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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 7

Chapter 7 Blaming Father and Mother


Ye Che leaving with his big steps, he didn’t want to hear her fuss and noise. Initially he was so curious about her, but at the time he knew that she is Long Wan Er, all just vanished.

Actually the person who should angry is he, but why at that moment when the door closed, she was the one who seems to be hurt? She even emitting her anger bigger than he? Or was she showing her act to let him to see? He better to believe his last guessing.

“Third Young Master, Bumped into you are so good, Master and Madam are looking for you.” Butler Jiang has been asked by Ye Peng to find Ye Che and bring him back home early this morning, but on the time when Butler Jiang arrived at Bai Hua Lane, the people were told him that Third Young Master has back. He was quickly and hurried get back home. While other people told him that Third Young Master was here, he quickly came over. Finally he met Third Young Master.

“Understand, Now I will meet them.” Ye Che said very calm.

He didn’t know what the reason, he has left Long Wan Er for quite long, but her miserable and sad expression still in his mind. It really makes he felt a bit ache in his heart. He swung his hands, wanting to erase that kind of feeling from his mind.

Unconsciously Ye Che has arrived at Ye Peng’s study room, Butler Jiang pushed the door opened : “ Master, Madam, The Third Young Master is back.”

Ye Che walking into the middle of the room, his Father and Mother are there, it seems there is no preventing situation of “conflict”.

“Father, Mother.”

After Ye Che greeting, he sits down as told and even not forgetting to pour tea. One face filled with calm expression, not really care, Ye Peng displeased expression.

“Butler Jiang, You may take your leave!”

“Yes, Master.” Butler Jiang pushed door, go out and closed the door.

“Fine, now could you tell me, what actually you are doing?” Ye Peng looking at his sloppy son, restrain himself not to lost his control.

“Father, I don’t think to do anything.” Ye Che gulp a cup of tea.

“Che Er, what actually you think? How will you treat Wang Er?” Madam Ye also feel helpless toward her son.

“Of course I will treat her as…. Wife.”

“Wife?” Ye Peng re-asked : “If you really think her as your wife, you wouldn’t spend night with that kind of woman who is offending public moral (prostitute) at the wedding night that day.”

“Father, please be careful with your words, Fei Yan is a good lady.” Ye Che seriously said.

“You such not filial son, because of that woman you dare to talk back to me, I have teach you since you was child to this big about virtuous men, do you have forget all of those?” more Ye Peng spoke his voice is getting louder.

“Lao Ye, don’t angry, please have good speak with Che Er.” Ye Fu Ren walking to Ye Peng’s side, helping him to reduce his anger.

“Che Er, your father health is not that good, you should be careful and have good speaks with your father, don’t make him angry.” Ye Fu Ren whimpered because she looking at her son and her husband has kind of conflicted atmosphere.

“Mother, don’t cry.” Ye Che stand up and helping Ye Fu Ren to sit.

At the moment in study room, it only leaving and disturb by the whipping tears sound.


For quite long time, Ye Che started the conversation : “ Father, Mother. My reason to have and agree with this marriage, I think no one have better understanding and clear about it, compare to both of you, I have make this kind of step back, then what both of you want me to do? Both of you please don’t force me, or would you want to lose the second son because of this, wouldn’t you?”

After Ye Che finished his words, it so clear the changing expression from both of his Father and Mother, actually he never think to make all the things become harder for both of his Father and Mother, he also doesn’t have any option : Sorry, Father, Mother.

Later on he walked out from the study room.

Time has passed for long time, Ye Peng helplessly said : “Son is growing up.”

“Lao Ye, you say, will Che Er really will do as Xuan Er, leaving us?” Ye Fu Ren asked indecisive.

“Still let nature to take its course! This time we might forcing Che Er too tight.” Ye Peng replied to Ye Fu Ren question, but also seems to answer for himself.

“Lao Ye, we just want them to get married and born children earlier, stabilize and letting them to have happy life. Do we really make a mistake?”

“Their matter let them to settle by themselves, we can’t take care of it for them. Now, the only person that we really sorry is Wan Er!”

“Wan Er is good young lady, Che Er attitudes towards her, we really too sorry for her.”

“Perhaps letting Ruo Xuan and Li Zi come to company Wan Er, and you also need more time to go out, hoping in this way we can make up for all she loses.”

“I understand.”

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