are not disturbing my business, you won’t end like this.” The thief that being hit by Long Mo Er just now spoke out.

“You guys are stealing, no matter what it is, still wrong.” Long Mo Er felt dissatisfied said.

“You are hard to protect yourself and still thinking to teach us, just think about yourself first!”

“Big Brother, seeing this little maid, delicate skin and fair complexion, how about selling her to Bai Hua Lane! We will earn hundred of Liang (money)!”

“hahaha! Little maid, you are not bad ya!”

That scoundrel hanging their smile…..

“Come to end, come to end” Long Mo Er never thought she will experience to this such down situation! She can’t obediently to be taken advantage by them, she wants to escape. She decided, Long Mo Er by surprised finding the way to escape.

“All move.” The person who is called as Big Brother shouted when seeing Long Mo Er escaping.

Not long after that, Long Mo Er is being caught by the scoundrel, while one of the men is holding a wooden stick on his hand, he hit her and she just can shut her eyes.

“MY GOD, who will coming and help me out!


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 4

  1. “If we are being caught, we will be death meat”
    I think you mean ‘if we are caught, then we’re dead meat’
    And thank you gor your translation

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