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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 29

Chapter 29 Heart Pain

After Ye Che went out of the room, he asked someone where Lu Qun is. He wanted to know the reason behind Long Mo Er’s tears.

After he asked, he found out that Lu Qun was called by Ye Yan to the study room.

He is curious why Lu Qun was being called by his Big Brother, but he doesn’t have the time to care that much, the only thing he wants to know is what happened to Long Mo Er.

He didn’t arrive at the front door of the study room, but he could already hear Ye Ding’s screaming voice.

Why was Ding also there? Did both Big Brother and Ding know what’s going on?

What is going on?

“Third sister-in-law even had a drink of tea with that bastard Zhang Nian Liang?”

Those words shouted by Ye Ding, every word is heard by Ye Che.

Ye Che’s fingers make a fist, wanting to push the door open, but after he didn’t hear anymore voices, he really wanted to punch someone after he heard the news.

Did she go out only to have a tea with Zhang Nian Liang? She only met Zhang Nian Liang days ago, are they that close? So how about all the words he said before? Doesn’t she know that she is someone’s wife? So who is he for her?

His big Brother and others have known earlier what his wife was doing outside while he as her husband was the last person to know.

So the words he had told her, all was to satirize himself, he is really a joke!

His first time to be sincere in admitting his feeling, he even gets this kind of result.

Hahahaha, how ridicule it is!

His slender finger slowly changed into fist, his palm is covered with fresh red blood. Actually he was in a hurry to find the answer to his heart; after he got the answer, Ye Che turned his body and left.

He doesn’t want to hear anything about her.


At that moment, there is the sound of the cup falling.

“Third Young Master, sorry, this lowly one didn’t see, Third Young Master” the maid didn’t have an opportunity to calm herself, looking at Ye Che’s murderous glance, she only kept on apologizing.

The tea water stained Ye Che’s body, the initial wet robe becomes worse.

Ye Che as if he heard nothing left with a big step.

After he went out from residence, he thought his mood will get better, but his feeling toward Long Mo Er exceeded than what he thought.

Before he has been hurt with a big wound, but he was never as hurt as he is today, he is at a loss on what to do.

“Ei, isn’t he the Third young Master of Ye’s family?” a woman whispered to another woman on the street.

“What happened?” the other woman seemed not to understand and asked.

“Haven’t you heard? The Third Young Madam of Ye’s family and The Young Master Zhang Nian Liang were aggressively pulling each other at Tea House.”

“Are you sure?” the other woman seeemed not to believe.

“It’s true, all the people in Tea house have seen it, that Third Young Madam of Ye’s family was leaving with the Big Young Master and The Fourth Young Master of Ye’s family.

“I dare not to believe.”

“Nothing is impossible in this world. Everything can happen in this world.”

“So the Ye’s Third Young Master is really pitiful, marrying that kind of woman into his family, she is really shaming the family!”

“You are right, as they say, Ye’s Third Young Master didn’t intend to marry that woman before.”


Everything they say is heard by Ye Che.

Never thought that smart men like Ye Che, only because of a woman, would become the entire laughing stock of the city.

5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 29

  1. thank you for the chapter…
    it got to a good part now….
    oh my….ye che you idiot…how could you gone before listening till the end. 😦
    long mo er, please be brave.

    1. yeah you right.
      He Loves her too much so the pain, jealous and insecurity are in maximum level. Blindly guessing, without trying to find the truth… he hurt himself and Long Mo Er.

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