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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 24

Chapter 24 Tea House, Shedding Tears

Long Mo Er hurriedly left the silk and satin store; on the bottom of her heart she is really thankful to Cai Fu Ren.

If not for Cai Fu Ren’s words, what else would remind her that she was Long Wan Er, the Third Young Madam of Ye’s family; furthermore, she was standing at Ye’s family competitor. If not, earlier she might have talked with that woman, who cares about her status.

But since she is secretly going out, she can’t make the matter bigger, quarrelling till bubbling and gurgling;or it’s completely over. Moreover that is Zhang Ji, if there is someone who recognized her as Ye’s family member, she is afraid what kind of gossip would spread.

This time her response is quicker than Lu Qun. Looking at Lu Qun’s face, Long Mo Er is happier.

But the GOD didn’t allow her to be!

The man standing in front of her escalated walking closer to her, his face is excited.

“Lady, do you remember me? I am Zhang Nian Liang. We meet again.” First words were said by Zhang Nian Liang after seeing Long Mo Er, who just realized something different with Long Mo Er. That time she was hurryingly leaving him, she didn’t even give her name, hard to find ah~

Today his luck is so good, finally meeting her. No wonder this morning when he woke up, he heard the magpie’s chirps.

“Were you the person who talked with Ye Che?” Long Mo Er tried to remember Zhang Nian Liang inside her memories.

“You still remember me, it’s too good.” Being remembered by this cute young lady, I feel so good; doesn’t this mean that this young lady has feelings toward him too?

Lu Qun gives Zhang Nian Liang a glare full of hatred. She doesn’t understand why upon meeting this man her entire body feels uncomfortable, something’s wrong, whatever it is, she hates him. Last time Third Young Master was also too lazy to deal with him, that is to say, this man is not a good man; she really needs to take her Miss away.

“Miss, the time is getting late, we should go back.” She didn’t make any opportunity for him to bring her Miss.

“Young lady, are you busy? Why are you in such a hurry?” Zhang Nian Liang after listening to Lu Qun’s words, hurriedly asked Long Mo Er.

Long Mo Er thought that Lu Qun was still pissed off because of the incident in the silk and satins store, she even smiled to her.

“Nothing!” she met this man again, whether to prove that she has a chance to know more about YeChe from this man or not? Why doesn’t she grasp this opportunity? When she thought she can know more about Ye Che, she is so excited!

“So, young lady, I will treat you to tea, won’t you?” Zhang Nian Liang wanted to spend more time with Long Mo Er, hoping he could make her stay with him.

“Fine!” Long Mo Er agreed so fast. She is really fine with drinking tea and talking about Ye Che. Drinking a cup of tea, she might know more about Ye Che, really too good.

“Miss, why do you give that bastard an opportunity?” Lu Qun pulled Long Mo Er, whispering to her.

“Zhang Gong Zi isn’t a bastard; he is Ye Che’s friend!” Long Mo Er softly answered.

Why does Lu Qun hate Zhang Gong Zi?

“Young Lady, this side, please.” Zhang Nian Liang knew that Lu Qun had a purpose toward him. Afraid that he might say something bad to Long Mo Er, letting her change her mind, that’s why she cut all his words.

“Ng.” Long Mo Er followed him.

Lu Qun helplessly followed them. Only her Miss would thinks this Zhang Nian Liang is a good person, she only hoped nothing bad will happen. “My Lord GOD, You should protect us!”

“Zhang Gong Zi, are you close with Ye Che?” Long Mo Er put down her cup and asked. Her naïve eyes sparkling as it looked at Zhang Nian Liang who is in front of her, expecting his answer.

“With the Third Young Master of Ye’s family?” even though he didn’t understand Long Mo Er’s intention, but seeing Long Mo Er’s eyes, he is overwhelmed, he thought that Long Mo Er has a good impression on him, then he started: “of course we are close, we often meet.” It is true that he met him, but only in passing by; that time he took initiative to call Ye Che.

“Oh ya? So you must know Ye Che well?” it looked as if they were so close and familiar, Long Mo Er even thought that both of them are really good friends, believing him so much.

Lu Qun stood up at behind her, really can’t restraint herself and said: “it’s finished, Miss, you are helpless.”

“I really know him well; he is very well-known in this central city, all of the people are afraid of him. But I don’t get scared of him, I’m also very famous in this central city, just mention my name, no one in this city doesn’t know me.” Zhang Nian Liang boasted about himself.

“All people are afraid of him?” Long Mo Er said with a twinkling in her eyes.

Every time she meets Ye Che, she is flustered, panicking and even sweating cold sweat. Is it because she is afraid of him? Does everyone also experience the same thing as her? Yes, “afraid”, it is?

“He’s always showing that expression, and also dislikes to smile, as if everyone is in debt with him, thinking he acted cool, of course everyone is afraid of him. Every time I meet him, I feel like smashing him.” After he spoke, he looked around, scared about being found out by Ye Che. He doesn’t want to bear the responsibility. His words only showed for the beauty who sits in front of him, blushing smile, to boast himself.

Actually, he doesn’t have guts toward Ye Che!

“Ah?” Is it really?” how could it be like this, the answer that she expected is far different.

“Oh ya, only when he is with Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan, he will act differently.” Zhang Nian Liang remembered Ye Che’s other confidante, without adding anything, he said it.

“Fei Yan?” Long Mo Er’s heart ached. The tea cup on her hand fell down.

It seems Ye Che really likes that Fei Yan, only Fei Yan is someone special inside his heart.

Why does she feel that her face is damp? The front scene becomes blur all of a sudden?

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  1. Oooo, getting interesting. Someone is definitely feeling jealous. I wonder what the relationship is like between Ye Che and Fei Yan. Thanks for the speedy updates!

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