C-drama : The Deer and The Cauldron (鹿鼎記)2014

the deer

Another remake drama adaptation…
After The Legend of Condor heroes being remake and adapt now Jin Yong others novel, Lu Ding Ji (鹿鼎記) also get its remake, cast: Han Dong, Wei Qian Xiang, Zhang Meng, Jia Qing, Zhao Yuanyuan, Zhang Xinyu, etc.

This is the third remake adaptation of The deer and the cauldron which I watched. after the version cast Dicky Cheung and Patrick Tam (2000) and Royal Tramp cast Huang Xiao Ming and Wallace Chung.

When knowing Han Dong played Xiao Bao character, I kind of surprised since I didn’t have any idea of Han dong being Xiao Bao, the mischievous, naughty, energetic, agile person. I knew Han Dong when watching Bu Bu Jing Xin when he took 9th prince role which I dislike most. For the following project, he only played as supporting role and never pay attention to him.

From three version remake adaptation which I watched, I still like Dicky Cheung as Wei Xiao Bao then Han dong and last Huang Xiao Ming. Three of them are good actors but in my opinion, Dicky is the most suitable portray Xiao Bao character. Huang Xiao Ming just too stiff and not really suit, he has almighty aura which really I don’t feel his acting fit to Xiao Bao character, similar when he played as Yang Guo (feel nothing) while Han Dong portray Xiao Bao more alike womanizer, he has too heavy womanizer “Aura” (好色).

Kang Xi emperor
I like Wallace Chung, well I could be biased since I am fan of Wallace. I do find similarity between Wallace Chung and Wei Qian Xiang, both of them are too sweet for me LOL and I never bother whoever played as Kang Xi in Lu Ding Ji.

The Women…
I like the newest version female casts. perhaps because of Princess Jian Ning played by Lou Yi Xiao too funny for me and also other beauties.

The deer and the cauldron 2014 is airing everyday, two episodes everyday. It will be ended in 50 episodes (estimation).

Main Cast :
Han Dong as Wei Xiao Bao / Xiao Kui Zi / The leader of dragon cult / the leader of Tian Di Hui
Wei Qian Xiang as Kang Xi emperor / Xiao Xuan Zi
Zhang Meng as Shuang Er
Lou Yi Xiao as Princess Jian Ning
Viann Zhang as Su Quan
Jia Qing as Ah Ke
Wu Qian as Mu Jian Ping
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Fang Yi
Wang Lin as Wei Chun Hua, Xiao Bao’s mother


All over, the newest Lu Ding Ji is acceptable for me. not too bother with the cast, unlike condor heroes which remake by Yu Zheng. I don’t feel Michelle ugly but she just not fit took Xiao Long Nv role, she too ordinary and too plain to describe as the one of the most beautiful woman in Wu Xia. Talking about Michelle, I think she better to act in modern drama or movie such as Apple in my eyes which suit her better. Others cast in legend condor heroes are much better compare to the previous one, Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei version.


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