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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 22

Actually I am thinking to summarize the chapters since I feel some of the chapters really boring. I know you guys are waiting for the OTP. But, during the process, I think, We need to endure little bit since the interesting part will appear soon. heheheehhee

This part, kind of shorter because it talking about Long Mo Er who is thinking to help Ye’s family business by observing Zhang Ji, the competitor of Ye’s business in clothing.

Chapter 22

Personally Observing The Competitor (Part 1)

In bustling big street, crowded with people, the horse carriages.

Zhang Ji, a store name is displaying silk and satins outside, while two young ladies are standing not far, observing the people who get in and out from there.

“Why there is nothing happen?” Long Mo Er spoke softly to herself.

They are standing here, only to see what kind of trick Zhang Ji used to attract the customer so that they have lots of business, what kind of secret they have?

But half day already passed, all the customer are so normal get in and get out. The boss of the silk and satins and the others shop assistant all of them are doing the business so normal, there even no slightly suspicious situation. There is nothing “abnormal” they can find out. All of them are so normal in doing their thing.

“Move, Lu Qun we get inside!”

Long Mo Er said to Lu Qun, but she still focus and pay attention to the silk and satins store inside, the movement. She doesn’t want to lose any small detail of their movement.

“Really need to get inside? Is this alright?” Lu Qun hesitated.

“How do you catch the tiger cub without entering tiger’s lair (nothing ventured, nothing gained)? We are here, entering the store won’t affect anything.”

“Miss, you are Ye’s family member now, entering Zhang Ji, there will be gossip by people.” Lu Qun is trying to protect the last principle of her, still struggling to ensure her Miss.

“Even walking inside the Ye’s store, no one could recognize me, moreover the outsider? How could they know me?” not caring too much, she can’t get out without gain anything.

On the way coming here, she has thought. Ye’s business always better compare to Zhang Ji. Suddenly occurring some big changes, it really weird. It must be something or reason behind it, if they are not doing some movement at back, it means they might have a way to be success!

Doesn’t care what method they used, she, Long Mo Er wants to make used her own method to scout out. Every time she always looks bad in front the Ye’s family, but above all of it, she will give them the result, so they will increase their respect to her, she should find out the root of the problems.

“But, Miss.”

“Stopped it, don’t be overly sensitive.”

Long Mo Er pulling Lu Qun, entering the silk and satins store.

“Young Lady, what kind of cloth you are looking for?” the silk and satin store boss asking since he has seen both of the lady have been standing outside the store for long time, he sees their appearance that not similar to bad persons. Seeing them as secretive people, they not really one of kind since both of the ladies are entering so opened and honorable which hard for him to describe. Finally both of them walking in, he wants to see what the young ladies want to do.

“I… We are randomly looking.” Long Mo Er under the vision of the Boss, cannot naturally answered, even her face is putting smile that she forces.

“Well, Ladies you may randomly takes look, if you need help, called me it will be fine.” The boss generous said, he wants to know what they are planning, still he can’t beat the grass scared the snake (inadvertently alert an enemy).

“Oh, fine, thank you boss!” Long Mo Er nodding her head.

After the boss passing them, he is talking with others customers.


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