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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 28

Chapter 28 The conversation in the Study Room

Inside the study room, the atmosphere is so terrifying.

Lu Qun is so nervous standing, her shaking hand grabbing her robe.

Big Young Master’s and Fourth Young Master’s eyes make her feet feel weak. If her strength does not exist, she might fall to the ground.

After she sent her Miss to her room, she didn’t even have a proper chance to breath, someone was asked to call her to meet Big Young Master in the study room.

The chilling atmosphere ruined her composed self that she tried to make before.

Aiya, MY GOD! My life is hard!

What bad thing did she do to GOD?

Why should a gutless (chicken-hearted) person like her face this kind of big matter?

Big Young Master and Fourth Young Master are sweet-tempered people, treating the servants and maids good, but these two people in front of her are so scary, it’s a lie if she isn’t afraid of them now.

Why did they call her to come here?

Ah! Won’t it… won’t it… won’t they use the house’s law1] to punish her?

She heard that the wealthy people have so many ways to punish their servants according to the house’s law…

If that thick and long whip will be whipped onto her body, the long wood will hit her butt, her finger being fried in hot oil, those wounds…

Aiya! Her body might be filled with many wound and pain would be her death.

She doesn’t want to think about the punishment!

How could her life be so tragic? If earlier she knew, even if she died she wouldn’t let her little Miss go out.

Lu Qun showed a fearful expression, her fear spreading all over her body.

This won’t do, she should give a good explanation to clear herself and her Miss, she can’t make Big Young Master and The Fourth Young Master misunderstand her Miss.

She doesn’t want to be punished, being punished half to death without giving a clear explanation. She doesn’t want to lie on bed for the rest of her life.

After a moment.

This is not the Long household; even if her Miss wants to help her out, she doesn’t even have that power. She will tell the truth.

Fine! Based on the attitude of Big Young Master and Fourth Young Master, her Miss won’t get problems, but who will help her? She needs to protect herself.

“Big Young Master, Fourth Young Master, Lu Qun admits the fault.” Lu Qun threw a glance at them, and then she kneeled. “Today Miss went out from the residence, I didn’t stop her, it’s really my fault.”

After secretly glancing at the facial changes of Big Young Master, Lu Qun continue: “Miss went out, not for playing, but she didn’t want to see Third Young Master and all the Ye’s family members frown everyday because of the business matters, so Miss wanted to visit Zhang Ji to have a look in order to help out this family matter.” She tried not to make her voice tremble, forcing herself to say the truth.

After hearing this, Ye Yan and Ye Ding are throwing glances, stuffed for a moment.

“So you said, Third sister-in-law only wanted to make us happy, she thought of helping the business? And she even visited Zhang Ji?” Ye Ding’s face filled with surprise.

Lu Qun nodded, she told them all the things from the start in complete detail.

“What? Both of you even met that damn woman, Cai Fu Ren? She even argued with Third sister-in-law?” Ye Ding even shouted after hearing that.

He knows that Cai minister’s side concubine, that woman, thought that because she is younger than other concubines of the Cai Minister, she is being loved and spoiled by the Cai minister, if she becomes offended, it might lose one life. Third sister in law is someone elegant and well educated; she really can’t win over that woman. If she didn’t suffer a loss, it’s even weirder.

“No, I was trying to help Miss seek justice, but I was stopped by Miss.” Lu Qun hurriedly said.

Ye Yan came to understand; she not only prevented the matter from becoming bigger; she also knew how to behave.

He really admired Long Wan Er’s consideration.

Note :
1] 家Jia 规 Gui : family rules, family law, discipline


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 28

  1. thank you….
    i can’t wait to know what happen next.
    is there will appear some misunderstand between ye che and long mo er???
    how about cai fu ren and lu qun???
    what will Big Young Master and The Fourth Young Master do???
    waaah… i’m so curious about what happen next…..

    1. Hi arni,
      It has been sometime ah, hehehehe
      You come out with so many questions…
      Ye Che will break long mo er’s by visiting fei yan, just blame foolish ye che. He goes without know the complete story.

      1. i just sometimes leave a comment. but i’m always read your translation.
        i hope this misunderstand will be clear…
        thank you for your hard work.

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