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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 30

bai hua

Chapter 30 Drunk in Bai Hua Lane

Ye Che exposed his bitter smile.

So this is how it feels to have a sincere heart trampled.

He walked aimlessly with no direction; the sky gets darker, similar to Ye Che’s feelings.

Ye’s residence, because of her, he couldn’t stay for a little bit longer, he doesn’t know how to face her at this moment, so he could only walk without any sense of direction, keep walking to find himself some peace.

Time has passed for a moment, as Ye Che lifted his head; he discovered that he is standing in front of Bai Hua Lane’s main door.

Has it been sometime since he visited this place? Yeah, since the second day he married her?

He’s unwilling to think about her, so flinging back his head, he walked inside Bai Hua Lane.

“Ye’s Third Young Master, finally you are here, I miss you so much.” A soft and flirtatious voice spoke; it is Hua Ma Ma’s1 voice of the Bai Hua Lane who welcomes Ye Che.

Since Fei Yan worked as a courtesan in Bai Hua Lane, Ye Che is a regular in this place. Making her accompany him every time he comes, she get a lot of money from him; he is the real-living God of Wealth2, his absence in here for some time made her lose so much money, these days, she is really losing not just a little money! Her heart feels like it is dripping blood inside!

When Hua Ma Ma gets closer to Ye Che, he could smell the thick and dense scent of her cosmetic through his nose, Ye Che frowned.

How come he never realized that, this kind of smell is so awful?

“Third Young Master, these days are you busy? Not being able to see Third Young Master, every day I can only count day by day and night by night. Please take a look at this face, because of Third Young Master, I lost some kg of weight.” Hua Ma Ma kept on talking about herself, touching her head by her hand, touching for a couple times.

“Where’s Fei Yan?” Ye Che tried to suppress his disgusting feeling, looking at Hua Ma Ma’s disgusting action who did not realize her own age.

“That girl, Fei Yan has been in her own room, these past few days you didn’t come, the person who is most hurt is her. Everyone thought you have forgotten Fei Yan, everyday she looks so gloomy, she is so thin and pale, letting anyone who sees her feel so sad! She might become alright because of your coming, as I predict that girl will be energized a lot after seeing you.”

“I’ll go upstairs to find her.” Ye Che just won’t stay any longer with her; he gives some money to Hua Ma Ma from his robe in front of her, just wanting to dispatch her earlier.

After Hua Ma Ma received the money, she is so happy, her corner of lip lifted and smiled so brightly.

“I will bring you to meet her.”

She turned her body and went upstairs.

“Fei Yan, Third Young Master is coming to see you.”

Hua Ma Ma knocks on the door; Ye Che has been standing in front of the door.

The door is opens quickly; Fei Yan looks so beautiful standing behind the door.

“Ma Ma? Are you saying Third Young Master came?” Fei Yan doubtfully asked.

“Of course la!” Hua Ma Ma throws a glance to signal her to see who is standing near her; Fei Yan looked at her surroundings and sees.

He is Third Young Master, he really is Third Young Master, Third Young Master hasn’t forgotten her, Third Young Master is coming to see her. Fei Yan is so excited and happy.

For these past few days, she was so scared because Third Young Master who has been married might forget about her, afraid he won’t come to see her anymore. Despite that time when Third Young Master said he didn’t want to marry, and also won’t marry anyone.

At that night, on his first wedding day, Third Young Master left the new bride alone, she was so happy and on that day she believed herself to be the most special. But on the second day when she met the little girl who talked with Third Young Master, she found a slight change on Third Young Master’s eyes, that change just made her feel fearful, scared! Made her not dare to ask too much.

Heaven knows, how she cares, how she really wants to know who that little girl is, but she just didn’t have any courage to ask.

Only like that, she missed lot of news about Third Young Master, she could only rely on a little bit of news from the bustling street about him.

She also knows that the relationship between Third Young Master and Third Young Madam is not really good, but only because of this reason does she still worry, she feels as if she has been forgotten by Third Young Master, The Third Young Master has not come to visit her for some time.

She wants to go and see Third Young Master, but no matter how she really likes and loves Third Young Master, forever she is only the third party from others point of view, she is only Blue Mansion’s girl3, she doesn’t have any right to find Third Young Master.

At this moment, Third Young Master came, who could understand how she feels?

Note :
1] 花 Hua妈 Ma 妈 Ma : 花 hua literally means flower but in here it refer to name. 妈妈 ma ma is mother. but in this context Hua Ma Ma (nickname) refer the owner’s of brothel (Bai Hua Lane) or could say as someone who “taking care” all the courtesan who live in one brothel house.

2] 财Cai 神 Shen 爷 Ye : God of Wealth (an idiom) to describe someone who is rich, wealthy and generous.

3] 青 Qing 楼 Lou 女 nv 子 zi : 青楼 qing lou literally mean brothel house while 女子nv zi means girl. in order to fit the line, I translate it as Blue Mansion girl because if the word read as one by one, 青qing is blue, 楼 lou is mansion.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 30

  1. Oh no~ this does not bode well. I hope he doesn’t cheat on her. it’s a big no no for me. I hope he doesn’t cause I want to keep reading this novel.

  2. erghhh..please dont make anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stupid mistakeeeee here..even come and meet fei yan will make ur wife moreee sad…aiyaaaa…stupid jealous man…

    1. Please don’t kill him, ahahahaha
      Our long mo er will be window. Let’s slapping him till he gain his conscious and clear his mind.
      He still smart enough not to do “cheating” even the beauty, Fei Yan near him.

  3. I can’t wait to read the development after this chapter!!! *evil laugh*

    Long Mo Er, pls break Ye Che’s heart!!! As in shatter it to pieces after this, and go home after. I hope Ye Che finds out soon why LME really cried. Can’t wait.

    1. Actually Ye Che is soft-hearted man. even he is angry with Long Mo Er, once he sees she crying, he pain more.
      Ye che’s heart is already shattered pieces that’s why he leaving the residence.

  4. OMG… i know something like this will happen…
    is there anyone that would be kind to clear the misunderstanding between the two of them???
    i hope it will not make their relationship become worse (between ye che and long mo er).

    1. In their case, just let them be one who clear all the mess.
      Ye che thought something fishy between Mo Er and Zhang Nian Liang but in other side Mo Er thought Ye Che loves Fei Yan and because of her, they are separated.
      But thanks to Long Wan Er coming to visit her little sister. she helps Mo Er to more understanding her own feeling towards Ye Che so the problems won’t get any complicated.

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