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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 10


Can you guess about this chapter?
For me, this chapter is one of the good start for Ye Che and Long Mo Er marriage life. you guys ever asked me, who is fall in love for the first time, who with whom? Ye Che or Long Mo Er?

He kissed her under the moonlight without saying how he feels about her, while she is confusing with his act.
He likes her.
She wavers.

Chapter 10 First Kiss under Moon light

Doesn’t know at what time, the crescent moon is hanging in the sky. The moon light is piercing into the gap of the tree’s leaves, moving according to windy air. The flowers is shrinking each others, everything is so quiet.

At the garden, Long Mo Er and Ye Che are not speaking.

Long Mo Er secretly gazing on the Ye Che’s face, looking at his figure contour which is obviously, the perfect thick lips, high nose, then the charming pair of eyes, he indeed perfect, none of his expression is more mystical even after being light by the moonlight.

Should she and he reconcile? This kind of silent is really makes people feel hard to bear. She still need to stay for some of time in Ye residence, still need to think a way how to leave from Ye residence, if she still dwelling in this intense situation with Ye Che, how could she retreat herself from this mess? How could she convince and persuade Ye Che?

But those harsh words which said by Ye Che, it wasn’t easy to forget. Will he starting to oppose her with harshness if she opened her mouth, say something?

To speak until here, suddenly Long Mo Er missed her elder sister. She only leaving her home and married into this family for the second day. Only in this short time, it has happen many things. Ye Peng and Ye Fu Ren loving and caring, the passionate Mo Rong Li Zi, the limitless concern of the brother and sister of the Ye’s…

All of them are nice and good people, they always treating her as the Ye’s daughter in law. Only this person who is in front of her, the only person who always criticized her, she really wants to tell all her troubles to her elder sister. Before she always has her sister, but now…

She wants to leave this place, she wants to go home. Ng~~~~! Father, Mother, I really miss you!

“What are you thinking?”

Long Mo Er thought being cut, she raised her head looked at Ye Che. His face is showing little bit gentleness, any reason for it? He even starting the conversation, why should he put attention to hers? Should she reply his question?

Ye Che didn’t understand how could he speak with her without he realized, he never thought to start the conversation at the beginning. He only sees that her face shown kind of lonely and sad expression, those words just flow and burst without he realised.

“I…..” Long Mo Er still hesitated.

“I still think… we… can or can’t living in peace.” After Long Mo Er said, she hurried lower her head.

Ye Che is thinking, does he really that scary? She looks so afraid of him, other people who see the scene must be thinking that he is bullying her. Doesn’t know seeing her gesture making him feel displeased, didn’t she really happy when having dinner with all the people? Does only he is an exception? The disappeared of Ye Che’s charming eyes, make her hard to guess what he thought.

Not having Ye Che answered, Long Mo Er is kind worries, just wanting to know what Ye Che’s thought.


On the time she raised her head up, a black shadow envelop her. She looked Ye Che is standing up in front of her, get so closer to her, his pair of deep eyes is getting closer to her. She even could smell his unique body’s fragrant.

She even feeling that her face is getting warmer, her heart is beating without pattern as if jumping out.

“You… what are you thinking to do?” she nervously asking, her voice just being blow by the winds, so weak.

Ye Che is lowering his head, suddenly he stick his lip to Long Mo Er lips.

Long Mo Er blank at the moment, unconsciously closed her eyes, feeling whether she will die or not.

What are you doing?

At the moment all is paused.

“Wei, using your nose to breathe.” Ye Che realized her reaction, using his calmness voice tone to speak. Initially, he only wanted to punish her, he never thought that her scent is so good. If not because seeing her shock expression, he won’t think to release her very quickly.

Slowly opened her eyes, Long Mo Er only could depend on Ye Che’s body, only to make herself stand, she shouldn’t fall in to the ground.

Her consciousness slowly by slowly back, she heard the heart beat of hers and Ye Che’s.

Why he should do that kind of thing toward hers?

Ye Che raised his fingers up gently stroking Long Mo Er’s face, letting her to see him, looking at Long Mo Er perplexed expression after their kissed. At the moment, Ye Che feels his mood changed to be somewhat better, he used his hand to support her body and meticulously looking at her face. He used very low voice said : “living in peaceful, I had done it. It is as what you want, isn’t it?”

“hag?” Long Mo Er still confused.

“I have showed friendly movement and gesture!” Ye Che could feel the person body that he supported soft and smooth, letting him hard to release her.

Long Mo Er step backward to release herself from being touch by him, at that moment there was no way for her able to think.

“Hopefully… we could live in peace and happy.” Replied Long Mo Er with extremely soft voice.


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