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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 25

 Chapter 25 Family’s Helped

“Young lady? Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?”

Because of Zhang Nian Liang, Long Mo Er realized she was crying.

Why is she crying?”

“Miss? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Lu Qun was worried and asked herself, wasn’t she just fine a moment ago?

“Lu Qun, I want to go home” said Long Mo Er, standing while crying.

“Fine, fine, Miss don’t cry, let’s go home.” Lu Qun thought Long Mo Er might be sick, and hurriedly comforted her; she hopes her Miss will stop crying and restrain herself a little bit.

Seeing the two people in front of him prepare to leave, Zhang Nian Liang panicked.

He stands up, his big step strides in front of Long Mo Er, holding Long Mo Er’s hand: “How could you leave in such a way? I have been waiting for you.”

“Let me go! I want to go home.”

Long Mo Er puts all her effort in tossing his hand away, which is holding hers.

“Beauty, I won’t easily let you go.” Only by those words Zhang Nian Liang was exposing the truth about his real intentions.

“My Miss is asking you to let her go.” Lu Qun shouted, holding Long Mo Er’s hand to help her.

In the beginning she already knew this Zhang Nian Liang isn’t a good man, but her Miss is so naïve and stubborn in believing him, now her Miss knows what kind of person he is!

Zhang Nian Liang panicked, which caused him to put down his hand.

The meat that he has in front of him, he won’t let it go that easily, giving her a good “face” she think he is an easy person, she wants to come then come, wants to go then go, who does she think Zhang Nian Liang is? She doesn’t even give him any benefit.

“Faster, capture them” said Zhang Nian Liang.

“Stop, let her go.” The cold and loud voice makes everyone feel stuffed; the person who captured Long Mo Er’s hand was shocked and released her, giving Long Mo Er and Lu Qun the opportunity to escape.

When both of them turned their heads, they knew who saved them.

In this moment they are dumbfounded.

Two good looking men, expressionlessly look at her, even though they are expressionless, but both Long Mo Er and Lu Qun could sense their cold and terrifying radiance. Long Mo Er lowered her head, not daring to look at them.

Before they were so gentle and warm when they interacted with her. Now, she doesn’t know how to face them, it’s better for her to step back, walking to their side.

Zhang Nian Liang saw Long Mo Er walking away because of that foolish person who let her go. His hand prepared to capture Long Mo Er’s hand, at the time he wanted to grab her hand, but a low and deep strong voice said: “You dare to touch her, be careful with your hand.” Zhang Nian Liang hands numbed.

Long Mo Er raised her head, seeing nothing, she kept on walking to the front.

“Wei, Big Ye’s Young Master, Ye’s Fourth Young Master, what are you doing? You guys don’t interrupt my business.”

Zhang Nian Liang shrunk under Ye Yan’s glaring look, fidgety, asked, his eyes wide open seeing the beauty walking toward them.

“Big brother, Fourth brother” Long Mo Er cautiously and solemnly looked at them.

“Big Young Master, Fourth Young Master.” Lu Qun’s voice is trembling; now in front of her eyes were the big Young Master and Fourth Young Master who looked so scary!

“Big brother?Fourth brother?” Zhang Nian Liang pondered: “I never knew that Ye’s family has two daughters!”

“You don’t know her status, and think to cause trouble for her? Damn you (taboo cursing), you really don’t want to live anymore.” Finally Ye Ding unable to withstand, panted with rage, walked to the front and pulled Zhang Nian Liang’s robe, lifting his body up.

Actually his first intention in going out with his big brother was to talk about business. When entering the Tea House, they saw a group of men making a movement to two weak young ladies; moreover one of the ladies was crying; furthermore that young lady is someone they know, his third sister in law. His breath became unstable immediately and hurriedly came to approach. He really wanted to crash, smash, and mush those bastards into two pieces.

Long Mo Er ran to approach Ye Ding’s side, came beside him, her pair of hands lifted, and murmured: “No… don’t! I… I’m sorry! I… He’s… not… doing anything …me. I… I want to go home.” She can’t make Ye Ding hit others because of her, now she really wants to go home.

Long Mo Er’s tears whirling, letting Ye Ding put his hand down, releasing Zhang Nian Liang’s robe.

“Third sister in law.” He really doesn’t understand; then his dissatisfaction just changed to a deep sigh.

“Ding, bring Wan Er to our residence.” Looking at Long Mo Er’s condition, Ye Yan thought the best thing is sending her home first.

“Third sister in law, we’ll go home.” Said Ye Ding.

“So that beauty is Ye’s Third Young Master’s wife?” people are gossiping when all the Ye’s left the place, while Zhang Nian Liang looked shocked when he heard this news.

At the main door of the Ye residence, the horse carriage stopped.

All the people inside the horse carriage got off; together they entered the main door.

“Lu Qun, you take Wan Er to have a rest.” Ye Yan said: “and, all the things that happened today, all should be kept as a secret.” He doesn’t want his father and mother to worry, and of course Ye Che. Still not knowing how Ye Che’s and Long Mo Er’s relationship develop to what “stage”, if this matter really affected their relationship, it won’t be good.

“Big Brother…” Ye Ding still wanted to ask his Third sister in law what actually happened, why she appeared in the Tea House, and how she could be together with that shameless bastard. He wants to know all these things.

Ye Yan stopped him: “I know what you want to say, follow me to the study room.”


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  1. Hmmm, I hope this won’t cause too much friction between the OTP. I hope their feelings soon further develop. Thanks for the update!

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