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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 35

This chapter more to girl talk for me rather as secret conversation because Long Wan Er and Long Mo Er are talking many thing about themselves during the time they separate (Since Long Mo Er married into Ye’s household).

Long Mo Er and her big sister, Long Wan Er is having girls talk.

Long Wan Er is happy because she can together with her beloved, but at the same time she also feel responsible for her younger sister happiness. If not because Long Mo Er took her place and married Ye Che, she might not stand in front here as Long Mo Er but as the Third Young Madam.

Chapter 35 Secret Conversation

Since young the energetic and cheerful Long Mo Er liked to hold her sister’s hands when they were at home, even now. While she’s always the one to reminding Mo Er to be careful: don’t act like a muddle head, don’t let herself be hurt or fall.

Both of them have very opposite characters and different movements, but they live by implicitly understanding each other for more than eighteen years already.

Long Wan Er always sees the energetic, brilliant and live life to the fullest Long Mo Er, all the familiar atmosphere slowly comes back. She even thought that Mo Er who got married into Ye’s family might change on the day of her marriage and thought the days she spent with her will never be back again, but now this kind of atmosphere just make her feels touched.

Is Mo Er happy these past few days?

If it not because of Mo Er who married the Third Young Master of Ye’s family, the person who would be standing here is her, isn’t it?

So, how could she finally live together with Leng Jing?

Her happiness comes from exchanging with Mo Er, if Mo Er isn’t happy, will she still be happy?

Long Wan Er could see the worries that she couldn’t dissolve right in front of her.

“Sis, you see this is the place where I live.” Long Mo Er pointed to the splendid glamourous room of hers. “Normally Lu Qun and I spend the time in here, Little sister Ruo Xuan, Big sister in law, and also Ye Fu Ren often come to visit me.”

She holds Long Wan Er’s hand and walks inside.

“The others rarely come, so there won’t be anyone who will disturb us, I have many things to tell you. Is Big brother Leng okay recently?”

“He is fine, he even talks about you sometimes! Oh ya, where is Lu Qun? How come I don’t see her?” Long Wan Er’s eyes swept all the corners, looking for Lu Qun, but she isn’t anywhere, not even her shadow.

“That dead maid, after coming here, every day I can’t even see her shadow, I don’t even know where and what she is doing every day.” Long Mo Er walks inside her room, pulling Long Wan Er to have a seat.


Seeing Long Wan Er’s stuffed expression, Long Mo Er quickly gives an explanation: “Sis, I’m just kidding with you, Lu Qun treats me very well, very loyal and always help me out. When you get back, please tell father and mother that I am very well in here, don’t worry about me. You see, I am very good in here.”

Long Mo Er stands up, stretching out her arms, rotating her body in circles, only to ensure Long Wan Er that she is really doing well, not thinner even by a little bit of meat or one less hair.

“Mo Er, have you seen your appearance, messy hair, no makeup, how can you look like a Madam? It seems that maid Lu Qun doesn’t do her job very well!” Long Wan Er very dissatisfiedly shook her head.

“Sis, you know that I hate to put things on my face, it’s uncomfortable for me. While the fragrance is too terrible for my nose.” Long Mo Er throws a disgusting look.

“But you are already married, moreover Ye’s family is a well-known family, you should put some respect to your own appearance.” Long Wan Er knows Long Mo Er very well, especially her habits. But now, she can’t act recklessly with whatever she wants, she should think about everything.

“Come, today I’ll comb your hair.”

“Nh, fine. It’s been some time since you combed my hair.” Long Mo Er acts coquettishly. Bringing Long Wan Er to sit in front the mirror and giving her brush to Long Wan Er.

Long Wan Er received the brush, using her fingers to stroke Long Mo Er’s black long hair, very gently combed it.

“Do the Ye’streat you well?”

“All of the Ye’s family members are very good to me, all of them are easy to get close.” Long Mo Er’s hands play with the blue hairpin on the table.

“Ye Lao Ye and Ye Fu Ren are like father and mother, when I met them for the first time, Ye Fu Ren gave me this.” Long Mo Er showed the blue hairpin on her hand.

“Ye Big Brother is someone steady, he is very detailed in every small matters, he’s always thinking further to something that you would never thought about. Ye Ding is very smart and energetic, very lively and cute. There was a time he even surpassed me, he is the Ye’s family baby, he always makes the atmosphere lively, making everyone happy. Big sister in law and Sister Ruo Xuan are bright and calm also capable, one is so gentle and warm, both of them like to accompany me. Both of them have already become good friends with me.”

At one side Long Mo Eris playing, on the other side she is happy, her face filled with a brilliant shine, she wants to say all the good of the Ye’s family members to her sister, sharing it together.

Long Mo Er wants to vividly and colorfully describe her life, letting Long Wan Erbe rest assured and drive away her sister’s worries.

2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 35

  1. Aww, Mo Er! Wanting to share all the good and take away her sister’s worries! But l’d bet that, even if the Ye family had treated her horribly, Mo Er would still put on a smile in front of her sister just so that she wouldn’t worry.

    Thanks again!

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