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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 19

Tang Hu Lu

Chapter 19

Visiting The Store for First Time (4)

“Where are we heading now?”

Without she realized she has already walking side by side with Ye Che, Long Mo Er looked around at the four corners of the business place.

Ye Che doesn’t reply but his facial expression is bit relax.

After Lu Qun observed Ye Che’s, only for her Miss gratified. Third Young Master isn’t someone hard-hearted person, towards small detail, Third Young Master really gentle dealing with her Little Miss.

“Woah! Tang Hu Lu (sugar coated fruit with stick)!” Long Mo Er suddenly shouted due to excitement.

Not far from their side, there is a little boy who wears ragged garments, shouting selling. That bright red of Tang Hu Lu color is similar with the illuminating sun shine, bright and shiny.

Long time ago when first time she ate Tang Hu Lu, the sour and sweet taste are still stayed at her memory, Long Mo Er can’t control herself as if she wants to follow that little boy.

“Miss” Lu Qun cannot help opened her mouth called Long Mo Er.

Why is she forgetting that Third Young Master still standing here? Based on big Miss Character, she won’t and shouldn’t be alike this. This isn’t something well educated-family Missy will do. Just now, the conversation between Miss and Zhang Nian Liang was out of the limit, if this continue, it hard to protect from Third Young Master about Miss real identity.

“what?” Long Mo Er turned her head, her eyes seems dazed.

“Let her go!” Ye Che knew that Lu Qun is smarter compare to her Zhu Zi (master), she understands his displeased expression, his soft voice stopped Lu Qun.

Lu Qun looked at Ye Che eyes, she shook her head to Long Mo Er said: “no, nothing.”

Long Mo Er happily takes two sticks from the little boy, while Lu Qun helped her to pay.

She can’t resist the tempt of the Tang Hu Lu, Long Mo Er bite it little bit. Sticky, sweet and sour taste filled her mouth.

“he he, it really delicious!” she exposed her idiot smile to Ye Che.

A small Tang Hu Lu, weirdly makes her to expose sincere smile, does that Tang Hu Lu really that delicious? Ye Che little doubt about it. This kind of smile which he seen right now in front of his eyes, creating such hesitation about Tang Hu Lu attraction.

“do you want to taste?” Long Mo Er gave another stick to him.

Letting a man to eat this kind of thing which only children would eat, only her who could think such way, Ye Che throws disgusting looked to the Tang Hu Lu, even more disgusting to Long Mo Er.

“If you don’t want to eat, just say it, said a sentence won’t kill you. Come, Lu Qun, this one for you.” Long Mo Er gave a stick of Tang Hu Lu to front of Lu Qun.

“Miss, don’t forget that you are Long Wan Er.” Lu Qun said when she saw Ye Che has walked far away, if she doesn’t remind her Miss, her identity will be exposed, and that day might come little bit closer.

“Ah!” after being reminding by Lu Qun, finally Long Mo Er realized what she has been acting wrong, hurried using her hand to close her mouth. Her attitude doesn’t look alike her big sister, pissed off with herself : “what should I do? What should I do? Lu Qun?”

She feels uneasy.

“Hurried up, walking! Third Young Master perhaps hasn’t find out, Miss, starting from now you should pay attention to your act.”

Long Mo Er nodding her head, Looking at Tang Hu Lu in her hands, she doubting whether to eat or not.

She looking at Ye Che’s back.

“Faster, Miss, move!”


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 19

    1. Do you mean Tang Hu Lu (China) with Dango (Japanese)?
      Both of the foods are different. Tang hu lu is candy which made from fruit that coated with sugar and glossy, mostly color red. While Japanese Dango is food which made from rice flour (something alike mochi) and the types are many.

      Tang hu lu mostly using red color fruit but it also used cherry tomatoes or other fruit depend on people preferences such as kiwi, strawberry, etc.

      I hope it helps 🙂

      1. Yes, I was talking bout Dango! Now that you mentioned, it does look different.

        I want to taste it even more. Do they have it in Hong Kong?
        I want to taste it even more. Do

      2. It’s amazing you know Chinese or is it your country’s language? I’m thinking of studying Chinese Mandarin, though I hope I’ll survive cause I know it’s not easy.
        BTW, if you’d like, I can help you with proofreading. English is my forte

      3. My first language is Bahasa Indonesia. Chinese should be my mother tongue but due some reason, I just start learning Chinese (writing and reading) years ago and I am still in process of learning.

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