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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 31

Chapter 31 Drunk in Bai Hua Lane (2)

“Stupid girl, Third Young Master is coming, don’t you feel happy? Why are you stuffed there?” Hua Ma Ma called Fei Yan for her attention.

Trying to suppress her excitement inside her heart, softly Fei Yan said: “Third Young Master, please come inside.”

“Alright. Both of you have a good talk,I still have some business to do. My good girl, you should serve Third Young Master well.” Hua Ma Ma leaves, giving those two people time together.

Going inside the room, Ye Che sat in front of the round table.

Fei Yan also followed him; she sat beside him, bringing the wine that she prepared every day, pouring a cup of wine, and placedit in front of Ye Che.

This is the wine that Third Young Master likes, when Third Young Master tasted the wine for the first time, Fei Yan still remembered how satisfied and happy he was. After that, every time Third Young Master comes to visit her, he would drink a little bit of this wine. Fei Yan is used to it, she always prepares it earlier, afraid that Third young Master might suddenly pay a visit to her.

Looking at the sparkling and translucent fluid of the cup of wine, suddenly Fei Yan feels sad and said: “Third Young Master, it has been sometime that you have not come to visit Fei Yan. Fei Yan is really afraid that because you already have a wife, already have a small family, you will forget about Fei Yan.”

“These past few days, the business is having problems.” Ye Che said coldly.

This kind of answer does not really satisfy her.

It seems it has been so long that he had no thought of visiting her! Even today, when he comes, he just did not realize that his feet brought him here. This time when he came here, it feels like old matters.

“What problems with the business? Is it something Fei Yan could help?”

Because of Fei Yan’s word, suddenly Ye Che thinks about another person.

That day, she also said similar words to him; she said that she wanted to help him. That time she put a really serious facial expression, thrilling his heart, makes him agree.

Without him realizing, her expression and her voice has been engraved in his heart.

There is no response in the expression of Ye Che, Fei Yan thought she said something wrong.

“Third Young Master, please don’t misunderstand me, Fei Yan understands my own ability and status. Fei Yan is just afraid you might feel upset because of the business matters, so I said so quickly to give any help to you. Fei Yan doesn’t want to see Third Young Master feel unhappy, Fei Yan doesn’t have any other intentions.”

“It’s not because of you. I understand what you mean.” Ye Che drank the cup of wine, just gulping it directly.

“Third young Master understands Fei Yan, Fei Yan is really happy.” Fei Yan exposed her sweetest smile, afraid Ye Che might misunderstand her.

Seeing Ye Che drinking the wine in such a way, Fei Yan doesn’t understand.

“Third Young Master, before you always liked to drink the wine slower, tasting it slowly by slowly, not to mention it’s the favorite wine of Third Young Master. Only when you feel unhappy will you drink in such a way, today Fei Yan could sense that you, Third Young Master is feeling unhappy, moreover you are extremely unhappy.” Fei Yan straight forwardly said.

“Unhappy?” Ye Che asked.

“Yes, you are extremely unhappy. I don’t know what kind of matter or problem makes Third Young Master feels this way, but I’m really sure, Third young Master isn’t like this because of some business matter.” After Fei Yan said that, her heart started to ache, why did Third Young Master said nothing to her?

“Ahahaha, Fei Yan ah~ you are really smart. You make me, who is a man, incomparable with you!”

Ye Che talked straight, nothing taboo, letting Fei Yan brazenly make a guess.

Her guess crumbled her, but she still needed to ask, she doesn’t want to be hurt without knowing anything.

“In this world only “Qing1” this word is the one that hurts most! Third Young Master, is it because of Qing you acted this way?” in Fei Yan’s voice there is a kind of trembling, her tears dropped, wetting her eyes.

While the cup of wine that Ye Che’s hand is holding, because of her word, it fell down and hit the table.

“Third Young Master?” Seeing how Ye Che reacted, Fei Yan knew that her guess was right, she lost.

She has nothing to say, her tears started falling.

Note :

1] 情 Qing : literally means feeling or Love. but sometimes also refer to emotion.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 31

  1. Well, the earlier Fei Yan admits defeat the better for her and for our OTP. I can handle misunderstandings, but I don’t like annoying third parties. Thanks for the translation.

    1. Long mo er really sad when knew ye che went out but because of it, she more understand about her feeling. She loves him and she can’t think to match-making ye che and fei yan.
      While fei yan still thinking the way for getting into ye che’s heart. At least she knows who her rival.

  2. fei yan is so smart. she can guess right. i feel kind of sad for her.
    but i’m happy for long mo er, since fen yan already retreat from the stage.
    i hope the ye che and long mo er will be together again… 🙂

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