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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 34

Chapter 34 The Unusual Butler Jiang

After seeing Long Wan Er’s fine delicate fingers, fair and clear white skin, beautiful neck, an elegant aura, and a beautiful face frame. Her smiling face and beautiful eyes. She wears a green, beautiful, long dress, her entirety looks perfect.

Butler Jiang paused for a moment, he prefers this young lady in front of him.

Seeing Butler Jiang still standing beside them, Long Mo Er opened her mouth and said: “Butler Jiang, this is my little sister Long Mo Er, Mo Er, this is Butler Jiang.”

“Butler Jiang, how are you.” Long Wan Er greeted him with a gentle smile.

This kind of smile, this kind of voice, really makes Butler Jiang respect her more. He feels this warm and gentle lady who is easy to make people like her, this kind of lady is more suitable for his Third Young Master. Compared to the lady who looks hideous and messy.

“Miss Long, the two of you sisters must have not seen each other for a long time and must have many things to talk about; I won’t disturb both of you, if there are any orders, just let me know.” Butler Jiang understands that both sisters have many things to say, so he as the outsider must not be there.

“Alright, thank you butler Jiang.” Long Wan Er politely answered, her face still showed a gentle smile.

Butler Jiang also gave asmile; he doesn’t even look at Long Mo Er a bit, then he walked away.

“Are my eyes turning worse? Butler Jiang is smiling.

Long Mo Er is shocked when she saw Butler Jiang’s facial expression before leaving.

“He he, hag? Is there something wrong? Butler Jiang seems to be a nice person!” Long Wan Er didn’t sense anything wrong, she even thinks Butler Jiang’s smiling expression is something very normal, is that person someone who can’t laugh?

“It’s strange. He is the only person in this Ye’s residence who is difficult to deal with. Every time I meet him, he always shows a displeased and strict expression, compared with him, Ye Lao Ye and Ye Fu Ren are friendlier. He never gives me face, I fear him a little bit.”

“How can?”

“I don’t know, perhaps he dislikes me!” Long Mo Er said calmly, but inside her heart, she is not as calm as can be seen.

All the family members of Ye’s residence are good to her, but only Butler Jiang always gives a serious look every time he sees her, from the beginning, even until now, nothing has changed, she always sensed Butler Jiang’s dislike of her. Every time she stands face to face with Butler Jiang, she should be careful in either words or attitudes, she does not dare show “inappropriate” movement; she is afraid Butler Jiang might hate her more.

Since she was young until now, this is the first time she could sense someone’s dislike for her from the heart; she feels a little bit frustrated and sad.

“Aiya, don’t say anymore.”

Long Wan Er could sense the changing atmosphere in Long Mo Er, she doesn’t know the whole story, so she does not dare to ask, afraid that she might say something unnecessary and influence Long Mo Er’s mood, making her sadder.

Long Mo Er looked around, sees no one then said: “Big sister, I’ll bring you to my room, and let’s have a chat. I have many things to say.”

Long Wan Er nods her head, she puts on an elegant smile, holds Long Mo Er hand’s and strolled inside Ye’s residence.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 34

  1. Oh so short.. I want more! hahaha. So excited of what’s gonna happen with the big sister around.

    Thank you for updating daily! Its like I’m a middle-aged housewife auntie always looking forward to my nightly TV drama. LOL.

    1. Big sister is huge help because she tries to give many useful advise and encourage Mo Er to be brave, facing her feeling and also towards Ye Che.

      It’s good that you enjoy the translation 🙂

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