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Clean Eating : Red Soup


Last time, I posted the salad as easy healthy food alternative for those can’t not really good in cooking. so, I would like to share another simple menu, easy to do but still taste good and healthy.

Red soup is a soup that colored bright red from some vegetable which has natural red color such as red spinach, red cabbage, beetroot, etc.

My Soup ingredients :

  • Red spinach (200gr)
  • Red cabbage
  • Carrot (small-medium size)
  • sweet corn (not frozen or canned)
  • Granulated mushroom
  • salt
  • garlic
  • water

Red soup is so easy to make because there is no difference between making common soup such as boiling the water and mixed all the ingredients.

I don’t use any meat since I am still vege but if you are meat eater, you may add chicken or pork. I don’t suggest beef because the taste will be too heavy.

Recently I get to used many red spinach for my dish because red spinach is enrich with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, red spinach is good for those who has anemia (as iron supplies), hair loss and also good for digestion. While Red Cabbage/purple cabbage is rich with vitamin A (ten times than green ones) and also iron.

Putting carrot and corn only to make the soup taste little bit sweet and to enrich the color of the soup.


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