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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 5

Long Mo Er being capture by bad guys…
Who will come to help?
Where is Ye Che?

Ah~ this is classic scene…
Long Mo Er is saved by handsome man who actually is Ye Che, her own husband. So, this is the first meeting between Long Mo Er with her husband and also with the well-known Fei Yan, the beauty of Bai Hua Lane.

Chapter 5 Encounter Third Young Master

For quite sometimes, Long Mo Er didn’t feel anything happen to her. On the other hands, she heard the wooden stick sound fall and her hands was free.

She opened wide her eyes, a figure who is wearing purple robe is standing in front of her, a total mess young man. He gives her slightly smile. That smile just astonishing her to be dumbfounded.

“Young lady, are you alright?” That man looked at the girl who didn’t have any response, feel little bit worry.

“Oh, no problem, are you the person who helped me?”

“You are maiden, why you provoke the hooligan?” The man didn’t answer but instead asking back, never seen any young lady who only know little about martial art movement alike this girl in this big street moreover they even had fight, this young lady really unique. She even makes him more curious.

“Just now they were stealing, I did chase them until here. Never thought.” Talking till here, Long Mo Er, suddenly she turned her body and spoke to the thief who was stealing the wallet : “Take out the wallet that you stole just now.”

That person groping his clothes to take out the wallet, giving it to Long Mo Er.

“In the future, don’t let me to see you guys break the laws and commit crimes, or else I won’t let you off so easily.” The man looked at them said.

“Yes, we won’t dare anymore.” The one who was captured carelessly answered.

“Get lost all of you.”

The one who captured were disappearing so fast.

Long Mo Er is curious why those people are afraid of him, does he that scary? “Do they and you know each other?”

“Could considered to be!” The man is smiling, according to his reputation, it will be weird if they don’t afraid of him!

“Really thank you! If there are no you to help me, I really don’t know what should do. My name is Long Mo Er, you?” she wants to be friend with him.

“Third Young Master.”


Two names being called at once.

“San Shao (Third Young Master)? The Ye’s third young master?” Long Mo Er dumbfounded.

“Third Young Master, you are here, I have searching you for half day. Who is this young lady?” one very beautiful young lady walking towards his side, looking at Long Mo Er with curiosity and asked.

“Miss, are you okay? You scared me to death.” Lu Qun worried asking. Realizing something wrong with Long Mo Er expression, she also followed the direction of Long Mo Er vision view.

“Ah! The Third Young Master.” Lu Qun surprised shouting.

“Aren’t you the dowry maid of Long household who coming along?” Ye Qie is so surprised when seeing Lu Qun. He remembered yesterday he had seen this dowry maid who accompany the Miss of Long’s household during the wedding ceremony, she should be in Ye residence now, and the person she called as Miss just now, a person with maid dress up, even she can’t compare with Fei Yan’s beauty, but she is fresh and refine, a pair of shining eyes with sparkling eyesight, no matter how to see, she doesn’t seem alike maid, who is she? Don’t mention that she is the woman whom he married yesterday?

“Fei Yan, you go back first, I still have business, tomorrow I will come to find you.” Said Ye Qie by keep on looking Long Mo Er.

“Are you Fei Yan? The well-known Fei Yan from Bai Hua Lane? The confidante of Ye Qie?” There is no slightly dissatisfied, Long Mo Er expression filled with happiness, excitement and expecting for the woman who standing right beside Ye Qie. She is as beauty as thought by her, the person indeed as beauty as her name.

Fei Yan didn’t understand looking at the girl, there is no slightly discrimination or looking down glance. Moreover her eyes is sparkling and shining so brightly.

“Woah! You are beautiful, really so beautiful, really happy can see and meet you in person.”

Fei Yan facing this kind of naïve person like hers, doesn’t know how to speak, she only nodding and smiling to her.

“Fei Yan, you better go back.” Feeling being neglected, Ye Qie said with unpleasant.

Hence, Fei Yan leaving, eventually she wanting to know the girl, but Ye Qie said they still have business, so she better leaving, she doesn’t want to interrupt and wasting Ye Qie’s time.

“Now, could you tell me who are you, actually?” Ye Qie throwing a glance toward Long Mo Er, not slipping anything from her face expression.

“I am your wife, Long Wan Er.” Long Mo Er dissatisfied and pouting her mouth (to express her anger and displeasure), never thought on the moment she went out, she has been captured, moreover the one who helped and discovered her is him.

“No, you are not Long Wan Er, just now you said that you are Long Mo Er.” Ye Che didn’t forget how natural she introduced her own name.

After he said half of the sentences, Long Mo Er felt that her heart as if jump out, but after he finished the other half of the sentences, she felt so relieved.

She quick witted said : “ when I was young, My sister and I like to play and one time we thought to play something catch our interest, so that time we were set the rule, whenever we introduced ourselves to others, I was called as Mo Er while my sister called as Wan Er. This game has been played for years, so it becomes habit!”

“Is it the truth reason?”

“It true ah~ if you don’t believe, you can ask Lu Qun.”

At the other side Lu Qun is so worried, using her courage, she nodding her head, Ye Che leisurely lower his head as gesture he is satisfied with the answer.

“So how come both of you being here?”

“Could we continue when we are at home? Talking like this is so tiring!” The way Ye Che asking Long Mo Er makes her displeased and complained.

“Ng, alright!” Ye Che not opposed, he really wants to make clear this bizarre Long Wan Er.

Once Long Mo Er turned her body, she exposing slightly smile, she wants to use this delaying tactics in order to think about what kind of answer she will give to Ye Che’s question.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 5

  1. First time comment here, thanks great novel ! Loving carefree and mischievous leads like Mo er ! Haha I like it she is nice to everyone included Fei Yan, hope they can be great friend instead ugly love rival. Haha he is so easily tricked by her. He finally found equally mischievous counterpart like him and even more mischievous than him..(^.<)"

  2. it is so awkward…
    not only she met her husband, but also she met her husband’s confidant, the beauty her husband spent the night with,,
    but she didn’t think too much about it

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