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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 33

Chapter 33 Big Sister Pays a Visit

“Butler Jiang, did you see Ye Che?”

Long Mo Er sees butler Jiang from the big hall, then called onto him.

Butler Jiang comes closer in her direction; seeing her messy appearance, he used a weird glance to look at her.

Long Mo Er feels some discomfort being looked at in such a way: “May I ask, did you see Ye Che?”

“Third Young Master should be in the study room!” regarding Third Young Master and Third Young Madam’s marriage, both of them have a separate room when sleeping, The employees, servants, maids and others in the Ye’s residence understand the reason, even if it is weird they don’t think it’s weird anymore; moreover, they even think it is something very normal.

But this early morning, after waking up, Third Young Madam looking for Third Young Master is a little bit odd. Moreover, the matter regarding yesterday’s incident about Young Third Madam visiting the Tea House, everyone knew it. And today, she even acts as if nothing happened; still daring to ask about Third Young Master, this really…

“I looked there, but he wasn’t there.”

“Third Young Madam, Third Young Master hasn’t shown up since yesterday afternoon, perhaps he is still busy!”

At this moment, one of the servants came and said: “Third Young Madam, second Miss from the Long’s household Long Mo Er is coming to pay a visit.”

Once the word bursts out, Long Mo Er forgot to keep on asking about Ye Che.

“Long Mo Er?” hearing her own name being called, Long Mo Er is dumbfounded. “Second Miss from Long Household?”

Isn’t that person her? Long Mo Er is coming to pay a visit?

Ah, that’s right. She is using Long Wan Er’s status now, so, Long Mo Er should be her big sister?

Is big sister coming to see me?

“Third Young Madam?” Long Mo Er didn’t give any response, so the servant just called her once more time.

“Ah, hurry up, hurry up tell her to come in.” Long Mo Er excitedly said.

This is more than good, big sister is coming to see me; big sister is coming to find her. It has been quite some time since they saw each other; she doesn’t know whether big sister is good or not? Really miss her.

But, why did big sister suddenly come to pay a visit?

Did something happen at home? If not why is big sister taking a risk by coming to visit Ye’s residence?

Well, everything that happened should be blamed on her. She is having ups and downs of emotion recently, causing her to forget to visit her home to see the situation. Initially she made plans to escape from here, but because of her weird ups and downs of emotions, she forgot everything.

Did something happen at home?

Long Mo Er tries hard to extract some information from her head; she hopes to find some clues from it.

At one point she got worried, but on another point she became really excited, waiting for her big sister, Long Mo Er is inside the big hall, walking to and fro, filled with expectation while looking at the big door.

Butler Jiang sees her movement, walking to and fro inside the big hall, he feels a little bit irritated. This Third Young Madam, no matter how he looks, she doesn’t even seem to be the big Miss from an educated family, there isn’t any slightest elegant aura, why do Lao Ye and Fu Ren agree to this kind of marriage? No wonder Third Young Master is not willing to have a wife and get married.

Butler Jiang knows very well, Third Young Master had been arguing with Lao Ye and Fu Ren unpleasantly because of this matter, puts all the blame to Long Mo Er because the relation between Young Master with his parents turned bad, all because of Long Mo Er. So, from the beginning he dislikes her very much.

Butler Jiang is busy thinking of this matter, didn’t know that someone is standing in front of the big door. While Long Mo Er dashed to go out.

“Big sister.” Once she sees that familiar person more than familiar for her, Long Mo Er forgets and just called out, she hugs Long Wan Er.

Sensing that her big sister feels discomfort and change, Long Mo Er realizes, she called wrongly. After glancing at Butler Jiang’s and other employees’ expression, Long Mo Er faked and laugh louder, releasing Long Wan Er, even busying to correct, and said: “Big sister~ big sister really miss you! Mo Er!”

After Butler Jiang heard Long Mo Er made a correction to her words, he didn’t allow himself to lower his guard. Luckily he has a goodrestraint and stronger mentality, if not he might go insane seeing this wild and insane Third Young Madam.

“I also miss you.” Long Wan Er said. She looked at Long Mo Er face, her eyes still swelling. “What kind of dress is this? Did you just wake up?”

“Don’t talk about this, did something happen at home? Why did you come?” Long Mo Er panicking asked.

“Nothing happened, you don’t need to worry. Everything is fine, father and mother are also good” said Long Wan Er.

“Father and mother misses you so much, letting me come to pay a visit to see you.”

Butler Jiang from his line of vision, looked at Long Wan Er, he started to examine her.


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