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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 32

To this point, Long Mo Er hasn’t know about Ye Che going to Bai Hua Lane because she just woke up from her beautiful dream.

So-Life-Love-Anime-Love-690x517(Don’t mind the picture, I just want to put it for personal preferences, hehehehe)

Chapter 32The Memory of Moonlight

From far off the sky exposes a white light, slowly making the sky brighter.

From the window, emerald jade green grass on the ground, the moist bead of crystal liquid, the sparrows in the tree are chirping.

Inside the room, Long Mo Er is lying down on her bed, nervously closing her eyes, her lips exposes a slight smile.

Quite a while later her eyes move.

After a moment, Long Mo Er opens her eyes, she wakes up.

In the moonlight, as if she had a very beautiful dream.

She dreamt about Ye Che, Ye Che sat on her bed; he used very warm eyes to look at her. And he even said many good words to her; even though she forgot the details about it.

But still, she could feel that it is a kind of sweet word.

This is one of the best dreams she’s ever had, she doesn’t feel any hurtful feelings, pain or sadness, but she feels a sweet feeling. She wants to live in her dream, doesn’t want to get up.

But, why should the sky be bright? Long Mo Er complained looking at the brilliant light from outside.

Long Mo Er doesn’t want to move, doesn’t want to get up, she is scared that when she wakes up, all the sweet things will be gone, only in this way does she feels so comfortable. She wants to keep this kind of feeling for a moment.

It reminded her of when she was a little girl, she was hugged by her father and mother; at least it gives the same feeling. Long Mo Er thought.

“In the dream, how could he be so warm? How could he say so many good words to me? What did he say to me, actually? How come I can’t recall? Aiya! Why can’t I recall any words he said?” Long Mo Er spoke to herself and shook her head.

She is trying hard to remember the details, but no matter how hard, she couldn’t recall it, she blanks.

“Aiya, actually what did he say to me?”

Long Mo Er pats her head, annoyed and throws the blanket that covered her, as she jumped from her bed.

“Why am I so stupid? Why can’t I remember anything that he told me?

After both of her feet stepped on the floor, Long Mo Er just discovered she was still wearing yesterday’s dress.

“I don’t have a habit of wearing outer clothes when I sleep!” She tried to remember yesterday’s matter, suddenly, the image of Ye Che popped out in her memory. “Ah~ that’s right, Ye Che was here.”

She remembered yesterday when she went home, Ye Che was in her room, that time she was so sad and hurt, she couldn’t control herself when she saw him; she couldn’t control herself from crying and hugging him.

Then, she didn’t remember anything.

“Did Ye Che carry her into the bed?” just thinking about it, her heart started to beat crazily.

“Did he really talk so long with me? Am I daydreaming? Or was it true?”

Long Mo Er showed a facial expression of disbelief.

What did Ye Che say? Why does my brain not remember and forgot such an important matter? Why did I fall asleep? How can he come and wait for me in here? Was there any problems? Ye Che’s warm look, she could still sense it.

“Oh My, I should find him. I want to hear what he told me yesterday.”

After she made her decision, Long Mo Er even cut her bathing time, opens the door and directly went out. She wants to find Ye Che and ask him for the details.


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  1. I like YOU so much for updating so fast!!! Heehee. I always feel excited to check your blog every passing day.

    Silly Long Mo Er. She doesn’t know yet this is “the calm before the storm”..

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