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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 12

Long Mo Er mind still flying…
She act even weird and strange after the incident being kissed by Ye Che. Her maid, Lu Qun can’t do anything except keep on following her Miss and watch over her.

Since Lu Qun really worried about her Miss, she only could beg Long Mo Er for taking good herself since her condition kind worrying Lu Qun.

When Long Mo Er walking, she and Lu Qun discovered hidden cottage inside Ye’s residence which is one of the Ye’s family secret, this secret cottage is related to “Ye’s taboo topic” inside the residence even to be talk, especially for Ye Che.


Chapter 12 Secret Room

Only for forgetting the entire mess, headache and irritating matters, Long Mo Er is walking faster and faster.

“Miss, actually what is happen to you?” Lu Qun pairs of hand pulled her skirt up little bit then followed her Miss.

Carelessly, Long Mo Er falls because of stepping on her own robe. “peng” she falls to ground. Lu Qun seeing Long Mo Er felt down, she was panicking and run towards her Miss, helping her to stand up.

“Miss, are you hurt?” Lu Qun checking Long Mo Er’s body.

“Knees!” Long Mo Er creased, using her hands she pointed at her small leg.

“Let me see.” Lu Qun raised her Miss skirt little bit, touching her white gown. “The skin is peeled little bit and reddish, when we back, I will apply medicine. Fortunately the wound not bad!” after Lu Qun checked, she helped her to tidy her clothes.

After seeing Long Mo Er’s innocent expression, Lu Qun couldn’t hold herself and said : “Miss, if you really don’t want to tell what was happen to you, at least you should taking good care of yourself, don’t makes people worry of you. You acted so weird lately!”

“I am sorry, letting you worried about me!” Long Mo Er just feeling that she only think about herself, but forgetting other’s feeling that surrounded her, she is not that good anymore. Ye Fu Ren, Big sister in law, Ruo Xuan Mei Mei, all of them, they must be worried too! She is thinking for these past two days of her attitude toward them, hard for her not to put blame on herself.

“Miss, Lu Qun only wish to see the old Miss of you!”

“Ng, starting from today, I won’t make you guys worry about me anymore.” Long Mo Er promised, she wants to be person who is bring happiness for others people, and she doesn’t want to be like this, letting others to worry about her.

You damn Ye Che, get lost from beside me!

After her mood changes, she realized how sky become more blue, the sun shine even more brilliant and the flower become extremely spread sweet fragrance.

Everything changed to be so beautiful and good!

“Ah! This small cottage is so unique!” after walking for some time, passing through the exotic flower and rare plant, there is small cottage which attracted Long Mo Er’s vision.

After listen to Long Mo Er and her surprising expression, Lu Qun followed hers vision line saw, “It really a small cottage.”

“Miss, The Ye’s residence is wealthy landlord, how could there is a small cottage that being covered, don’t you think this kind strange?” Lu Qun didn’t understand.

Long Mo Er also thinks about it, kind strange. “Let’s get inside to see! Perhaps this cottage is one of the Ye’s residence uniqueness? Let’s go, Lu Qun, we get inside!” Long Mo Er can’t hold her curiosity, stepping forward to get closer.

After arrived at the cottage, she has been standing for half day, looking right and left, finally Long Mo Er really impatient, walking closer to the door and wanting to open the cottage’s door.

“Miss, this is no good, we don’t know what place it is, who’s live inside and directly entering, isn’t really good, is it?” Lu Qun scared a bit, moreover Ye’s residence isn’t their Long’s residence.

“How about we knocking the door, don’t you think it also gesture to show our politeness?” after Long Mo Er said, she knocked the cottage’s door, and then using loud voice asked: “anyone? Is there anyone?” but there is no one answered.

“No one answered, let’s we go inside and see for moment, after that we will leave, it seems no one will find out, won’t be any problem!” Long Mo Er raised her hands, preparing to push the cottage’s door.

“Third Young Madam!” suddenly there is someone called her at back.

“Ah!” Long Mo Er and Lu Qun shocked as if they were thief whom caught red handed.

Turned her back, after Long Mo Er saw that was Butler Jiang, she felt relieved.

“Butler Jiang, so coincidentally!” Long Mo Er forcing to smile.

Usually Butler Jiang always smile whenever seeing others people, but this time his expression is kind of gloomy, absolutely not that usual smile expression. Long Mo Er kind surprised with his expression. Don’t know what to say at the moment, nervous, her hands randomly moving.

“Please Third Young Madam leaving this place!” Butler Jiang unfriendly expression.

“This place? Oh, okay!” Long Mo Er still witting, looking at Butler Jiang, slowly walking away from the cottage, while Lu Qun followed at her back.

After leaving and not seeing Butler Jiang, Long Mo Er slightly felt little bit at ease.

“It is dangerous, Miss!”

What place actually is it? Why the Butler Jiang asking me for leaving? He only an employee, how could he so impudent to Zhu Zi (Master)? Who is living there? What is the secret that hide inside that cottage which can’t be told? Long Mo Er curious!

Ah~ it better to find big sister in law, she is so kind, she might tell me!


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