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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 11


Chapter 11 Long Mo Er’s worries

It has been passed for days; Ye Che hasn’t appear in front of Long Mo Er.

Whether they are not meeting each other or because of Long Mo Er is still avoiding to meet him, Long Mo Er is leaving all the event or place where he is appearing. Even two days ago, she hurried rejecting all the invitation of Ye Fu Ren, Mo Rong Li Zi, Ruo Xuan and anyone invitation for her. Only because of she is afraid to meet Ye Che.

Long Mo Er feels and thinks till her head as if explode, but she still doesn’t have any answer, actually what the purpose of Ye Che did such thing toward her that night. She really didn’t know, if she meet Ye Che, how should she facing him.

It has passed many days, but that night scenery still makes she hard to breathe and it is continuing pop ups in her mind, even the scent of Ye Che’s body, she remembered very clear.

Ye Che, Ye Che, Ye Che….

She still able to recall and memorize his deep black eyes that looking at her, she still able to feel that soft lip which kissed her.

Every time she thinks about it, her face blush red with faster heart beat, what is going on with her?

She hates today’s herself, how she is so inconsistent, why she not just get away from the illusion, the today’s her is not same as the before she who is so happy and carefree from worries, Long Mo Er. Does she sick?

“Miss, what happen to you?” Asked Lu Qun who is beside her, she has sensed that her Miss being so weird for these last two days. It started from the day when her Miss back from dinner, her face was beet red when she came back, asking her what was happen, she not burst any words out.

Later on, her Miss is starting to stare blankly, once she starting to her lost thought mode, it seems won’t end. There was a time, she was sitting at one place for whole day, once she frowned, other time her face blushing red, and others time she showed shocking expression….

She is worrying of her Miss, her Miss is someone very active since she was a child, as if her energy never get ended, but this time, no matter what she does, her Miss happiness level is decreasing bit by bit. She doesn’t know what to do. Lao Ye, Fu Ren, Big Miss, please give back the old Little Miss to me. If something happen to her Little Miss, how could she explain to her Lao Ye?

“I, is there something wrong with me? Lu Qun?” Long Mo Er asked.

“Miss, that night what was happen to you?”

“Nothing, nothing!’ Long Mo Er nervously answered; suddenly her face is blushing from pinkish to red beet.

“So why you face is blushing red? I am really worried about you!”

“Am I?” Long Mo Er hurried to touch her face with both of her hand, feeling it little bit warmer. She only dares to shoot quick glance to her, because she afraid Lu Qun might find out.

She turned her body, wanting to walk out, doesn’t want Lu Qun to find out how strange she is.

“Miss, where are you going?” Lu Qun followed her.

“walking around.” Long Mo Er Said.

She doesn’t want anyone to find out, that she is embarrassing and at complete loss, she is uneasy and she is in mess. All of these (everything that she feels) should be blame that damn man, if not because of him, she won’t be afraid Lu Qun to find out her problems. She looks so weird and little bit odds, but actually she is really a normal person.

While that damn man, she doesn’t know what he is doing for all the day, perhaps he doesn’t have slightly thought for it and she might the only person who take the matter serious while he might spend his day happy go lucky without any worries and serious thought.

“Oh My God, this really not fair for me!” Long Mo Er murmured.

“Actually what is going on with me? I don’t want to act as if I weirdoes; I want to be the normal me!”


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