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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 26


Chapter 26 Ye Che Pissed Off

In front of the red door, Long Mo Er paused.

“Lu Qun, you may take your leave, I want to be alone.”

“Fine, Miss, if you need something just call me.”

“Ng” Long Mo Er entered the room and closed the door.

Zhang Nian Liang’s words are still in his mind.

“Only with Bai Hua Lane’s Fei Yan will he show a different expression.”


Why does her heart in so much hurt and pain? With the pain as if she couldn’t breathe? She can’t control her emotions and her tears started to drop. How could it be like this? A long time ago, when she was hurt because of tumbling down, the pain did not hurt like this, she also wouldn’t cry, but now…

She lowered her head, trying to depend on her memory of the room, preparing to walk to her bed.

“Where are you going?”

She doesn’t dare to believe, she heard Ye Che’s voice.

How can he be here? He never came here before! Long Mo Er thought she might be mistaken so she kept on walking forward.

“I am asking you, are you listening?”

Ye Che is pissed off and walked to her side, he grasped Long Mo Er’s pair of hand, so she is able to face him.

Today he’s really confused and weird; he didn’t realize it but suddenly he walked over here, entering her room. After he married Long Mo Er, this room was given to Long Mo Er, while he always slept in the guest room or the study room.

Walking till here, everything was so familiar to him, nothing has changed, but because of someone, he felt something is different, many feminine things are inside.

He looked at all the corners of the room, but he couldn’t see her, even her shadow. Seeing the empty room, his heart suddenly felt empty and lost. He had been living here for more than twenty years but this is the first time he felt this way.

After that, he ordered people to look for her.

After he was waiting for half a day, he got the answer that Long Mo Er wasn’t in the residence; Lu Qun also disappeared with her.

At that moment he was furious.

Why was she secretly going out from the residence again?

Does she never think about her status?

As said she is someone elegant, the well-educated big Miss of the Long’s household?

Does she ever think about his feeling?


At that time, Ye Che didn’t realize that besides being so angry, he was also worried about her.

His worries are greater than his anger.

Ye Che couldn’t sit properly; he kept on sitting down and up, agitatedly waiting for her to get back home.

When he saw the door open, he saw her walking alone inside. He tried to control himself, and asked her with a low voice.

She, she only paused; she seems to be not listening to him at all.

Now she got back, but she does not take notice of him. Her guts seems to be passed the level of his thought, unexpectedly, there is no reason and explanation she gives to him.

His anger bursts out; he walked in front of her, grasping her hand, only to make her face him.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 26

  1. Yes, here and there are now hints of them falling in love with each other! Thanks for the update. I’m excited for the next chapter. Maybe they’ll share a kiss again. 🙂

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