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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 6

Usually my day is pack but December always being the most busying month from twelve months every year. I afraid I won’t be able to up date the translation on time, but still will give my best 🙂

Long Mo Er hoping for having a peaceful live with Ye Che on this Marriage, she really want to get along with him but her plans just doesn’t work as her wish…

Ye Che didn’t really mean when he shouted at Long Mo Er. He only vent his anger after being forced till his limit…

CHAPTER 6 Displease of Loneliness

Inside the silent room, Ye Che didn’t say anything, while Long Mo Er is silent.

Long Mo Er uses her hand to support her chin, very serious looked at Ye Che. Lu Qun is standing beside her, feeling all her body is wetting by the cold sweat. None of them burst a word, letting anyone who sees it will feel their self numb. No, will the Third Young Master finds out that miss is the fake one?

“Lu Qun, you may take your leave, I have words to talk with your miss.” Perhaps because of Ye Che felt the discomfort of Lu Qun’s appearance, he is opened his mouth said.

Lu Qun throw a glance to Long Mo Er, but Long Mo Er is looking at Ye Che, it seems she didn’t hear what Ye Che said, so it better for her to take her leave as Ye Che told.

“It was you who said to talk after we back, so now, you could tell me, how could you appear in street?” Ye Che felt being stared by someone is so weird, especially by Long Mo Er, this weird young lady.

But Long Mo Er still staring and kept silent.

“To be honest, you are really a man that who is so good looking that I ever seen. Lu Qun isn’t lying to me.”

For such long time, suddenly Long Mo Er burst out this kind of words. Even the answer is so irrelevant, but Ye Che still likes to hear it, he never heard any young lady from any household that staring at mature man and said that kind of words, without slightly shy. Really words that astonished people, even death not feel ashamed! Ye Che felt his face little hot, it not like he never being praised by girls. In Central City most of the unmarried girls are like and adore him very much, most of people who acquainted with him are know. But those people only said that he is so naturally handsome and brilliant. Never thought there will be someone uses “beautiful” toward him, which should be word for praising ladies. Being said by her, he should be angry but seeing how serious her facial expression when looked at him, that kind of sincere, he even losing a reason to angry with her. Perhaps not letting her to find out how discomfort he actually is, he slapped the table powerful.

“I am asking you, do you listen to me?”

“Wei, you want to scare whom to death?” finally Long Mo Er gets back herself from her illusion world, using her hands to pat her chest. “Even though you are not willing to marry me, you really no need to use such trick to scare me.”

“Where have you heard the rumor I not willing to marry you?” Ye Che kind of surprised.

“Do I still need to hear from somewhere? On the wedding night, you were leaving the bride alone without any regret, and still to show off in the central city by going to the most well-known brothel, and stayed with the well-known person, Fei Yan. So this kind of action is called as willingly married me?” Long Mo Er pretending to angry said, who let him to speak so loud.

Listen about it, Ye Che is being provoked by the complained of the wife that he was forcing to married with. If that time wasn’t being force by his Father and Mother, Ah Ding, Ruo Xuan, one of them should be married within this year. At that night, Ruo Xuan had met him, hoping him as her brother to protect her, she didn’t want to get married with someone she doesn’t love. Seeing his beloved youngest sister, crying such miserable, Ye Che’s heart softens. As seeing from Ah Ding character that so playful and ignorant, there is nothing he could expect from him, that’s why it only left him to sacrifice himself. Initially he planned to spend his life alone and free, only in such way he has losing his freedom. So, to whom he could express all his anger?

“So, what do you want?” he is trying to suppress his anger.

“What I want? You are the one who married me, don’t you think that the person who should bear the responsibility is you? I am the only person who was being married into this family, being abandoned to side who is so pity, you still exposing that kind of expression, as if the one who being hurt is you.” Forcing herself to drop tears, acting as the wife that being abandoned, Long Mo Er takes an advantage to smile when Ye Che not pay attention, she really happy and admiring her acting ability.

Actually, Ye Che has saved her, she should be thankful to him. Expressionless two persons, he able to step forward bravely, his personal character seems not bad. But, still need to stay at the Ye’s household for some time, she is expecting herself and Ye Che, and all of the people, able to have good interaction. But, who asked Ye Che on the wedding night that day was escaping, so now she wanted to tease him.

“If not because of your stubborn who wanted married into my family, would I still feel aggrieved myself? You from Long’s family is because seeing my Ye’s family is wealthy this side, do you think to climb up into high society? Ah, but letting you to disappointed. None of our Ye’s family possession you could take.” After Long Mo Er listened, Ye Che is laughing taunt. Finally, this woman is showing her real mask, almost being deceived by her innocent naïve acting.

“Wei, you are bastard, saying as if my family is such despicable!” Long Mo Er never thought he would say such thing about her, she really angry, really pissed off, how could he say such things about her?

“You this profligate son of the rich parent, do you think base on your disgusting money, you really that amazing? All your days just spend for worthless thing, do not have proper occupation. You get out, stay out from my line vision, I don’t want to see you anymore.” With crying tone, Long Mo Er pushing him out. Since she was child until this big, this is the first time she being said by someone.

After locking the door, Long Mo Er is sitting on ground crying, tears dropping. How could it be like this? Doesn’t she hoping to have peace and able get along with him? How could it be like this? Doesn’t her initial plan for helping out her sister, thus she wanted to be the substitute bride and married into this family? How could it be like this? So does on other people views, their family is kind of seeking rich and honor?


Why all are too different as she thought?


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 6

  1. Is she a twin, or does she look totally different from her sister? I’m just wondering what direction the story is going. This story reminds me of a couple of dramas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. some of the novel scene might similar with perfect couple (Wallace – Tang Yan) or might similar with cuo dian yuan yang (Zhao Li Ying)

      for example both perfect couple and cuo dian yuan yang and this novel similarity are the bride is replace their sister as bride….
      Others might the bride-groom is someone powerful or have high status

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