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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 23

satins and silks

Chapter 23

Personally Observing The Competitor (Part 2)

Long Mo Er starts to examine the bulk of silks and satins.

She has never been in a silk and satin store. The clothes she wore, all of the fabric cloths were ordered by her father. She doesn’t even know the difference between silk and satin since she never paid attention to such things. Finally today she has an opportunity to see silk and satin.

Long Mo Er’s eyes are rolling and seeing surrounded, not missing any corner.

Actually this silk and satin compared with the other clothes are not much different. More or less it is the same; the rack on the wall displays various kinds with different colors and different pieces of clothes. Inside the rack there are lots of clothes with many different quantities.

Perhaps it is about distance, the customer can walk to the front of the rack, choosing the most suitable clothes that they like. She makes the comparison for herself; it looks like the silk and satin business is really not bad.

Long Mo Er walks toward the side with less people, with her fingertip touching the fabric clothes. She randomly flips, just wanting to know what is special about Zhang Ji’s clothes. But there isn’t anything that she feels satisfied with, all are just so ordinary.

Once they put the pink clothes with fragile flower material hanging on the wall that can be seen. Her eyes brightened up.

She moves in front, happily pulling down the material, touching the slip smooth material. “Lu Qun, is this cloth material suitable for Ruo Xuan Mei Mei? The first time I saw it, I feel it is really suitable with Ruo Xuan Mei Mei.”

Lu Qun just wanted to ask her, whether her Miss intended to buy the cloth material for Fifth Miss, but a voice made her turn.

“Boss, I want this piece of cloth.” That voice’s master used her fingertip to point out, then pulling one corner of that pink fragile flower material, said to the boss.

“Cai Fu Ren (Madam Cai), you have good eyes, I could see that if you wear this cloth, you will be so beautiful.” Behind her, two people who seem to be the same age as that woman jostle in.

Hearing how she is being praised as beautiful, Cai Fu Ren is really happy; her smile is like a blooming flower on her face, very spirited, very cocky.

“Cai Fu Ren, is this the one? It’s the only one left; I am going to wrap it. You have really good eyes.” The boss quickly walks closer.

“Boss, Madam, this cloth material is mine, I’m the first person who saw it.” Being ignored Long Mo Er opened her mouth without any expression, it was she who saw the material first, this Madam is the person who squeezed and jostled in without saying words, a person that doesn’t have manner on the principle of first come first serve, just jostling in and saying she wants to buy it, how could she be like this? This is for Ruo Xuan Mei Mei.

“So what if you are the first person who saw it? You didn’t say you want to buy it? Cai Fu Ren didn’t say anything but the boss was the person who opened his mouth. At the beginning, he could sense these young ladies are so strange, and now they even dare to offend Cai Fu Ren. Cai Fu Ren is one of the legitimate concubines of the high rank officer*; he doesn’t want to get involved with these two young ladies.

Cai Fu Ren seeing the boss help speaking, she is so happy, she as someone who is the legitimate concubine of the high rank officer, who won’t make great effort in front her? These two young ladies, who do they think they are; she likes the cloth who would dare to snatch?

“You, this person, how could you be like this? It is so obvious that My Miss is the first one who saw it. Don’t think just because you are older means you can argue without being reasonable.” Initially Lu Qun was against her Miss purchasing the material, but things have changed, how can she not help her Miss?

“What? Damn maid, you said that I am old, are you tired of living? You should know who I am, this kind of maid dare to speak with me using this kind of attitude, toward me, tell me what household are you from? Simply say I am impatient.” At that moment the woman’s face became ugly because of angry.

“Cai Fu Ren, don’t get angry because of these two ladies who do not know how high the sky and how thick the land, they are beneath your dignity” said the woman who is standing and trying to win her favor, while the other woman said to Long Mo Er: “Cai Fu Ren is the legitimate concubine of a high ranked officer, you guys should apologize to her.”

“I don’t care who you are? Even if the Emperor is here, he should speak something reasonable!” Lu Qun seeing them with a hateful facepanted with rage and replied.

Seeing her Miss is a kind and nice person, easy to bully, even being pressed with their status. But she, Lu Qun isn’t someone that is easy to be bullied; she can’t let her Miss be bullied.

“You, you damn maid!”Cai Fu Ren is pissed off; even the people who are just standing by, heard the noise and admired Lu Qun bravely.

Everyone knows that offending Cai Fu Ren, she will always use her status as the legal concubine of high rank officer to press people? So, there is no one who dares to offend her since everyone knows offending her, they will create disaster for themselves; it has been a while since someone dare offended her. When meeting her, most of them would avoid her.

So, all these people are waiting for the continuation. But Long Mo Er who is standing beside suddenly said: “Fu Ren, sorry, it is our fault! I can’t teach her well – here I am apologizing to you. This cloth is yours.”

Once these words are spoken, everyone just became dumbfounded.

Only, Cai Fu Ren laughed: “You are count as smart!” she knew that everyone who understood, offending her won’t do any good for them.

“Lu Qun, let’s go.” After Long Mo Er said that, she walked out the front.

Based on Miss’ nature and her character she won’t let this thing pass by like this, why? Even Lu Qun didn’t understand, but still she followed her out.

Everyone thought that finally there is a person who dares to fight and offend Cai Fu Ren, but seeing the result, all of them are so disappointed.

  • Shang Shu : High Rank Official at same level with government minister

4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 23

  1. Ahhhhh that’s a cliff-hanger ending!!! I wonder why she stopped the maid, when clearly she’s a very bold and rash young lady. She’s acting weird but I can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks!!!!

    1. You are welcome
      The arguing? she doesn’t have interest to continue it. Because her attitude is represent her big sister (Real Long Wan Er) and at same time Ye’s family since she married into Ye’s household.
      Moreover she has something more important to do 🙂

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