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Happy 4th Anniversary with WordPress


I never know that I have been using wordpress four years already.

I have started my first blog in myspace years earlier until one day I removed all my post to wordpress. It was private blog when I was with myspace. I made it as my online diary book, where I wrote everything I wanted, everything I felt. I even wrote my own fiction that never publish and only read by particular people such as my friends and those friends in my space whom I allowed to.

Writing is one of my passion, even I know how lacking I am with writing stuffs moreover I have language barrier. It not excuse to stop me from writing furthermore I prefer to use English in my blog (worst English) not Bahasa because I want to reach larger audience, to know more people.

From writing randomness to skincare/makeup review then music, social, culture, drama, politic and now doing translation project, etc. I never thought, I will write so many posts, share many things and even get positive support and encouragement from friends to strangers who I never see before (only by e-mail or comment box).

It really four years already with wordpress…
Time is passing so fast, in blink of eyes, I still doing blog stuffs with various topic and contain.

I hope to continue writing and posting many stuffs in my blog. provide more information, more things and contributing something through this blog.


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Anniversary with WordPress

  1. Happy 4 year anniversary! Wow, 4 years is a long time and may you have many more years of blogging.
    What was your fiction about?

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