Manga Review: Scarlet Palace 緋色王城 – Yi Huan

yi huan

Usually I read Japanese Manga but Chinese Man Hua and Korean Mahwa really developing recently. Yi Huan is one of the Chinese Man Hua who takes ancient genre such as Palace intrigue. Her first work which I read before was Real Fake Princess (真假公主) which ended in five volume.

Both of Real Fake Princess and Scarlet Palace are talking about Royal family and power struggle but scarlet palace even darker.

Synopsis (credit to goodread):
As the war-torn kingdoms vie for power in Ancient China, a deadly yet beautiful struggle also emerges in the seraglio of the King of Ding (King Xun)! In order to gain the terrifying King Xun’s favor, Ninghu’s family is determined to make her the future Queen, but King Xun is not interested in his other concubines at all.
Not willing to become just another neglected concubine, Ninghu disguises herself as an eunuch servant to her brother Yuanren, the second most powerful eunuch and adviser in the kingdom.

However, the moment that she enters the Scarlet Palace, Lingyu, the most influential and favored eunuch, suspects that she is a girl and begins to investigate her! With the mysterious death of Lingyu’s original servant, Ninghu decides to become Lingyu’s personal servant in hope to approach King Xun. However, King Xun is absent from the palace, and as time goes on, Lingyu and Ninghu becomes more and more attracted to each other!
Could they have fallen in love with each other?!

My Impression / Reaction :
scarlet palace has beautiful drawing and intriguing story plot with many twists. I should admit the first attraction was it’s beautiful drawing then the story plot.
It begin with Prince Xun who being war hostage in Qi Kingdom, even he is prince but as war hostage, he is nothing in rival country (Qi Kingdom). The prince Xun Meeting with homeless and slave, Ling Yu is the new starting of story.

Prince Xun who has an arrogant character with his royalty pride makes him looks as someone self-assertive and hard to get close while Ling Yu who live in street is someone smooth-talker so it easy for him to face the arrogant prince.

So far, I like both of the characters in equally. Prince Xun cold, arrogant and self-assertive characters are match with Flexible, smooth-talker, fast response Ling Yu.

This Man Hua is so tricked in story plot since it has many twists which hard to guest. until now, I am not sure the female lead will end with whom since the males are equally good.

First volume, the plot might lead the reader and give assumption if the Man Hua probably about BL genre since Prince Xun and Ling Yu connection are not simple (the ruler-the servant). Moreover it makes stronger guessing BL because the Prince Xun later become King Xun never enter his Harem palace. Their relation just aroused questions whether they are lover or only closer confidante.

Ning Hu who born in noble family as daughter of one powerful minister clan in Ding country should receive her fate as pawn for her family to survive. Her family is determining and put high expectation to make her as future queen since she is the last daughter in her family.

she disguised herself as junior eunuch serve under her brother Yuan Ren (work as Queen and Harem eunuch) which later on she turned to be personal eunuch for Ling Yu.

Three males are fallen for her; King of Xun, Ling Yu and Yuan Ren. the drawing is beautiful but the twists of story plot is addicting since all the males are equally good, as I mentioned.

The Man Hua is ongoing and I really hope it will have happy ending, no matter with whom the female lead will end 🙂

I recommended this manga for whom seeks non-sweet story.


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