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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 17

As I promised last year, I will try to provide you guys better translation so you may experience better reading. Reflecting from last translation project, I know, I still have many weakness.
The translation is credited to myself and the proofreading is credited to Anna.
In chapter 17 for once again Ye Che tries to show his affection towards Long Mo Er but he did in the wrong way. Instead showing affection, he just scared Long Mo Er by his “rough” attitudes.

Chapter 17

Visiting The Store for First Time (2)

“Alright, leaving the matter like this, let me carefully examine it for two days, and tomorrow I will come back again.”

“I understand, I can handle it, Third Young Master please be rest assured.”

Ye Che and Uncle Tong stood up, walking while speaking, their conversation was just too confusing for Long Mo Er, so she also stood up and said: “Are we leaving?”

Ye Che replied to her with “hm”.

“Third Young Madam, if you have time please come again.” Uncle Tong is hoping to have an opportunity to meet this kind of not artificial and not pretentious Zhu Zi (Master). Even though they have little interaction, but he could sense that she is different compared with other women. Nowadays, to be able find a Master who is able to think about their servant and employees is really hard; furthermore he sincerely comes to like this young lady from the bottom of his heart.

“Are we really leaving? This fast?” She said biting her lip.

“If the Third Young Madam likes this place, you can stroll here for a while” said Uncle Tong.

Why we are leaving so fast? Why should we go back this early to the Ye’s residence? She still hasn’t started to play; it is not easy for her to be able to walk in the bustling street, not to mention she hasn’t stepped on the street yet.


If they really wanted to get back home this soon, Ah~ this is really so disappointing! If earlier she knew that only like this she would get back home, it would be better for her not to look dumbfounded at Ye Che, she wouldn’t waste her precious time in such a way.

To re-think, it is really obvious that her eyes showed such gloomy sight.

This is the first time for Ye Che to experience this kind of situation; there is nothing that he doesn’t know about Long Mo Er’s facial expression, all her problems and matters are so clearly written on her face.

But he still ignored the change of her face and walked out from “Bi Xiao Xuan”.

Lu Qun pulls Long Mo Er’s dress, reminding her that Ye Che has walked far away.

In her vision field when Ye Che almost disappears from the main door, Long Mo Er hurriedly says good bye to Uncle Tong and runs to catch up to him.

Lu Qun glances a sorry look to Uncle Tong and follows at her back to chase her Miss and Master.

After those three people leave, Uncle Tong understands and then starts laughing.

“Wei, wait for me.” Long Mo Er with small steps chases after Ye Che.

“Where are you going? Aren’t we going back to the Ye residence? Why are you walking the other way? Why don’t you wait for the horse carriage?” She really doesn’t understand him; why is he walking so fast, she finds it hard to chase after him, only able to inhale and exhale while asking in the middle of running.

Who can expect that suddenly Ye Che stops, making her collide once again, this time into his wide and hard back.

“Ah!” Long Mo Er steps back, she used her hand to stroke her nose that bumped into him.

What is going on today? Why does she keep getting hurt? Why is she so unlucky? Today isn’t a good day to go out, is it?


“How many times should I tell you, so you will be more cautious:be more careful?”

Ye Che looks at Long Mo Er after she bumped into him, one of his hands holds her chin while the other hand gently strokes her nose, only to ensure that she is fine.

Spitting his anger, Long Mo Er stays still, standing there without any movement.

Feeling the warmth of Ye Che’s big palm touching her face, suddenly the warmthspreads into her small face.

For once again the distance between Long Mo Er and Ye Che are closer and intimate, which resulting her heart crazily beats. His face is so clear, his V shape chin and tired face so obvious because he is exhausted recently. But his speaking tone is still so fierce, making people who heard it feel a bit afraid, still, there is a slightly warm feeling in his eyes: is she mistaken?

Lu Qun finally catches up with them seeing this kind of intimate scenery, her face turned red beet.

“Miss, you are so audacious with Third Young Master, doing this kind of thing in this bustling street. It seems it’s only me who is worrying for nothing, Miss and Third Young Master having this kind of intimacy-lovely dovey look, would make others die because of envy, how could I have felt that Miss was unhappy these days? And how could I have felt that Third Young Master dislikes Miss? I am so stupid! Now looking at both of them who are lovely dovey, Little Miss replacing big Miss to marry into this family might be the right decision.” Lu Qun spoke softly to herself.

“Hei, isn’t this Third Young Master?”

A man cuts off these three people, a voice similar to cold water being poured into Ye Che’s head.

Ye Che immediately checks what he has done, hurriedly releases his hand, and then the slight warmth disappeared.




7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 17

  1. Yah, thanks for the long awaited chapter. I love seeing how they fall in love. Thanks for the translation. Looking forward to following your blog this year. Happy 2015!

  2. Thank you for the translation
    This book isn t translated in french so i was sad 😢😢 but i just found it in english i was so happy 😄😄😍😍
    thank you very much ( and sorry if my english is not good)
    Merciiii et au chapitre suivant yeaahh

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