Review : Etude Oh My God Spot Whitening Cream


If I am not born with white fair skin to pale skin tone, I think, I won’t need any whitening product only to balance my skin tone.

I did observed my skin for last few months, I realized my skin tone imbalance. There are parts of my body which the skin darker compare to others, such as knees (the most visible ones), elbow (still okay),  and my back of neck.  Because I have white fair skin, whenever I wear my short pants, parts in my knees will always darker and I kind discomfort (reason : friends might directly tell me about imbalance skin tone but strangers will pointing me =.=” )

Product description :
Etude House Oh My Goodness, spot whitening cream anti wrinkle + whitening
This cream containing meadowsweet flower that brighten up skin, soothes skin, and has nice herb fragrances

Product Promise :
Brightening item for your Black Spot.
Double-functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle correction.
It produces shine skin-brightening effects.
To soothe tired skin from external and harmful factors
Maintaining smooth feeling.

How to use :
Apply amount of which you want to make milk shade.(Armpit ,Knee ,Elbows, Bikini line, etc.)
Pat lightly for absorption.
*Apply amount of and Rinse off with lukewarm water if you want more dry feeling.

Result on Me :
Product texture is white creamy cream with flower and also herb scent which quite nice (even not my favorite). It absorb faster than secret key snow white spot gel and no greasy or stickiness.

when I applied it for the first time, I could see the difference in my skin tone because it whiter after applied. But, the white wasn’t permanent after washed by luke warm water or cold water. My skin tone seems to get back as before application.

After using the product for two weeks, the REAL result shown. My skin indeed become whiter and smooth. Even there is no any soothing or cooling sensation, I still like this product better than Secret key snow white spot gel.

For me this product works better for balancing my skin tone

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