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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 16

Ah~ Sorry for late up date. I was busy because works and visiting my big family new house which will be finished at the beginning of year (*excited*) I will make the separate post about that amazing house with it’s history 😉

Chapter 16 Visiting The Store for First Time

After she able to stand well, Long Mo Er looked at the store in front of her eyes, at the above it is hanging words “Bi Xiao Xuan”.

A middle age old man who has round and stout face hurried walking out from inside the store, he is walking hurried and fast to the in front of horse carriage, bowing to Ye Che, said : “Third Young Master, welcomed you!” While Ye Che is nodding his head.

Then, he gives a glance to the elegant Long Mo Er who standing beside Ye Che: “Third Young Master, who is this lady?”

Ye Che looked at Long Mo Er facial expression, he didn’t know how to answer.

A wife? Should he give such answer to the others? Would he admit her?

At the moment of his hesitation, Long Mo Er throwing sweet smile: “Hi, I am Long Wan Er.”

“Oh, San Sao Fu Ren (Third Young Master’s wife/Third Young Madam), this lowly stupid because not to recognize you.” The middle age man really likes this Third Young Madam who is standing in front him without any arrogance, it seems the Third Young Master and Third Young Madam are both nice persons.

“It doesn’t matter, this is my first time come here, it very normal if you can’t recognize me!” Long Mo Er is amiable and approachable (easy going) person.

“Come, Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, please coming.”

“Let’s go, Lu Qun.” Long Mo Er holding Lu Qun’s hand.

Both of them walking, together entering the store.

When Ye Che and Long Mo Er sat down, Xiao Si (the male servant) served them with infused tea, putting the tea in table.

“Tong Po (Uncle Tong), please brings out the cool and refreshment ointment for swelling.” Ye Che said to the middle age man who standing not far from him.

Even though he didn’t understand why the Third Young Master asking for the ointment, Uncle Tong still asking Xiao Si to bring out the ointment from inside hall for Ye Che.

“Lu Qun, put the ointment to her forehead.”

“Yes.” Lu Qun received the ointment from Ye Che, her hands gently stroking and applying Long Mo Er swelling forehead with the ointment.

Refresh and cooling feeling, at the moment she feels it absorbing into her skin and as if it also absorb into her heart.

Actually the effect after bumping didn’t really hurt, it wasn’t that pain, but because of Ye Che’s attentive, Ye Che’s concern, makes Long Mo Er feels her heart so sweet, really sweet, as if she has eaten honey.

She feels this kind of feeling, curious and looking at the four corners.

In the white wall there are hanging lots type of calligraphy, at one glance it easy to recognize famous artist works. About the words, there is an old and hardy, then the bold and generous ones, then the coarse and wild… and about the paint, there is the mountain and water, the green forest… and others are indescribable elegant painting. While in the table and cabinet are filled with brushes with any size, blotting papers, inkstone…

Oh actually Ye’s family is also running this kind of elegant business.

If big sister is in here, she would like this kind of things, while she, this fake Long Wan Er doesn’t have any interest with these kinds of thing, after looking at these things, her head starting to ache. It seems she really only the common person!

Didn’t know when, Ye Che has walking towards other side and have discuss something with Uncle Tong.

Long Mo Er boring and sit back to her seat, while Ye Che having serious conversation.

How could he is so good looking? At the first time she met him, she has understood, but as time passes, he looks more and more good looking and attractive. But why he frown his forehead? Does the problem really hard for him to solve?

Perhaps he did sense Long Mo Er’s vision, Ye Che raised his head up looking at Long Mo Er. As if getting an electric shock, Long Mo Er quickly looked at other sides, her heart suddenly gets in wild, even breathing is hard for her, what is going on?

She afraid, afraid of herself, her heart seems to change and losing at her own self.


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