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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 9


Long Mo Er first dinner inside Ye Residence with her husband family. She is liked by the Ye’s family and so does she, likes them very much. Her in laws treating her so good so far even Ye Fu Ren (her mother in law) treating her as if her own daughter.

She has fun dinner, smiles, laughing, chatting while eating…
But the atmosphere just turn weird when Ye Che joined them.

Chapter 9 Banquet

Under the care of Mo Rong Li Zi, Long Mo Er has changed her clothes with the long pink gown, stitching with little décor of white lace flower, she changed to be pure innocent person, more lively person.

She is really beautiful.

When they arrived at the big hall, all the people are looking and waiting for both of them.

“Father Mother, sorry to let you waiting, I come little late.” Long Mo Er sees that all of them have been waiting for her, she really feel little embarrassed.

“No. come here, Wan Er sits beside mother.” Ye Fu Ren, biological mother of Ye Che pulled Long Mo Er hand, let her to sit beside her.

“Wan Er, Che Er has been asked to manage the store, probably the business are too much to handle so he might…” Ye Peng is starting to tell her the words that all of them has agreed before.

“Father, doesn’t matter. The business of Ye’s family is so big, The Third Young Master should help. Let’s we start eating!” Long Mo Er didn’t want all of them feel awkward, it better for her to continue acting as if she doesn’t know anything, just play along with their lies.

Long Mo Er looking at all corners of the room, Ye Che really doesn’t appear. Doesn’t know why, she clearly understand that he won’t appear, clearly she understand that both of them are dislike each other, she also understand that after he said that kind of words she should hate him… but, inside the bottom of her heart, she still give a hope for him to appear.

“Father, let’s we start the dinner, all of us are so hungry.” Suddenly Ye Ding said.

“That’s right, Father. Let’s start, Wan Er might also hungry.” Ye Yu said to both of the elders.


Once Ye Peng said “eat”, everyone is grabbing their chopstick, smiling while eating.

“Third sister in law, come to eat this simmer fried meat (Chao Sio/Hong Shao Rou)” the one always calm Ruo Xuan said, she puts that piece of meat into Wan Er’s rice bowl.

“Thank you, Ruo Xuan Mei Mei.”

“Woo, Xiao Mei, you are really biased, I am the one who like the simmer fried meat the most, why don’t you pick it for me. It seems not only mother who is biased, but you also biased.” Ye Ding starts to protest.

“Ding Er, be serious.” Ye Fu Ren Said.

“Mother, I am really serious! See, I am this cute and also like by everyone, don’t you love me?”

“I really feel helpless with you!” even Ye Fu Ren said that words but her face expressed loving smile.

Only at this moment, Long Mo Er and Ye Ruo Xuan lifting their chopstick together, put the simmer fried meat to Ye Ding’s rice bowl, then they are smiling each other.

At the moment Long Mo Er sit down, her vision line saw person in the courtyard, suddenly her smiling face vanished. From Long Mo Er expression, her vision line, she could feel that Ye Che standing isn’t far from her.

“Che Er, you came back.” After Ye Fu Ren saw Ye Che she smiles, finally he willing to appear in front of Wan Er.

“Father, Mother.” Ye Che not in hurried walking to inside.

When he saw Long Mo Er, he only took a glance, standing between she and his mother, facing toward Ye Fu Ren.

“Butler Jiang, put additional chair for The Third Young Master beside Wan Er.” Ye Fu Ren said.

“Yes.” Butler Jiang directly adding and put the chair for Third Young Master next to Wan Er. “Third Young Master, please take a seat.”

Long Mo Er could feel that Ye Che is sitting beside her, she also able to hear her own jumping heart beats and moreover she could sense that he is looking at her.

“Wan Er, why you lower your head?” Mo Rong Li Zi seeing Long Mo Er timid, can’t help for asking her.

“Ah, nothing!” Long Mo Er hurried lift her head up and answered, after she said, she takes a glance to Ye Che, she thinks to avoid him. But from Ye Che calm expression, Long Mo Er can sense that he and she as if nothing ever happens between them, sense as if this is the first time they are meeting each other, how could he be so composed? And why should she feel so much worried? If he could act as if nothing ever happen, so Long Mo Er will also able to do so.

“All keeps on eating ah, why stop eating?” once Long Mo Er lift her head up, she has changed to be another person who is more composure and even put sweet smile.

“Right, eat.” Ye Ding added.

After Ye Che joined, no one dare said anything, all are eating quietly, all of them are alike, “you see me while I see you”, all of them focus to both of the main role, all the happy comfortable atmosphere is disappeared.

Long Mo Er feels eating dinner as if doing military things, won’t he be not here? How come he chooses this time to appear? Aiya, should all of us keep on silent like this? Mother ah, why don’t you burst something out?

Don’t know how long time passed, finally Ye Ding said: “I full already.”

“Let eat more little bit.” Ye Fu Ren said.

Ye Ding facing Ye Fu Ren eyes: “Mother, I am not a pig, why should I eat so much?” when he stands himself up, he said to Long Mo Er : “Third sister in law, after you finished your dinner, ask my Third Brother to take you strolling for getting familiar to our Ye’s residence. I go back first.” Waiting for Ye Che to glare Ye Ding, Ye Ding has disappeared already.


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