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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 8

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Chapter 8 simple conversation with Mu Rong Li Zi

It perhaps exhausting from crying, Long Mo Er felt asleep.

When she opened her eyes, the room has been illuminated by the sunset glow, the outside is leaving little bit brighter. She didn’t know how long she has been slept, her shoulders little bit numb, while Lu Qun, her maid didn’t know where she has been.

Pushing to open the window, the windy air blowing, and the weather is so comfortable hence Long Mo Er takes deep inhale the freezing air. Only for making she feels relax.

She lift her head up, looking at the sunset in sky, night is coming and only leaving the slightly darker blue sky color.

Long Mo Er sighted, determining to forget all displeasing things she experienced in here.


Knock.. knock…

She turned her body to the knocking sound at the outside door.

Long Mo Er looked at the exquisite decorative door with fan carve, feeling little doubt whether to open or not, Lu Qun won’t be kind of person who has this kind of manner, knocking door before entering, will it be him? Suddenly her heart feels as if being pulled, her fingers because of nervous are trembling.

“Sister Wan Er? I am Mo Rong Li Zi.

Hearing that is her sister in law’s voice, she feels much relieved, her fingers become relax and hang down. She walking toward the door, opened the door : “Big sister in law.”

When she looking at Mo Rong Li Zi, she is exposing slightly smile.

“Sister Wan Er, Father and Mother have preparing dinner in big hall, let’s we go together!” Mo Rong Li Zi said with smile.

“Go to big hall for dinner?” Long Mo Er kind surprised.

“ Is there any problem Sister?” Do your family never having dinner together before?”

“No, it is not. We also more or less are having dinner with My Mother and My Father.” Long Mo Er explained.

“So?” Mo Rong Li Zi not really understood.

“I, I am not hungry.” Even she hasn’t eaten for almost one day and she really wanted to eat but he might be…

“Mei Mei, are you scared to meet with The Third Young Master?” looking at the affected expression of Long Mo Er, Mo Rong Li Zi thought perhaps this young lady who will meet her husband, she might feel little shy, so she smiled : “Mei Mei, you hasn’t meet the Third Young Master, but Mei Mei you just rest assured, I could be the guarantee, The Third Young Master is someone very handsome and good looking, while his attitude really someone not bad.”

“Ah?” listened to what Mo Rong Li Zi said, Long Mo Er really didn’t know how to response.

“Actually, you don’t need to worry, Third Young Master went out this early in the morning, helping father to manage the store, seems he would be come late today.” Mo Rong Li Zi even feel disbelieve of herself that she is telling lie in here.

Long Mo Er understood, that man won’t be appeared tonight, but how could he have been gone out early in the morning? How about hers and their displeasing meeting this afternoon? All of them are helping him to hide the truth.

Looking at Long Mo Er flat expression, Mo Rong Li Zi said : “Mei Mei, The Third Young Master really a nice person, he really a good man that worth to entrust yourself. Those the men of Ye’s family, as long as they really fall in love with someone, they will treat that person good forever, loving that person for the entire of their life time. You should remember my words, as long as you work hard, I don’t lie to you, see how Ye Yu treating me.”

“Big sister in law, I do really envy you because marry one good husband. Someone who could really understand this kind of feeling, she must be someone experiencing it that’s why you are really sure of what you said!” Long Mo Er said in front Mo Rong Li Zi who has happy expression, then she understands how deep the bond between she and her sister in law.

“Mei Mei, you should remember what I told you, it won’t be wrong. You should hold tightly the Third Young Master, understand?”

Ng.” Long Mo Er nodding her head, toward Mo Rong Li Zi who is so caring, she really touched. But she and Ye Che won’t be husband and wife forever.

“Mei Mei, let’s we heading to the hall!”

“Big sister in law, couldn’t I…”

“Cannot, you should go. Today dinner is the first dinner that you have with all the Ye’s family members, you are the main role, how could you not be there?” Mo Rong Li Zi didn’t give any opportunity to let Long Mo Er to finish her words, just cut it directly.

“Big sister in law, I still need finished to say the words.” Long Mo Er feels little funny : “ But, big sister in law can’t I preparing myself first (to make herself presentable)?”

“Oh? Alright!” Mo Rong Li Zi paused for a moment, then she finally gets her sense and able to response.

“Big sister in law, I will be quick.”


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  1. Thanking you once again for the translating. I hope that another chapter will be coming soon and can understand if it been delay since Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. I hope and pray your family have a wonderful Christmas Season. Thanks again for this translation. 😀

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