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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 27

This is one of the beautiful and heart-warming chapter.
A man who has high self pride alike Ye Che finally admitting his feeling. He has fallen for her since first time he saw her.

I like the way Ye Che showing his gentleness and affection toward Long Mo Er.


Chapter 27 Forgetting Anger

Long Mo Er is dragged by the powerful strength. In her fuzzy vision she sees Ye Che’s charming face.

“Ye Che? Is that you?” Long Mo Er’s hand pain is nothing compared to her disbelief; in front of her is the real Ye Che, not her illusion, he is real.

When Long Mo Er lifted her head, Ye Che obviously could see her teary red eyes; her face is wet with tears. Suddenly, he feels something in his heart is exploding, letting him use his fingers to stroke her face gently.

“What happened?” Ye Che loosened her hands and asked panicking.


He doesn’t get the answer with words but he got an answer with a grieved and broken hearted crying voice.

Long Mo Er uses all her strength to hug Ye Che’s waist. Her head is in his bosom, tightly hugging him. All her grievance, her pain, her broken-hearted, her anxiety… all just became alike as beads of dropping tears; she burst out in Ye Che’s embrace.

Ye Che is shocked and surprised with Long Mo Er, at the moment she touched him, he could only stand stiff, he doesn’t even know where to put his hands.

What was happening to her? What matter was she facing?

Did she get bullied by others?

When he thought of all the possibilities, the initial Ye Che that didn’t know where to put his hand suddenly put his hand at Long Mo Er’s back and held her gently.

Why does her crying voice feel like its breaking his heart extremely? He will go insane.

He doesn’t know what karma he has done before, Ye Che was always someone who could be so calm and composed, but now he insanely wants to kill anyone who hurt Long Mo Er.

He really wants to know what has happened to her, but she is hugging him this tightly, making it hard for him to move, he can only let her cry out.

After sometime, slowly Long Mo Er’s crying voice becomes soundless.

Her voice becomes weaker and weaker, until suddenly it became quiet, no voice.

Ye Che lowers his head, looking at Long Mo Er who shut her eyes closed. Her face still wet because of her tears.

Long Mo Er fell asleep.

Ye Che gently carried Long Mo Er who slept soundly, walking to the bed. He knows that she is petite but he never knew that she was really light. As if a precious treasure, Ye Che is careful on his every footstep while carrying her.

Gently putting her on the bed and pulling the blanket to cover her. He doesn’t even bother with himself, his robe is wet because of Long Mo Er’s tears; he walked to the basin which is filled with water, twist the dry towel, and then he went back to the bed’s edge.

Using his finger, Ye Che doesn’t want to affect Long Mo Er’s sleep, as he wipes her tears in her small face very carefully.

“Do you know? After I married you, do you know the things that always come to my mind?” Ye Che wipes her face very gently, he wipes while speaking softly, this is the first time Ye Che showed his warm and gentle face expression. “I am thinking about you.”

“Thinking about you, I don’t even have the strength to control myself to stop thinking about you. At the beginning, I was afraid that you were someone who is poisonous as the snake and vicious, a lady that is filled with scheme. Afraid you are someone, who because of money, married into my family. Every day I always looked at you, asking people to see and observe every movement of yours.”

Ye Che put down the towel.

“During the first meeting, I helped you. Then, I grew curious about you. You are someone who has guts when dealing with others and even fought with those thugs in the bustling street, moreover you are only a girl. At that time, you were really unique. Just on that way, you have entered into my heart, entering my life.”

“After knowing you are Long Wan Er, I was surprised. Only because you are Long Wan Er, I abided and avoided your presence. On that day, I saw you crying, I was thinking why should I care so much about your tears? Then, after I thought deeply about my feeling toward you, I decided to hide. When I saw your happy expression while eating with all the Ye’s family members, I was doubtful and felt uneasy with myself, because after you saw me, your expression changed and became stiff and nervous. To rethink now, I think during that time I intentionally did it, so only for you to remember me.”

“Then, not long after, in the garden, you said to me, whether we could live peacefully with each other? It was just clear and obvious that I…” Ye Che flashes back to the scenery of them when they were in the garden.

“For days, I really couldn’t understand myself why I acted that way. Moreover, I started to miss you. Seeing your tears, it becomes days of problem for me, finally I came to understand.”

He gently holds Long Mo Er hands, Ye Che puts her hand to his lips: “I will make all people to know what your status, you, Long Wan Er is mine, Ye Che’s wife.”

He stood up and kissed Long Mo Er’s lip.

Ye Che covers the blanket well for her, glancing her for a moment before he goes out.

Now, he should make things clear, what matter makes her cry.


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 27

    1. Ye Che knew about Long Wan Er after second day he married her. He met her when she was secretly went out from the residence only to find out Bai Hua Lane, a place that Ye Che likes to visit.

  1. awww…finally…ye che understand..he loves her.haahaaa…yes..everyone need to know…who our little miss..thanks for this…

  2. This is a sweet chapter. Hopefully, there will be even more sweetness, and not too much angst, to come. Thanks for the sugary sweet chapter!

  3. Wow this confession is way much better than the shared kiss I just hoped for. I super love this chapter, I think I’ll be re-reading it many times. 🙂 Thanks.

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