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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 15

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Chapter 15 Look Forward inside the Horse Carriage

The horse carriage is going along the border of Ye’s residence wall, slowly get into the bustling street.

Long Mo Er heard the resellers selling voices from inside the horse carriage, the trading in two and three. That kind of crowded and noises are always attracting her, those things are just making her impatience only to pop her head out to see.

When she was at home, her Father never allowed her to go out because she is born as female. That’s why, every time she wants to go out just alike last time, searching for Ye Che in Bai Hua Lane, she should disguise herself as little maid or little boy.

Even though she had gone out, she still worries whether her father would find out or not, that’s why she never really have time playing till been satisfied. She should to go back home earlier. Never thought that replace her sister married into Ye’s family, she could openly and without any fear to go outside. Thinking last time when she met Ye Che for the first time, she also secretly went out.

He he he he, finally today she really audacious going out to the main street.

She slowly takes a look to Ye Che’s face, he is reading books, very focus. Long Mo Er corner of lip is lifting up, she lifting up the curtain one of the horse carriage’s window, looking to outside.

Very beautiful scenery, so sweet holding hands couples… woah! And also Tang Hu Lu (sugarcoated haws on stick / sugarcoat fruits on stick)! Long Mo Er shouted and pointed out only inside her heart, her eyes sigh is yearning for it, her expression just changed.

The person who sits beside Long Mo Er, Lu Qun also showed similar expression, she and Long Mo Er are exposing kind of “Wanting” expression. It so obvious, Lu Qun who always follows Long Mo Er, has been influenced by her.

Both of them are showing that kind of expression!

Forgetting about the time, forgetting about the place and even forgetting there still someone beside them, Ye Che!

Drawing out the attention from books, Ye Che looked at that two persons who sitting inside the horse carriage but their eyes are looking outside from the carriage’s window, don’t know what they are looking at. On Long Mo Er face expression, he could see and sense kind of enthusiast, strong expectation! He couldn’t resist to look outside, what kind of things that so fascinating her.

He bend up his body, makes his face closer to Long Mo Er, he tries to look from small gap but the gap really too small, he impatience said : “what is it on outside?”

“Ah!” Long Mo Er panicked hearing Ye Che’s voice, naturally she turned back her body.

“Ah!” Long Mo Er tapped and shouting, as the result their distance is too close, she hurried to turn herself but her forehead is bumping to Ye Che’s chin.

Ye Che helplessly took his seat back, using his hand to stroke his chin, the glimmer of sunlight felt to cover Long Mo Er’s hand when she also stroking her forehead.

This woman always has thing that makes him speechless, she always acts like this!

Really wondering and curious what is inside her brain, what kind of trick she played?

Or does she really afraid of him? Or, does he really that scary? How many times already he sense her, as if she afraid of him?

“Miss, are you hurt?” Lu Qun panicking, both of her hands stroking Long Mo Er’s forehead.

“Me, hurt ah!” Lu Qun touched her forehead, making Long Mo Er shouting.

“Wei, are you okay?” Ye Che asking her when he heard her voice, coldly asked her, in his speaking tone there is slightly warm attention without he noticed.

This stupid woman, just asking for her own trouble!

After heard what Ye Che said, Long Mo Er forgot her pain and hurried asking him: “I am sorry, really sorry, are you alright?” she didn’t forget that she had bumped into him.

“I am fine.”

“ha ha, it seems that I am so stupid!” Long Mo Er regrets on herself who always cause problem whenever with him, she starting to piss off with herself.

Fortunately, you realized about your own self! Said Ye Che in his heart.

“What were you see just now?” Ye Che asked her the question that he wanted to know.

“Nothing important, I did see there were lots of thing in the bustling street.” Long Mo Er sincerely answered.

“Third Young Master, we arrived.”

Actually he still wanted to ask others question but the horse carriage has stopped, the curtain is lifted.

Ye Che nodding his head and said to Long Mo Er : “ Arrived, get off.”

After he said, Ye Che is the first person who got off from the horse carriage, and then he stretches his hand to help Long Mo Er. Long Mo Er stuffed looking at the wide spread hand palm of Ye Che, but she didn’t hesitate to give her hands to him. By supported of Ye Che’s arm, Long Mo Er got off from the horse carriage.


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