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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 21

Just letting you know that silent separation AKA you are my sunshine is currently airing and you can watch it via youtube (if you understand Chinese) in Croton Media channel or you may check the review and recap in Hui3r.wordpress

Again, for the second time Long Mo Er is secretly going out from the Ye’s residence. Not for playing but for doing foolish things which once again makes her get in trouble…

Chapter 21
Master and servant are having stage dialogue

With the sunshine illuminating the room, everything is so quiet, happy and auspicious.

Suddenly all the peacefulness just vanished with someone’s voice.

“Aiya! It’s completely over, it’s done, all of it is completely done!”

Long Mo Er can’t sit or stand calmly; she grabbed and pulled her hair.

“Miss, don’t be like this! Anyway what is done is already done, the things that shouldn’t have been done has also been done. It has passed for a day, it is useless to regret now.” Lu Qun coldly said.

It’s not that her attitude is usually cold, but her Miss has been like this after they got back. At the beginning she was still able to comfort her, but as time passed by, her Miss started to walk to and fro, stand and sit, making her head spin. Today she is starting all over again.

“But, but it was me who said I would help him, last night when we had dinner, I could sense that all the family members were unhappy because of the business matters. It has been sometime that Ye Lao Ye and Ye Fu Ren aren’t smiling. Actually I could have helped, but I wasted the opportunity and didn’t do anything, stupidly spent a day’s time. Now even though they aren’t laughing at me, I should feel happy already. That’s right, there is still Ye Che, that day his last expression said he didn’t believe on me helping him at all!” said Long Mo Er.

“Miss, all of the Ye’s family members know that you have thought about their matter, they are also content, and that should be enough. What we should do now is pay more attention to your identity.” Lu Qun hopes Long Mo Er understands the real problem.

To be very scared and on the edge of fear every day because of worrying for her little Miss’ identity being discovered, she is always shocked by her little Miss’ activity.

Listening to Lu Qun talk about her identity, Long Mo Er feels a bit embarrassed. When she was in the bustling street, she forgot that she is Long Wan Er, ruining her big sister’s perfect image because of her careless attitude. Fortunately Ye Che didn’t find out anything, since he said nothing. Or else she might be filled of loopholes.

“I am so sorry, I will pay more attention, won’t be so careless anymore. I am Long Wan Er, someone gentle who possess an elegant aura in other’s eyes.” Long Mo Er gathers her determination.

“But, Lu Qun, but now I am also one of the Ye’s family member, I should do my part to make them happy. This way, I could show them the considerate Long Wan Er!” Long Mo Er is still unwilling to give up.

“Yes, Miss, I understand, I understand everything. You are a kind hearted person, you are caring and considerate of all people surrounding you and want all of them happy. But the matter of Ye’s family business, Big Young Master, Third Young Master, Fourth Young Master, all of them could solve it, some problems can be solved only by time. Or else, Ye’s family business won’t expand as it is today.” Dealing with her stubborn little Miss, she is so speechless.

“I believe they have that ability but still, I really want to help and share the burden; I don’t want to be looked down by Ye Che!” Long Mo Er shows her pitiful expression, looking at Lu Qun. She is reminded of Ye Che’s disbelieving expression.

“Miss.” Lu Qun is speechless and helpless.

The wind is blowing inside the room through the window, bringing in the scent of flowers. Long Mo Er feels somewhat like being in the wavering wind.

The sky is pale blue, not the slightly white color.

Two people’s small shadows leave the court yard when no one is paying attention; they are leaving the Ye’s residence secretly.


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