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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 20

Chapter 20

Visiting The Store for First Time (Last Part)

At one of the red wood crafting flower front door of store, Ye Che stopped, without careful he looked at the back of Long Mo Er who fasten her steps to follow his back, then he entered the store.

“Lu Qun, did Ye Che enter this shop?” Long Mo Er saw Ye Che entered the shop, but she saw nothing in the front door of the store after looking at the right and left, did she mistaken seeing him?

“Miss, I did see Third Young Master entering this store, nothing wrong!” Lu Qun very sure that she saw Ye Che entered.

“why I couldn’t see him?”

“Let’s we enter the store and asked!” Lu Qun suggested.

“Wait!” suddenly Long Mo Er stopped her.

She doesn’t understand, looking at Long Mo Er, who is walking to one corner of bustling street, get closer to someone. The Tang Hu Lu which holding by her hand finally given to the children who begging in the street, those children are exposing their happiness by laughing.

Lu Qun realizing that her Miss really someone kind-hearted, her kindness really hard to describe by her.

Since she was ten years old, she was brought by Lao Ye and Fu Ren, first time she saw her little Miss smile was when they were hand shaking as friend. That time she was felt having place to be called as home for her first in her life time, having family. She grows up together with big Miss and little Miss.

This scenery just similar as the first time she met her little Miss.

“Lu Qun, let’s we enter!” Long Mo Er has already standing beside Lu Qun.

Both of them are entering the store.

“This young lady, this is your first time come! Come and take a look, in here we have many accessories, pick what you like.” A middle aged woman said when she looked they entered, quickly walked in front of them, passionately called them.

Long Mo Er is thinking to ask her whether she sees Ye Che or not, but she doesn’t have any chance, she pulled Long Mo Er to one of the cabinet, bring out one of beautiful accessories from the cabinet and said: “Lady, see whether this one it suit you or not!”

Long Mo Er looked at the chain bracelet on her palm, that chain bracelet has one rounded big black pearl as the ornament, that black color really unique and alluring moreover the glossy makes Long Mo Er hard to close her eyes from it. Her fingertip touched the pearl, sleek smooth and meticulous, it hard for Long Mo Er to put it back.

“Young lady, this pearl is come from Nan Yang, it is rare thing. This is the only one within the entire capital city. The appearance, the tactile impression, the glossy is better than others pearls that available!” she looked that Long Mo Er seems to like the chain bracelet, non-stop recommending it.

Even she never seen this young lady, doesn’t know her background, but seeing she wearing silk cloth, all over her body is radiating kind of aura, which people could guess she might one of the rich missy, if this business really success, this might one of the big selling ever be made! That middle aged woman thought.

“What are you discussing?” Ye Che impatience waiting for Long Mo Er, thinking that she couldn’t find him, he walking out from the inside hall but what he saw was this scene.

“Third Young Master, this little young lady seems to like the Nan Yang’s pearl chain bracelet!” The middle aged woman reported to Ye Che, ensuring that Long Mo Er is her customer.

“Ye Che.” After Long Mo Er saw Ye Che, she so happy and said: “ see, as I said I was so clearly seeing you entered this place, no way you disappeared, so you was inside.”

“Do Third Young Master and this young lady know each other?” the middle age woman is so clear heard that the young lady called her Third Young Master by his name, others than the Ye’s family members who could call Third Young Master name as Ye Che directly, no one dare to call his name but only address him as Third Young Master, even one of the closest Fei Yan can’t directly called his name but address him Third Young Master, hence this young lady just naturally opened her mouth and called him by his name, what is the relationship between this young lady and Third Young Master? What is her status?

“Ng.” Ye Che didn’t explain.

Long Mo Er listened to Ye Che cold answered, she is disappointed. Why he didn’t tell people about their relationship? Does the answer about their relationship really hard to tell?

It right, he is unwillingly married her, so how could she asked him to explain their relationship to others? Moreover their relationship is fake, doesn’t she decide to match maker Ye Che with Fei Yan? Doesn’t she at the last still leaving? They are nothing!

But with this kind of thought, why she still feel so sad?

“How long you will lose your thought? Doesn’t you come here today with me in order to help me for settling the business matter? What is your opinion after strolling and walking to two stores?” Ye Che asked.

“Ah?” she never thought Ye Che would ask her, she was being distracting. It right, didn’t she come out today for helping Ye’s family to solve their business problems? What was she doing?

“Fine, now we should get back to residence.” Ye Che never counting her, one little girl to help him in anything, her blank facial expression was explained very clear, a moment ago this store account has been counted while waiting for her so today all is settle and they could get back to residence.

“Are we leaving? But I just arrived!” Long Mo Er showed disbelieving by looked at him

“Move.” Ye Che spoke once more time then he leaving.

Long Mo Er reluctant, looking at the black pearl chain bracelet on her hand, gently put it down and following him, walked out.

The middle age woman is secretly observing, after Long Mo Er leaving, finally she could make a guess of her.


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  1. Thank you for the update. If I may guess, Ye Che will likely get that black pearl chain bracelet for her later. 🙂 When is their next kiss going to be? I long for some more romantic scenes between our OTP.

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