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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 18

Annoying character finally showed up.
Ye Che emotions stirring, Long Mo Er, this naive girl doesn’t know what kind of problem she might get in by knowing Zhang Nian Liang.

This chapter is good progress to Ye Che and Long Mo Er feeling for each other.
He pissed off and irritated with every detail of her movement while she dying to know more about him.

Chapter 18

Visiting The Store for First Time (3)

“Third Young Master?” the man thought that Ye Che didn’t hear him calling, and he called him once more…

Ye Che expressionlessly looked at the man: “Zhang Gong Zi is there anything I can help you with?”

“As I said how could I not see Third Young Master in Bai Hua Lane for a couple of days, it seems that Third Young Master is meeting with this cute young lady, this kind of pure and innocent lady indeed has a different “taste” compared to an elegant Fei Yan! No wonder these days Fei Yan is always alone! Ha ha…”

In the beginning, Young Master Zhang might feel a little bit scared with Ye Che’s sarcastic cold temperament and attitude, while Ye Che really doesn’t think much about this “attitude” towards Young Master Zhang, so that as time passes by, Young Master Zhang gets used to facing Ye Che and foolishly thought that Ye Che won’t do anything to him.

However for the bandits who are beside him, looking at Ye Che’s murderous sight, they step back, feeling the cold air blowing on their necks. Everyone knows that the Third Young Master of Ye’s family is someone who they could not afford to be offended!

“Ye Che, is she your friend?” Long Mo Er excitedly asked. This is the first time for Long Mo Er to meet someone other than the Ye’s family members who can becalled his “Friend”.

About Long Mo Er’s stupid question, Ye Che doesn’t really care.

While Lu Qun, who stands beside Long Mo Er, feels her head is starting to ache.

Heaven! Miss, couldn’t you see Third Young Master’s expression of dislike? And that stupid man who stands in front of them is really an idiot who dares to burst that kind of words, how could you have identified him as Third Young Master’s friend? Would a friend speak like that to his friend? OMG! MY GOD, When will YOU make my Miss smarter only for a little bit, making her comparable with Big Miss, who could read other people’s facial expression? Lu Qun murmured softly.

“Kawaii young lady, I am Zhang Nian Liang, Third Young Master and I have a kind of good relationship! We often meet at Bai Hua Lane.” After hearing Long Mo Er’s question, Zhang Nian Liang happily introduces himself to Long Mo Er, and even said that both he and Third Young Master love to visit Bai Hua Lane.

It is not like he is so brave, daring to speak in front of Long Mo Er about Ye Che who likes to visit Bai Hua Lane, but because he doesn’t know that the young lady standing in front of him is the wife that Ye Che married and brought into the Ye’s family. He even thought that Ye Che might have a new confidante. After all, everyone knows that Third Young Master unwillingly married, even at his own wedding night he abandoned his wife and chose to spend the night with Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan, and the person who had been married into the family had been put into the “Cold Palace”.

“Zhang Gong Zi, did you say Bai Hua Lane?” Bai Hua Lane, that place reminds her of Fei Yan. Everyone knows Fei Yan; it was in her first time meeting with Ye Che that the beautiful lady stood beside him. So Fei Yan is really famous. This is not her first time she heard about Fei Yan together with Ye Che’s name, but weirdly her heart now feels uncomfortable.

Long Wan Er, you this woman! Don’t you see and sense that I’m pissed off? Moreover you are speaking with another man about a brothel house in this bustling street, even speaking with such a happy mood, is this something a young lady should be doing? Your Long’s family is well known as an educated family, how can you not know the basic teachings? Ye Che walks away; he doesn’t think to stay there.

“Bai Hua Lane, do you know?”



“Miss, Third Young Master has walked far away!” Lu Qun knew that Third Young Master was angry, but she is really helpless in dealing with her Miss.

Not caring whether both of them are speaking or not, Lu Qun pulls Long Mo Er’s hand and makes a big step to chase Ye Che.

“Miss, you haven’t told me what your name is!” Zhang Nian Liang asked Long Mo Er who has walked away.

“Wei, why are you walking so fast?” Long Mo Er caught up with Ye Che, one step walking while the other step running to follow Ye Che.

“I only want to speak with your friend for a little longer to understand you more, you didn’t say anything and just walked away, you are so impolite this way!” she naturally complained.

Ye Che’s body stiffened, he doesn’t know what kind of things violently strike into his chest.

His face and his eyes glare at the face of the person, who is complaining. Small beads of sweat, because of running to follow him,marks her face, the breathless and pale lips who finds it hard to inhale and exhale the air, and the warm breath that spreads into his shoulder.

Without realizing it, he slowed down his steps.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 18

    1. I agree, I think Iwould like her sister much more, a femal who can read the thoughts alone frome the facial expression, sounds awesome

      1. Yup, exactly. Its tiring looking at a naive woman who does nothing but act cute and innocent, if she could only be a bit more cunning and scheming, more like a little devil, i would like her a lot better.

      2. Her sister, Long Wan Er is someone portray as perfect lady from an educated family. An elegant, delicate, beauty, smart…
        Perfect match for Ye Che, at least that’s how Butler Jiang thought about it after seeing his shabby Third Young Madam XD

        But, This kind of Lady never get interest of Ye Che. Moreover cunning and scheming, he won’t ever to put glance. Ye Che has his own reason why Long Mo Er worth to get his heart.

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